Sunday, November 15, 2009

A few of my favorite blogs

To complete the post about awards, I shall present to you the other two awards. The first one from the lovely Timethief from This Time, This Space. From her I got the 'One Lovely Blog' award. And also from the awesome Guys from The Guy's Perspective, I got the 'Best Blog Award'. Many Thanks to both of you!!
Well, for both awards there are no additional questions to be answered (did I hear a sigh of relief there...*looks around*). The only thing I have to do is to pass it on to my favorite blogs ^_^.I will be happy enough to do that of course! Oh wait, you sense something different huh? Well that is...I give two awards to all my favorite blogs. But of course if you already received this award then you don't have to post it again on your blog. Then again, you don't have to post it on your blog at all. Again, it's all up to you. No pressure whatsoever.

So my fellow bloggers, who I included in the list...the above awards I pass on to you! If you like it, you can take the image for your own blog.
A few of my favorite blogs in no particular order are:

Fleur de Cendre
The Guy's Perspective
Bringing Bitchy Back
The Mind of Derek Bowles
Une fille Americaine
A little piece of me
Of Cabbages and Kings
Everything but the Fur
The Daily Doodles of a Daydreamer
Kenneth Anderson
Abz Hakim

Happy Fun Hour

The blogs are all very divers in content. Some are filled with humor, others with personal experiences. Some have witty stories and others are filled with doodles & illustrations.

If you have the time check them out! Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Thanks so much TJ! It is an honour for me!
    I am so busy today but maybe tomorrow I could have some time for blogging and posting.
    Have a great day too and big hugs!!

  2. Thank you TJ! (checks in the mail...) You are so sweet...I love your blog too. Kisses, hugs....

  3. Wow, TJ--thank you so much! Your giving me award means so much to me. You just made my day! :-)


  4. Oh geez I don't know what to say TJ! I gladly and humbly accept your award. You also just made my Sunday. Thanks so much. I'm very appreciative that you follow my blog and comment to my posts. You rock!

    Oh and as to soundtracks well I tend to hear a lot of animated movie soundtracks and some movie ones as well...but here's what I like to hear just in case you need a recommendation or don't have them yet. Iron Giant, Road to El Dorado (vocals and orchastra music, Coraline, Wall-e, Incredibles, Bee Movie, Greatest Game ever Played,Kill Bill, Gladiator, King Arthur, Kung Fu Panda, Lord of the Rings(all 3 movies), Braveheart, Mummy 1 and 2, Ratatouille, Pirates of Caribbean, Pans Labyrinth, Speed racer, Surfs up, Up, Van Helsing, 3:10 to Yuma, Zorro. Dinsey them park music.Many more but those are off the top of my head. Hope that helps I have many more.

  5. Well thanks so much for including me on your list TJ. I feel all warm and fuzzy now!

    I didn't even prepare a speech, this was completely unexpected.

  6. Hey there!

    wow thanks for that! It means a lot, I am glad you find my blog interesting enough to include here, and also thanks for dropping by and checking in on my work, and for all the kind words! I probably wont get around to doing the award thing myself, but Im gonna give you a shout out on my blog next time. With some dramatic gestures and all! Take care! Ken :D

  7. YEs..ik ben helemaal blij met mijn tekening!! hij staat op mijn blog :-)

  8. heb de tekening van Sandra gezien zoooo leuk!!!

    enne ik heb een Award voor je op mn blog staan :)

  9. Thank you so much for the kind kind gesture! My new home s great..its smaller..but then again, its a bachelor\studio apartment. I'm in Toronto now..and I work full time, so its kinda crazy- a huge change...but I love it. I just got the internet hooked up, so I'll be sure to get back on track with my art (hopefully if I have any energy left in me from work!) I just, hope thats the start... Thanks again..its so nice to know someone out there is watching, and wanting more. :)

    Take good care!

  10. @ Encaracolada: You’re very welcome! Just take your time for blogging! I will be patiently waiting haha ^_^! Big big hugs!! Ciao

    @ Surveygirl46: Hahaha hugs & kisses back!! Oh wait Gossip girl style: XOXO! Hope you saw my email ^_^!

    @ Melinda: Woohoo! I’m so glad you like it! Have a lovely day! Take care!

  11. @ Pablo: You’re very welcome! I love your blog :D! Awesome list of soundtracks! I’ve listened too many of them! I still listen too many of them. haha! Thanks for taking the time to write it all down! I saw a few I need to check out, but if I need more tips I know where to turn too!

    @ Jason Curtis: Oh no need for a speech! Hold that feeling and create more doodles hehe!! Mustaches & Speedo's...coming up!!

    @ Ken: Again thank you for the lovely dramatic speech! I mean standing ovation, flying balloons. It was amazing ^_^! Take care!

  12. @ Sandra: Hallo hallo! Ik ben echt blij dat je het leuk vindt haha! Ik check je blog strax! Heel erg bedankt voor alles! Groetjes!

    @ Kruimel: Hoi Paula! Ooh cool dat je het hebt gezien :D!! Nog een award! Wow! Ik word echt verwend met alles! Ik had dit echt niet verwacht! Thank you! Thank you! Groetjes!

    @ Abz: CIao Abz! Good to hear from you! You’re very welcome! You have a cool blog! I can only imagine how hectic life must be for you! Just moved, full time job! You need some time to relax and settle down. I will check out your post asap! Take care!!

  13. Thanks for leading me to all these lovely art blogs! honestly, I am influence to get back into cartoon drawings! I got a bunch in a folder lying around somewhere. Cheers!

  14. @ Mystery Artist: Hey there! You're very welcome! They are good, aren't they! I really like their blogs, highly talented artists ^_^!

    Oh I would love to see some of your work! Take care. Ciao!!

  15. Are those your sketches, they are really nice.

    And great collection of blogs BTW, love sketches and funny chop jobs like survey girl. Man she reminds me of Will Farrel, she spews energy.

    Just going through your blog. :-) so ta da

  16. Always late to my own party, I did reply to your long (but appreciated) comment on my blog! :)

    Love the other blog suggestions, most I know and love, checking out the others :)

  17. @ Dominic P.: Thank you so much for stopping by! Take care!

    @ санжог: Hey there! Interesting name ^_^! Yes everything you see on my blog are my own creations, unless I state that the original is from another illustrator ;D. I really like the blogs I listed here! SG46 really knows how to write indeed hahaha! Hope you have fun going through the blog! Take care!

    @ Claire: Hahah don't worry Claire! Oh you replied to my comment! Haha yes it was a bit long huh ^_^'? I can write beware...

    I will rush over your blog to read! I think I forgot to click that button where you get replies. Hope you find some other interesting blogs ^_^! Ciao Xx

  18. Ahhh.. thank you so much my gorgeous TJ! *muaks!*

    Sorry I have not been active lately, now that I'm working including on a Sunday, I've been so tired T.T

    Take care k!

  19. @ Hevn: Ciao Bella!! Oh you're very very welcome! And don't worry, I'm still superbusy myself, I think I haven't commented on your blog like I used too *sigh*.

    You have to work on Sunday's too! Aah that's annoying, but be glad to have found a job again!
    Do take care as well and remember to take a break once in a while!! Oh let Jiun get some goodies for you hehehe ^_^!

    Talk to ya soon!

  20. wow!! that sketch is awesome...cute..lovely

  21. @ Sorcerer: Hi there! Hahah thanks so much ^_^!! It's really is a quick sketch though, as you can see her hands aren't fully drawn yet -_-'. But I love her face!

    Thanks a lot for rolling by!! Take care!

  22. Hi TJ,
    That sketch reminded me of "Pocahontas" girl in the cartoon.

    Nice drawing with nature as background.

    ...and the cup she is holding is reminding me to have a coffee now.

    --- ^Bye^ ;)

  23. @ Mystery Earth: Hahaha! Enjoy your coffee! I have mine's morning here. Not that I can't drink coffee in the night...but you know what I mean...I hope.

    Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by! I do like this sketch too! I will edit it in the near future. I love her face ^_^.

    Heave a lovely day! Cya!


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