Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3. The Buzz on TJ

Soon I shall add a few testimonials of people who ordered or worked with me ^_^.

Interviews/Features/Sweet Posts:
I've been featured on several websites and if you want to have a read what others have to say about me, just visit on of the links below:

1. Interview on TickleCity Award by Andrew Walsh  - Creative Artist Doodles, Blogs and Even Eyes Career
2. Artist Feature by Natsuki Otani from Illustration Rally - Artist nr. 62 TJ Lubrano

3. Surprise post by the awesome Tricia Lornton - Monday Marvels

4. A sweet post by the lovely Dana Ward after she got my commission - Paint Me Pretty

5. Collaboration with writer Janene Murphy - Noah's Ark Terror Never Looked So Cute

6. The Blogger behind the Blog. A BlogCatalog Interview by Tony Berkman - A Magical Treat Inside the Mind of Creationist TJ Lubrano

7. An online Blog Art Exhibition by Trade Your Talent, Susanna Maier - Flower Girls / "Nothing Else Matters"

8. A Beautiful Poem written by the amazingly sweet Cher from Askcherlock - La Danse Du Jour For TJ

9. Accompanied illustration done by me for Colobus Creative РDigitales Ver̦ffentlichen.

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2. How to Order

4. FAQ


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