Sunday, June 14, 2009

Excuse me, I'm bizzy blogging here

*thinks* How to start? How to start?

Hi there, Welcome on my blog page!

I guess this is an appropriate way to start my very first are wondering why I decided to start blogging? I honestly don’t know. I just woke up, did a couple of things and suddenly I found myself making an account on Blogger Buzz. I guess today is one of those days for me, where I do things randomly and afterwards I think “Why did I do that?”

Well, in this case, I rather quickly started to wonder why I made this account, because I was asked to write a blog. A blog? A blog, you say! For a person like me who likes to daydream (a lot…like constantly), it should be done in a few minutes…but putting random thoughts in a normal and fun to read blog…well not so easily done.

Since this is my first blog; I’ll start with a short bio of myself (haha I try to be short...). I don’t want you guys to think that I’m strange or weird, doing all kind of random things in my life ;). First my real name is Tahira Lativa Lubrano, but known as TJ. I live in Rotterdam and I like to be creative. I fill most of my time with drawing (sketch, paint, all those things), watching anime series with my little brother (I love Studio Ghibli!), to cook (cookies anyone?), to read (silence, I’m in another world right now), to write (Don’t disturb, I’m working on my bestseller here…) and well much more. Usually I use one of the above as an excuse not to be bothered and now I can add another excuse here and that is…Excuse me, I’m bizzy blogging here ^_^. Ow yeah, I’m a master student Sociology and I’m currently working on my thesis, but as you can see I like to find other non-school related things to do ^_^. I will tell about my hobbies in other blogs (another reason to come back here!)

While I’m typing this, I'm wondering how many of you started a blog just to share random things/thoughts? I will check back as often as I can to share the strangeness of my world and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. I’m looking forward to read other blogs and to get to know other bloggers. Haha it feels like I’m entering a whole new world. The world of blogging!

So I hope to see you all again (and again and again...). That you will share information with me (even though I'm a complete stranger...I like getting to know more and making new friends. So if there are already things you want to know about me…go ahead and feel free to ask me questions. Thanks for reading so far and happy blogging!



  1. I started my blog because I love writing and make up was a hobby, so i ended up combining both in my blog.

    Well, I'm pretty new myself but WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOGGING!

    Do share more of your thoughts with us and btw, I love your name!

    Take care!

  2. you have a cute name, i love it <3

    well, good luck on your thesis ! i'm still in high school so i don't really know how it looks like haha.

    xoxo shika

  3. @ Hevn: THANK YOU FOR WARM WELCOME ^_^! I do have to share more of my thoughts though! I will add several new blogs the upcoming days! So stay tuned!

    @ Siska: Thank you! My thesis, it's basically a very large research. Sometimes I just want to throw my books out of the window hehe. Good luck at school!

  4. THought I would read your blog from the beginning..


    good drawings you have in your blog:)

  5. THought I would read your blog from the beginning..


    good drawings you have in your blog:)

  6. @ Sorcerer: Haha cool! Man this looks soo far far away! Time flies so quickly! Thanks though, for looking back and reading the posts haha...make sure you have cookies and tea and don't fall asleep haha! Ciao!

  7. It feels great to look into past, and watch the writer grow as they go.

    So I am standing at your beginning. who says we can't poke into past.

    Happy blogging

  8. @ санжог: wow! I read this post again today and I'm still amazed at how time flies ^_^!

    We can poke in the past indeed haha! It's all neatly archived huh!

    Happy blogging too!!


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