Friday, November 20, 2009

Have a cup of...tea? coffee? Oh with a twist! Rum?

In one of my 'rambling posts' I was talking about the depressing sides of Winter. You know, shorter days, darkness, cold hanging in your clothes etc. etc.

Feeling depressed?

There are lots of happy things in Winter! Monsieur Pablo, pointed that out nicely somewhere in my earlier posts! Not everything has to be depressing, although you can be easily tricked to think negative about stuff. We have to find the fun things in it! Soooo...anyone want some hot choco? Maybe topped with whipped cream or marshmallows? No wait, some cookies on the side?
The getting dark early thing also can be fun. The lights in the city illuminates the surroundings and gives it a mysterious glow. Lovely ^_^. And not to forget all the holidays! there is always that special vibe in the air. You know that 'holiday vibe'? Well I call it that way, basically because of all the holidays. Clever huh...I know...

Oh snow fights! Yes I did tell that the snow in Holland is pathetic (maybe not in those exact words...), but whenever we do have snow...I like to throw a few at unexpected sisters or brother *evil laugh*

Just a random sketch, which I quickly colored with a wash of watercolor

Don't you just love a nice cup of coffee or tea in the morning? I do! What do you like to drink early in the morning? I have a few favorite mugs, I like to drink from. I have one HUGE Grumpy mug...with huge, I really mean huge. Maybe I should post a picture of it...
But I know a few people who have to have their coffee in a specific mug, otherwise the day is destined to be horrible.

Oh before I go, a special thanks to Paula for giving me the 'Over the top' blog award! Really many many thanks! This award did came with a questionnaire, but I don't have the time to answer them and I probably would have to dig in my mind to tell you guys something new about me hehe! I need to recharge...or something like that. I like the illustration of this one ^_^.

Thank you for reading as always!

Have a lovely day!


  1. hi!!! I like very much cofee with milk! :)

  2. @ Jenea: Hello hello! Oh yes, a hot cup of coffee with milk is very tasty ^_^! Takes so much for stopping by! Take care

  3. What a lovely point of wiew about the winter! I don´t think it´s so bad(here it´s not very cold but it rains a lot) but then everything is green on spring...

    I couldn´t survive in the morning without my coffee in my "special" cup, I could kill(he, he). It´s just like your illo, I hug my cup and well, it is a small thing but I love that moment.
    And in the afternoon I hug my tea, but I use whatever cup. Isn´t it weird?? Humans are animals of routine!

  4. Hey TJ! I agree - there are so many good things about winter that more than make up for the bad bits. Hot chocolate with marshmallows probably being high on the list :D and for me, nights in watching rubbish TV with my family and the dog. Yeh! Rock and roll!

    Cute drawing! Is that mug actually that size in comparison to you?? WOW!

    Oh and thanks for the words of encouragement on me blog - yeh, get your cheerleading pom poms out! Take care, ken :D

  5. Oh yeah winters are fun fun fun. The cold part is the only bad thing but like you mentioned there are so many positives to Winters. Nice Daily topic you brought up today Tj. Now go get so hot Coco and draw. Oh and love the drawing. That cupcake made me hungry. Oh and Congrats on being OVER THE TOP!! WHooo!

  6. @ Encaracolada: Thank you for stopping by!! Lately it isn't that cold here as well. In fact a bit to warm for this time of the year ^_^'. That snow I think.

    uh oh! You could kill! I have to be careful around you if you didn't have your coffee yet hehehehe! Humans can be indeed slaves of routine! Ciao XOXO!!

    @ Ken: Hiya Ken! Very true. It isn't bad to have a few bad bits, as long you look at the fun bits as well! They are really important!
    My Grumpy mug is HUGE! really it is! And Grumpy is...well he is Grumpy hahaha!

    *grabs pom poms* okay so now I have to cheer a bit more *thinks*...I don't have a cheer ready! Wait wait! I will think of something! Don't worry!

    Thanks for strolling by! Ciao ^_^!

    @ Pablo: Hello hello! Thanks for your lovely words! I will get some hot choco and I will draw a bit more! Promise you do the same :)!

    Oh! I drew something different, at least it is a different drawing style haha. I will post it one of these days. I need to alter a few bits in it!

    You know, I wanted to make cup cakes with choco chips...I ran out of choco chips and then I got lazy...-_-'''.

    Ciao *waves*!!!

  7. Hi TJ, I love your theme and I guess you made it, didn't you.
    Creative and interesting pictures.

  8. @ Chemex coffee maker: Thank you ^_^. Yes I make the drawings myself. They are just quick doodles though haha! Thanks so much for stopping by! Take care :)

  9. Good to have winter eyh~ xDDD snow~~
    I don't drink teas, well, only sometimes, I prefer milk or coffee or beer lol~

    Congratulation for the another award TJ! :) I love your illustration this one, the coloring is smooth~

  10. Hi TJ!

    I have always enjoyed stopping by here and checking out your extremely entertaining and creative posts. I believe you have received this honour before but I wanted to present you with the Best Blog Award as well!

    Keep up the great work!

  11. @ Bakkanekko: Ciao Zadia! Ooh yo go straight to beer huh?! Will you drink that in the morning too hehe ^_^. I love tea and I usually try out different flavors, but I have a few that always come back.

    Thank you so much! I colored it so quickly, but it turned out pretty good! I still see many (many...) mistakes, ah well -_-'.

    Thanks for always stopping by ^_^!!
    Ciao sweets! *hugs*

    @ Sorcerer: Hello! You gotta love the coffee! Hehe, what will happen if you don't drink coffee?

    @ Nathan: Oh wow! Thank you so much for that lovely compliment! I'm really happy that it keeps you entertained!

    Oh! Thank you so much for the award! I did get that one, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it! I gladly accept the award :D!

    I will happily write more and ramble more about stuff that pops up in my stay tuned!
    Take care. Ciao!

  12. TJ:) Your happy little messages sizzln' with energy and your wonderful drawings always make my day...You ROCK!!! Love SG46

  13. Tee Hee... I agree with Ken, I love a giant mug of hot chocolate on a cold winters evening, curled up under a blanket by the fire watching a movie. Ant nothing like it ;)
    I have a giant mug too... with how to draw Mickey mouse on it. Very much an animators mug :O)

  14. Hi TJ! I HATE winter.... it's sooooo cold! I don't have even a feather! Squaaaack!

  15. Not taking a particular liking to the shorter days, I step out for a run at lunchtime to get my daily dose of vitamin D3, courtesy of the sun! :)

  16. TJ! So true. Thanks for all the help with the link. My dashboard actually has a button that says LINK. guess i missed it...also great illustration as always!

  17. Yes, in order to survive the winter cold and darkness you must embrace it. Skate, ski, snowmen, tea, coffee, hot soup, etc.

    I still don't like it!

    Congrats on the award! And thanks again for your great illustration.
    Post up tomorrow night.

  18. I dont drink coffee but coffee with milk sounds gud:)Btw,I havent reply ur email but I will soon!^^ I am on my way to follow ur tweet also. great great drawing as always!!!!

  19. @ Surveygirl46: Aaaw thank you so much SG ^_^! I’m really happy you like it haha! Ciao Xoxo!!

    @ Les croquis du loup: Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate it! Take care!

    @ Tinylittlesandra: Hi there! Oh is it a tall mug with orange and grey and black? You have several sketches of Mickey Mouse on it? I also have a mug from Disney with a 'How to draw Mickey' on it! But I think there are many types out there haha! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Pablo: Thanks so much sir! Stop by anytime you like!

  20. @ Joe Sullivan: Ciao Joe! Come stai? Oh no! I can imagine that having no feathers is really annoying during the Winter! How do you cope?

    Oh I know! You wear a feathery coat right? Scarf maybe? Mittens? You have to stay warm okay!! Take care!

    @ Being and Quirkiness: Hello! Yes you have to have your dose of sun! And it can make you feel happier too ^_^! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @ Justin Rodrigues: Hi Justin! Thank you ^_^!! You're very welcome with the help too! It's easy to miss indeed, the buttons are quite small haha! Take care and stay creative!

  21. @ One of the Guys: Hello hello! You're very welcome for the illustration and thank you for posting it ^_^! It's a lovely poem.

    Oh how could I forget hot soup! But ehm..snowmen? Oh I know! You dress up like snowmen right? perfect outfit indeed!

    Yes winter days still are no fun, but at least with lots of fun things you can make it more bearable ^_^!

    @ Mignosia: Heey Dita! How are you? Take your time with the email haha! It's okay ^_^. Oooh twitter! I will check it out later! I'm not a big twitter girl hehehe. Thanks for stolling by! *hugs*

  22. @ Buy Viagra: Wow. When I saw your name I thought this was a spam was actually a normal comment with a good tip haha! Thanks so much! Take care!


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