Who is TJ?

Who am I? Why did I start this blog? Who am I?...oh wait. I already asked that. Let's us start with that one, it's a persistent question indeed.

First Question: Who is TJ?

Tadaa! That is me! Yes. that was pretty obvious.

The very first ‘About me’ page started with this:
"So, at the moment I'm a Master Sociology student with many hobbies (hopefully I can edit this soon in GRADUATED!)."...

Yeah, when I wrote this page for the first time, back in 2009, I was a Master Sociology student. Things happened and decision had to be made. I'm someone who usually pulls through even though things may get difficult. So when I felt that it was time to end my studies, I just didn't have the courage to do so. But I kept hitting my head on a rock and even though it was a very difficult decision, it was the right one to make! If you’re interested to know more, do have a read: Time For A Change. Other than that nothing has really changed though. I still love being creative and to cook & bake things. I'm still drawing, writing and making sketches. Only change now is that I can call myself an artist, an illustrator. I am chasing my dreams and doing the best I can to fulfill them. I am truly grateful for this!

Second question: Why did I start this blog?
Truth is...it was a random action on a random day. I did write a post about it...somewhere in the past. You can find it here. But I didn't have a plan in mind nor did I know what I would do with it. I only had this vague idea that I would post some occasional doodles on it. The occasional doodles became permanent from the start hehe. I can't imagine a post without a quick sketch and I guess that is the only thing consistent on my blog. I like to tell stories and random observations from my life. In other words...I ramble about a lot of things. I hope you will enjoy it!

Have to say, blogging gave me so many new opportunities and chances. It gave me new perspective and the courage to pursue what I love the most and that is illustrating. In a short amount of time, I got to know a lot of cool and sweet people! I only hope this will continue and I will do my best to keep my blog entertaining and interesting. I also got featured and interviewed, to read them just stroll to the Testimonial page.

Third question: What is your drawing style?
The drawing style I use for most illustrations is called a chibi style. It’s a word used for a Japanese drawing style and in general it means cute little people. I tend to transform people I know into chibi's and throughout the blog you will see a bunch of friends transformed into one (e.g. the Happy Birthday posts in October 2009). I transformed myself and my siblings in one as well. Every now and then I will post drawings in slightly more...ehm what shall I call it...a 'mature' drawing style. The characters are more mature and well I have to use more drawing techniques.

You can read several posts to get to know more about me. If you want that is, no pressure (read...read it all...read I say...)

Let's continue.

To get to know a bit more about the subject of my Master thesis, I suggest to have a look at the following post. I didn’t finish it, but the subject was quite interesting:
What's my thesis about?

To get to know more about my love for art, have a look at this:

To have a sneak peek at my desk, have a look at this post (I need to update this as my desk changed over time!):
My Desk, a natural mess.

Last but not least, I answered a couple of questions from quizzes and told a bunch of random things about myself. These posts can be found here, here and here.
Since my content varies so much, I can only suggest to browse through my blog and read whatever appeals to you. Or just look at the drawings haha. You can also go to my Flickrstream for this.

Feel free to leave comments on older posts and if you have questions, I suggest you have a look at the given comments. Maybe I already answered a few questions. If not, you can leave a comment. I reply to all my comments. And if you're still worried that I won't reply to them...just send me an email tjlubrano@live.com ^_^.

Enjoy your stay & Happy Reading!


  1. cool...i want to see the "mature" illustrations..lol

  2. Haha!! I have a few here and there I think! But stay tuned for more ^_^

  3. hey what a great run down :) it's really interesting in your pic I can see right into your soul through your left eye ;) Who would have thought :D

  4. @ Finnie: Thanks so much! Ooooh my left eye huh? Who would have thought indeed ^_^ Haha. Ciaooo!!

  5. The "draw, write, imagine" picture is really adorable :D /hug

  6. Hi Poliflow! Nice to meet you and thanks so much :D Xoxo

  7. What a great time I had visiting your website. It's fantastic !

    1. Hiii! Thank you so much! I totally didn't get a note that you left a comment. My apologies for the super late response!

  8. Great bio and Beautiful blog! I love your work!

    1. Hello Irish! Thank you so much :D Lovely to see you here! I really like your work as well.

  9. Wow, you do beautiful work. I particularly like your work-in-progress posts, it's really interesting to see the process. You did the header for Jen of Sips of Jen and Tonic, right? Fabulous!

    1. Hiiiii Lisa!! Thank you so much! I have a few more WIP posts scheduled. I always like to show the progress, because I always wonder how it turns out when I paint and I figured it'd be fun for my readers to see it as well!

      I did the header for Jen indeed :D How cool that you noticed that. Thank you!

      *waves* Xx


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