Thursday, November 12, 2009

Honestly, I'm honest here

Hey Guys!

This is a quick post about one of my awards. Yes awards, I've gotten three of them in the past few weeks. And even though you can't do more than following the rules, it's really nice to know that people actually read your blog (or skim through it...), that they like it and that when they get an award, they think of you!

These award thingies, you always have to pass it on to other bloggers. I don't have enough time this week to pass this award on and tag others. Sorry about that, but I highly doubt that the circling of this award stops if I don't tag you this time...

With that being said. Let's have a look at this award! A few weeks ago I got this award from Nicole aka Nicx. Yes indeed, the girl who turned my designs into stamps!

(yes yes just a very quick sketch this time

Well this is part one of what you have to do when you get this award. Pass a Thank you to the one who gave it to you (check!).

Next, I have to tell 10 things about me. Oh dear, what else can I tell to you. I already did a 10 things I can tell you about myself and then an additional 50 things about myself haha. Curious about them? Just clickety click the links.

But okay let me see;

1. I can talk very animated, you know with hand gestures and accents. Sometimes I think I have multiple persons in my mind...

2. Yes. I'm usually happy, positive and cheery, but I can be quiet as well. And if I am, there is nothing to worry about, because I'm usually thinking about stuff or I'm creating a new story haha. And even I need a break sometimes from myself hehe.
(You see, really multiple persons in my mind...)

3. I can be very indecisive. I mean I'm indecisive, really I am. Choosing ice cream many lovely choices! My fave color...aah which one too choose! I think if you read the 50 things about saw that I usually have two or more things where I actually only had to state one hehehe.

4. I love talking to kids. They can come up with the craziest things! And usually on family gatherings, you can find me somewhere talking to them and creating new stories.

5. Speaking of parties; what I really can't do is small talk haha. And this is more for parties where there are lots of strangers. Have to say, that it depends on who I speak to. I have days that I can talk about a bunch of stuff and sometimes I just can't come up with a single subject...I blame the weather for that.

6. I'm not a big fan of shopping
(did someone faint while reading that?). It's not that I don't like it, but if I don't have too, I just stay away from the shops. I'm not a girly girl for that matter. What I often have, is that my mind goes black when I go into a store. Really it does! I just can't recall why I was going inside in the first place. But thankfully I have my sister to remind me again.

7. When I'm following a recipe, I always tend to give it my own twist. Yes, so much for following a recipe huh? What I always do is, cutting back on the sugar. Lots of recipes are just way too sweet!

8. I'm a big big fan of anime and currently I'm following Naruto & Bleach with my little bro. I will also start on Death Note pretty soon.

9. Oh the first thing I do when I wake up, is putting on music! I can't live without music. I love soundtracks from movies and animes, but my music taste is really big. So I'm always on the search for new music.

10. Last but not least, I have the habit to give nicknames to my friends and family ^_^.

Woohoo! That's 10!

Okay, the third and final part is that I pass this award on to fellow bloggers, I won't this time. But! I have to tell something. Yes come a bit closer, just a tiny bit. Noo stop! That's too close! You're drooling all over the screen...

Okay, when I first read Honest Scrap award...I didn't really know how to interpreted it. I mean Honest Scrap, is it dedicated to people who are scrap booking? I don't scrapbook, so then I thought, maybe it's for people who are creative in one way or another. Yeah, that's pretty vague I know, because you can be creative in art, music, writing, designing etc.

So I turned to my faithful professor. The one who is always there, Mr. Google! Yes, there I found many other explanations. The Honest scrap award is an award for bloggers who are honest in their content on their blog and where the one who is tagged tells 10 honest things about themselves and then pass it along. Well I'm just wondering how do you define honest? How honest must one be? I can tell you, you can be honest in things you make up. I'm just saying...

Well I bundled it all together and do you know what you get...the blogs I love to read! Oh it's all sooo subjective huh hehe ^_^. You can find blogs I love to read in my 'Blogs I stalk' section on to your left.

That's it and hope you liked it. I'm off to school now -_-'


  1. Congrats on your awards TJ! Also I'm in the same boat as you in regards to music. I'm love all types of music as well but I tend to listen to Soundtracks the most. Whoo Hoo!

  2. I just looooove the drawing!!! we look so cute... hehe :)
    thanks so much, I'm flattered! :)

  3. @ Pablo: Thank you ^_^! The post is kinda long huh? Awesome!! Can you tell me which soundtracks you listen too? I looking for some new ones :D!! Cya!

    @ Nicole: Hahaha yeah it is cute huh? Glad you liked it ^_^!! Ciao!!

  4. Congrats on the awards! Your posts are so entertaining.

  5. @ Justin Rodrigues: Hey there JR! Thanks so much haha! I hope you didn't fell asleep somewhere during the post haha! Take care dude!

  6. Thats sweet, congrats. it is a nice feeling when you realize people actually read and like what you put down.

    I haven't got my teabags yet :O) But I think the ones your thinking of are Lyons? ooh, so good, my fav ;)

  7. Congrats on your awards! I guess the Honest Scrap award is a good thing?!

    Hey I noticed on your profile you are from the Netherlands, and your first fact about yourself is how you can be very animated with your hand gestures - that made me laugh because my flatmate is from Holland, and she too has wild hand gestures - sometimes its dangerous to have a conversation with her! I fear for my eyes...

    Anyhoo! Cute drawing, and I think you get cool points for not liking shopping.


  8. Congrats and
    those 10 things were..quiet a good read!!

  9. We totally get it about the awards. Life is crazy. Enjoy!! You're great!

  10. @ Tinylittlesandra: Hello hello!! Thanks for stopping by! Yes it is indeed nice to see that people actually like it and come back every once in a while ^_^.

    I do hope you've gotten the tea bags already! And I really want Lyons now! Maybe I can order it too...but I'm afraid that my mailman will keep it for himself too ;). Take care!

    @ Ken: Ciao Ken! Hahaha yes I think the awards are a fun thing! It's a token of appreciation I guess ^_^. Cool points for not liking shopping huh?! Why thank you very much!

    Yes I live in Rotterdam! How cool that your flatmate is from Holland as well! AND she makes wild gestures when she talks! Hahaha what a coincidence! Yes stay a few feet away and you'll do fine hehehe. Oh is she an illustrator as well? Does she have a blog too?

    Thanks for stopping by ^_^! And I can't wait to see your next illustration! *waves*

    @ Sorcerer: Thank you! Hahaha glad you like to read those 10 things! And I'm glad you didn't fell asleep somewhere at point 5 or something hehe! Take care!

    @ The Guys: Hahahah yes it is! Thank you so much! Talk to ya next time! Ciao

  11. Your blog certainly does deserve those awards, TJ! You are one of the most creative bloggers I have come across (and I have come across a few).

    I am not surprised that we share several personality characteristics. I am also VERY animated (lots of hand gestures) when I talk. Most people (and I agree) tend to believe that this stems from my prior career as an actress!

    I also love talking to kids and although I can be quite talkative, I also enjoy quiet time and can be completely happy with my own company.

    Like you, I am creative with recipes and rarely follow them to the letter (which can lead to some "interesting" foods at times!

    I used to be a big shopper but I am not into it at all anymore. I am focused more on wanting what I have than having what I want.

    Again, congrats on the awards! Woo hoo, girl--you definitely deserve them!

    Take care,


  12. Quick response here - she is currently studying art here in Scotland! I think fine art is her main interest, but she is into photography and film. She has a blog, not sure how much she updates but here it is: - so far my eyes are still fine, Im following your few feet rule haha no worries and cheers! ken :D

  13. @ Melinda: Hello! Wow! Thank you so much Melinda, for your lovely words! I just got started and the people I've's just amazing!

    Haha we have a lot of things in common! How cool! I honestly don't know how or when I started talking animated etc. I was quite shy when I was younger. I still can be though. Yes you can indeed create 'interesting' food when you don't follow the recipe haha! Have to say, that it didn't always go well.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this! Ciao!!

    @ Ken: Hey there! Thanks for pointing it out! Too bad, she doesn't up date it often. Who knows in the future!! Remember, you need to be able to create a full circle with your arms when you talk to her hehe ^_^. *waves*

  14. It was mighty long, but it's nice to know you.

    Hey, my friends have nick names too!! and call signs:

    Mine is : Amateur and or Genius ( I contradict myself most of the time)

    my other friends are Corolla, Shadow Master, Stan the 10 second guy, Kung Flunk Class, Poser, Jay the pumper...can't write more than that rest of em are adult!!

  15. @ санжог: Hahaha it was indeed long! Man and I quickly typed it before I headed of to school. Glad you liked it though!

    Hmm amateur and Genius huh, SO when you think your an amateur you are basically a genius and the other way around? hehehehe. very cool you give friends nick names! It's more fun to call them that way!

    Stan the 10 second I probably shouldn't ask hehe ^_^. Kung Flunk Class...I bet he/she isn't that heroic in times of danger? Hahahah if you had written more...I had to put up a warning sign huh?!

    Thanks for sharing! And really I appreciate it that you went through the blog and read the golden oldies!

    Take care!


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