Monday, November 9, 2009

And the rambling continues...

Hello everyone! *waves*

Winter is coming! Can you guys feel it in the air? I found this sketch in one of my folders yesterday. Quite appropriate for the upcoming weather.

But yeah, the winder is coming *insert a dramatic tune here please*. The cold wind hanging into your clothes, the rain transforming your hair in a giant fuzzy poodle (in my case anyway), the fact it's getting dark very early and also that you really just want to roll over in your bed when the morning comes and pretend you didn't hear the alarm go off...these are all signs for me that the winter is near.

It would have been a bit different if the weather was really straight to the point. You know like 'Today we have rain!' or 'Today we have snow!'. But in the Netherlands, we have a lot of in between weather. You know rainy/windy or rainy/sunny/windy etc. If we do have snow, it is barely there or it is already melted away before it hits the ground. And if we are really lucky and we have like 2 millimeter of turns into a puddle of mud not so long after that -_-'' *sigh* You can't have it all can you?

You know, I totally forgot to tell something about my birthday. Ha! I honor the word rambling here. I told bits and pieces here and there to others and I also told a bit when I replied to the not sure if I should do a post about my birthday. The thing is, that I don't want to bore you guys with, you know rambling about stuff that already happened.
Oh wait. I think it's already too late for that...

But if you guys want to hear some more...just let me know! On to the illustrations!

Let's see, I created a design for a mug for a close friend of mine. She had a wedding coming up and she wanted to give a personal present. It was an Indian wedding, so the bride and groom, aren't wearing a traditional wedding dress or typical black suit.

As you can see, I made two versions.because there were two mugs...yes kinda obvious huh ^_^.

Okay on to the next! I created a new stamp design for Nicx. I designed two chibi girls, but one I still need to edit, so that one I will show in another post. Now I present to you a chibi geisha.

Psst look to the left. No your other left...I added a slide show that will show all my sketches, doodles, illustrations. So you don't have to rummage through all the older posts...unless you want to read that case...go ahead ^_^!

Well I will leave it at this. Let me know if you want to hear more about my birthday. Otherwise, don't worry I have enough things to talk about haha!

Oh here's another old drawing! Just a few chibi heads,

Take care everyone.


  1. Love your winter sketch and the Chibi Geisha! Today it does not feel like winter at all in NYC. It's back to Sunshine and almost 70 degrees! (Farenheit). Feels like Summer! Please ramble on! :-)

  2. Whoo Hoooo for Winter. Time to start drinking the hot coco under a blanket and sketching! Really like the mug designs Tj. The 3rd one is my Fav.

  3. I bet the bride was really happy with your illustrations, they are romantic and adorable! *clap, clap*

  4. you are brilliant.
    wildly talented.
    and you are soo going places, TJ!

    just loVe your work!


  5. Tj love the drawings super cute! I'm pretty excited for winter i must say even though we don't get much of one here in Los Angeles. Keep a postin!

  6. wow! how did u do the drawings? they really good. u gotta teach me how! hee

  7. Wow! As i sit here marveling at your artistry with feelings portrayed in pictures i'm ALMOST jealous - until i see a that i have to type a "capcha" before i can post this to your comment section. I am suddenly happy as i will photoshop the "capcha" i have to type to post my commnet - for it will make a wonderful "trailer park " definition...LOL..we find art in many strange places...

  8. I love your mug designs! And please ramble on! :D ;)

  9. aawh.. good to have winter T__T
    All I have is AC lol. It's raining season here, I like it, chill outside, makes me want to sleeeeeppp all the time <3 haha..

    I love your mug design, and the new stamp , awh, geisha X33

    Man, I hope I don't miss many posts from you. It's hard to keep up with you guys with all these posts, so many posts XD and so little time sigh.

    Hug!! XOXO

  10. @ Accessory Lady: A big hello to you!! Welcome on my blog! Thanks so much for leaving a comment ^_^. Wow! Is it really that hot in NYC?! Man! That is a total different winter! I have to go on a holiday now haha!

    I will ramble on...I doubt I can ever stop rambling hehe. Stop by whenever you like! Take care.

    @ Pablo: Oh you are totally right!! I only wrote down the more depressing sides of winter haha! I will include the fun sides in my next post!

    @ Deray: Oh thanks Deray ^_^! Yeah she was thrilled to see herself on a mug haha. I'm just happy that the gift was such a success.

  11. @ Chuck D.: Mr. Chuck! Really thank you so much for your lovely words! A big thank you for stopping by! I know that you must have been very busy! Just keep on typing!! Can't wait to read the new story! Ciao XOXO!

    @ Justin R.: Hey Justin! Thanks dude ^_^! Man a warm winter...that would be a new experience indeed! Oh with all the ideas floating through my will see more posts haha! Take care!

    @ Paparich: Hi there! Haha! Well I would love to teach you how to draw, the things is...I can't really break it into steps. I just draw and usually it turns out okay! Hmm you have given me an idea though, for a future post! Maybe I can break it down into steps...Stay tuned!

  12. @ Surveygirl46: HokeyPokey ;)!! I know right! Art is hidden in so many places! I just added the that someone would see the art in it! I'm so happy you did! The bold letters, the strangeness with familiar letters (cause sometimes I see words and I go like 'What?!!?'...Yes! I was amazed!

    Thank you for your sweet comment :D!! Ciao!

    @ Nicole: Hahaha I will try to ramble in a consistent way ;D! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Cya!

    @ Bakkanekko: Heey girl! How are you?! Haha don't worry, drop by whenever you have the time, make sure you have some tea and cookies and read whatever you want to read ^_^! I have Google reader and there I see whenever someone has a new post. It's really easy!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, as always!! *hugs* Xoxo!!

  13. Not a big winter fan myself. But hey, you've got some awesome artistic skills! Me, not so much. If I tried to draw, say, a horse right now, there'd be no discernable difference between that and a horse I drew when I was in kindergarten.


  14. woohooo!! the winter is here..
    errr..its cold and gray..but I love the misty mornings..



    Hot Coffeeee!!!

  15. Hey nice Chibis! I like the Geisha one. Cool design.

    Oh and I share your pain about the weather. In Scotland its kinda the same - 4 seasons in one day too!

    And sure, why not, tell us all about your birthday!

  16. @ Knucklehead: Hello! Thanks so much stopping by! I bet when you drew a horse in kindergarten, it was considered art and you got a lot of oooh's and aaah's from the moms and teacher! So, if you do it in the same way still is considered art ^_^. How many people still have the same drawing skills as when they were younger? You created an stability with you drawing skills! Awesome!

    Take care!

    @ Sorcerer: Hey again! Hahaha misty mornings are cool...if you don't get lost! And you never know who you might meet in the fog *mysterious tune* Hot coffee very nice! Also hot chocolate with marshmallows or with some cookies! Perfect!

    @ Ken: Hey Ken! Thanks for dropping by dude ^_^. I never went to Scotland! I really should someday! What I don't like of having 4 seasons in the fact you don't know how too dress! really! Sweater? cardigan? extra scarf? mittens? Hat?...yes it can be such a hassle sometimes.

    Oh telling about my birthday! Well be prepared hahaha. No just kidding, but stay tuned I might tell something in the next post ^_^! Thanks again! Ciao!

  17. I like both, so to choose is a difficult task...I wish to be in an Indian wedding too, how cool!
    The geisha is great and so the faces. And sorry if I don´t understand all the english, when was your birthday??

    Big hug

  18. Oh, Google reader, of course, I have it, I used it, but I'm kinda lazy to open my Google acc sometimes xDD

  19. I can imagine how it is for you guys. I live in the Caribbean where the sun shines all year round and believe me, I won,t be surprised if it snows lol! take care. love the winter coat!!

  20. @ Encaracolda: Ciao! Yeah choosing is so difficult huh! I placed all designs on two mugs. So no more difficulty haha. Don't worry about your English though! It's really good! My birthday was October 21st ^_^. But I will tell a bit about it in my next post! XOXO!!

    @ Bakkanekko: Hahahah I never use my Yahoo account. I find google so much easier ^_^! Xx

    @ Mystery Artist: Oh lucky you haha! I went to Aruba two years ago. Awesome island! I don't mind the cold weather, but I just want to have the proper cold weather and not something so in between haha. So snow, I want snow and snowfights ^_^.

  21. Love the new pics. And old ones!!

    Just gave you a Best Blogger award on our site.


  22. @ The Guys: Woohoo! Thanks so much Guys ^_^. Take care!


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