Commission TJ!

So. You're interesting in commissioning me huh?

Okay, I had several posts containing information on my blog, but I think it can get pretty annoying to click around for information? So I will just state a few short things here and will send more information when you send me an e-mail.

In short, if you like my drawing style, you can ask for *almost* anything. 

Easy huh? haha. You're probably wondering about the price too huh? I was thinking to give you a price list, but it's very, very difficult to give you fixed prices as the price really depends on the size, details and time frame. I am combining paintings I did with a price, but even this will not guarantee the exact price, but it will give you an idea. I don't want to give you false hope with prices and then when you commission me it turns out way higher than you expected. Please keep in mind, that original art work is priced a lot higher than prints or cards. That said, I do provide the option to pay in installments.

A few things to keep in mind and what you can tell in your e-mail are:

1. What is your idea and how big do you want the painting to be?
2. When do you want your illustration? Keep in mind that I do charge a rush fee when it needs to be done very quickly.
3. If you're on a specific budget, do let me know. That way I can tell upfront if your idea for the painting is do-able for me. As much as I love to work for free, I can't do this as I have bills to pay and I spend a lot of time on researching and the actual creation of the piece. We can always discuss a way for you to get your own TJ original.
4. If you've seen a commission or illustration I did and you want something similar, please add this in your request as well.

For examples of my work, have a look on Facebook. I upload a peek daily (well try too).

If you just want to buy some goodies, just visit my Etsy store. It is filled with cards, prints and original work.

I think these ponts are the most important. Feel free to ask questions though. I always try my best to get back to you within 2 days with answers/more details.

Hope to hear from you soon!!



Last updated on October 9th 2012 by TJ Lubrano