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4. FAQ

 Have a seat & a drink please. Here I will discuss several topics and I really advice you to read it, so you know how everything works and that there’s no delay in your order. 
But first of all: Thank You for taking your time to read this.

Who is TJ Lubrano?
Oh. Do visit the 'Who is TJ' page for more insight in who I am.

What information do you need?
When you commission me, it speeds up the process if you are as clear & detailed as possible. Please visit check the 'Commission Me' tab, to read what you need to send me if you want to order something from me

How do you work?
Everything you see is created on high quality (HQ) watercolor paper with watercolor and ink pens. After this, I’ll make a HQ scan and edit it in Photoshop. I keep you posted on the progress. I elaborated more on this question here: How To Order? Just have a read there and hopefully it answers all your questions.

How do you breathe life in your illustrations?
To see how an illustration comes to life, you can visit the WIP page. Here you can see how I kept track of the creative process of several illustrations. Enjoy! I wish there was a secret in how I do this, but I just add layers of paint in it haha.

Are there Original artwork a la TJ for sale?
Ooh yes! There are original paintings for sale. I will add everything in my Etsy Shop.
I keep HQ scans and pictures of all my illustrations, so I rather have my art hung up on a wall then stuffed away in a portfolio folder. They are ready to travel to their new homes. But keep in mind that they are unframed as this will reduce the shipping costs and the risk of broken glass while it’s traveling to you.

So what type of occasions can I think of?
Let your imagination run wild (but don’t let it get too far hehe)! You can think of e.g. baby showers, nursery rooms, bridal parties, bachelor/bachelorette party, children parties and gifts for your department at your office. The options are endless, but one thing is for sure: This will make a truly wonderful gift. For themes you can think of, please visit this link: What To Order?

When do I have to pay?
Payment is due up front. If it's a higher amount, payment in installments is possible, but this shall be discussed when it's necessary. As soon as I receive your payment (or 1st installment) & design information, I’ll notify you. After payment I will start with the creative process of creating awesome designs for you.

Shipping & Handling
Once your order is shipped, I’ll let you know and provide you with a tracking code if there is one. I’ve had no troubles so far sending out packages without tracking code, but if you don’t want to take any risks; insured shipping is possible. Express delivery is optional as well. Contact me, if you want to know the specific costs.

The client is responsible for any extra duties and custom charges that may occur when the package is shipped. Also, double check your address when you send it to me as I copy that exactly.

How long will it take?
It will take around approximately 4 to 8 weeks for the order to be ready and safely shipped to your home. Of course it depends on what you order, the quantity and the complexity of it. Please keep this in mind if you want to have illustrations on time.

Hope I answered all your questions, feel free to browse around and if you still have questions, I’m just an email away!

1. What to Order

2. How to Order

3. The Buzz on TJ


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* Regarding TNT delivery service: I say quite fast as I can’t control developments in the world. Things like strikes, death of wanted criminals *ahem*, well they can influence the time of delivery. I’ll always check if there’s something happening that may hinder the delivery, if so, I’ll let you know straight away!

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