Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Observer being Observed

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have a wonderful time!

So today's ramble: Any observers out there?

Usually when I'm in the subway or train, my mind drifts of and I watch the people sitting or passing by. From my family I'm the only who does this, my sisters are usually looking at me like this -_-, when I tell them stories of what I saw/heard outside. Yes some may call it staring and stalking though...I prefer observing and analyzing. It has a sophisticated ring to it ^_^. I use the ideas I get for drawings and for my stories. Or I just randomly tell them in a conversation to someone. Like this one time, an old dude sneeze so hard that I thought his glasses flew away. Really, if you weren't awake till that point...The Sneeze would've made sure you were clutching your bag in fear and looking around in panic. The Sneeze has that effect on know I will make a sketch of that! The Sneeze.

This other time there was another dude screaming random things like "Horse! Central Station! Willem Alexander (that's the prince of Holland)! What does he have to do then?!" then he would spit several times on the ground and add a few curse words here and there before he started to sing Whooeeee....maybe it were a hidden messages...I don't know. Too late to find out now though.

Oh and another time there was a guy who had an imaginary phone and he was really talking to it! His hand I mean. He had a whole conversation with this other dude or lady. I don't know. Also there is ( I still see her quite often...) a lady who kinda gives me the creeps, because she just has a blank stare and she just keeps staring...and she has big eyes...

I also often caught people at staring when I looked up when I'm walking around. Don't ask me why I suddenly look up while I'm walking. Sometimes I just do, perhaps that's why I trip so every now and then...

Just a quick doodle:
Please enlarge the image to read the small notes on it.

Either way, it occurred to me one day that I'm not the only one who observes people. You might think "Duh!! You're not the only one walking this planet -_-!" But you know I got out of that bubble where I thought that I rule the world and where no one knows that I observe people for my own doodles and storytelling hehe.

So while I think that I'm observing someone, another person can observe me. It's only logical. So there you have it; The observer is being observed.

*pop* *pop* *pop*

Right...sorry if I burst someone's bubble where he/she thought that he/she was exclusively observing the world, but I just wanted to share this with you guys ^_^.

Have a lovely day and take care everyone!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving too!

    That's really sharp thing to do.. and you gave me an idea to have some conventional (even wacky) stories for my blog also.. haha.. to be a keen observer of the town..

    And this weblog entry made me laugh soooO much.. love the sketch (and much colorful)..

    How about Black Friday? I'm sure shoppers is quite much funnier to observe..

    "Dude he's gone.."

    "Let him go and save yourself.. Don't mind him.. eh..!"

    How d'yo think? ^^

    Salamat! Una sa pagcomment..

  2. omgsh i look at ppl alot too!
    but i kinda feel awkward when they stare at me

    but cute photo hun!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!... Your blog is really cool and I will definitely be visiting often. Your sketches are very nice also... I think most of us observe people... we just try not to make it obvious... :-D....I know I do...


  4. @ Japaul: Hey there! Hahah well I'm glad you liked the post! But I was dead serious....hehehe just kidding. Yeah I do think people at Black Friday are funnier to observe, but Holland doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so we don't have a Black Friday. Hahah I like the conversation you wrote in your comment! Write away! I'll be sure to check your posts out!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

    @ Kimee: Ciao Kimee! How nice to see you again girl! Thank you for your compliment! I'm thinking to put another one up...but I'm not so sure. Hahaha yeah, it's not so much fun when you see them looking at you ^_^! People are strange beings sometimes haha! Take care!

    @ Liquid&Tunsie: Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Haha thanks so much! I do my best to keep it fun ^_^! Yes indeed most people are observers! Only some are better in hiding it than others hehe! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. I adore people watching, the only problem is when you get caught staring and then have to spend ages avoiding eye contact with that person again. Normally this is not a problem, but after 4 hours on a train, it is a pain in the arse lol

    Love this drawing have you tried out some new colours on it?

  6. @ Claire: Hahahah I know what you mean! It gets really frustrating when they start seeking attention or giving you a big smile when you glance at them...they have this typical stare like "Oh I noticed you noticed me. Hi there *smile*...' -_-'' *sigh*

    Ooh I was experimenting with Photoshop and I ended up with this haha. I still used watercolors though, but in Photoshop, I think I used an adjustment layer and used the option 'color burn'...not sure. I have to check the psd file for that haha! I thought it looked pretty cool :D!

  7. Haha! You are so right with the 'Hi there'look,when really all I meant was gosh I was only staring at you, not actually wanting to make a connection, hehe :)

    I like what you did with this, whatever it was, the colours really seem pop, maybe more vibrant?

  8. @ Claire: Hi there *smile*....hehehe ^_^.

    Yeah the colors are indeed more vibrant! I think it's pretty cool too! Oh yeah, I did the same thing with Deray's illustration!

  9. People watching is great fun. Ahh, the things you can see!!! But of course you have to be sly about it. Guys get a lot of practice trying to be sly, although we probably aren't.

    Getting busted is the worst!

  10. @ One of the Guys: Heey there! Haha you're funny! 'the things you can see'. It's true indeed! It's like your in your own world and everyoen around you is playing a small part and you are creating your characters. In order to do observe! Yeah getting busted is the worst indeed!

    Ps.: I still need to email you! I didn't forget :)

  11. yes..even I get this feeling I am being watched.. those satellites!

  12. @ Sorcerer: Beware indeed! Technology is always will follow you and sees everything...maybe even before you do it hehehe

  13. Hey TJ--I am a total people watcher! In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do. I was recently in NYC (the best place for people watching) and I spent an afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and I had so much fun! I don't know if it was better to observe the art or the people! Hahahahahaha. People are fascinating--but then, I suppose that is a big reason why I decided to study psychology.


  14. Oh! I meant to add that I just LOVE your new doodle here. Just wonderful!

    Take care,


  15. Whoa! This is getting deep! You're beginning to sound like Krishnamurti with all the "Observer" stuff! But great observation - no pun intended - I think you are right. I spend a lot of time watching people. Not in a creepy way. I just like watching people seeing how they act and wondering whats going through their heads. Not sure people over here observe others much though, people seem to like walking into me when Im in town... grrrr!

    BTW - love this drawing! Haha its awesome. I can imagine one 10 times the size... wheres wally style :D

  16. @ Melinda: Hello hello! I'm so glad to see you here again! Hahaha so instead of watching the art you were sitting and watching people! I think I would have done the same thing ^_^. People can be a form of art too! And they move around and you can interact with them, so you never know what will happen! It's a lot of fun indeed :D.

    Thanks so much for stopping as always! Take care!

    Ciao *waves*

    @ Ken: Hahahah I decided to use my brains and get in touch with the mystery called life...ehm...yes something like that. Very glad you liked it though! It's a subject that is actually always there. People observe without knowing I guess. It's always interesting to know where people are from and what they think! Something you immediately place them in a specific group and this doesn't have to be the case!

    People walk into you when you're in town?! Oh no! That isn't good! Just smack them.

    But you can tell me...I know you stare at people and use them in your illustrations hehehe ^_^. Your secret is safe with me!

    And thanks so much! It's funny, cause this particularly doodle...well I wasn't a big fan of it. I liked it, but the image I had in mind wasn't really captured on paper. Also, I experimented in where near as good as you! I still need to steal your talents one day haha!

    Have fun in Aussie and toll next time! Ciao!

  17. Rofl, this drawing is soo super cute. Plus it has a deep meaning. I like it a lot.

    Actually, I first looked at the pic and it reminded me of totalitarian regimes, like the former GDR (Eastern Germany). Or how employees are often observed in corporations.

    As for the observations that you mentioned: I notice that a lot people are busy with themselves and seem to not notice so much. They often stare onto the cell phone screens, books, or stare in the air ô.ô

    What I find interesting, is the problem of looking a foreigner into the eyes, when he looks back. What is actually the problem? I do it myself but I do not understand. Seems like if you look a foreigner into the eyes you are kindsa stepping into his private domain. That is how I sometimes feel.

    That is why sunglasses are nice to have, atleast in public (like trains) :)

    That is also why wearing sunglasses is considered to be somewhat unfriendly if you talk or discuss with people. Because in discussions, especially if people talk about personal things, they do open their private sphere.

    Extreme example: A guy left a girl. The love is over. Girl meets a befriended girl to talk about it but the befriended girl wears dark black sunglasses and shows not emotion. lol

  18. @ Filtertyp: Heeey there! Hahaha thanks so much! I do try to put a hidden meaning in my illustrations every now and then ^_^. People are being observed all the time, maybe not with like your example about GDR, but just in general. That's how trends are formed and taken over by other individuals. And here you also have the difference in taken the trend over completely or give your own twist to it.

    But with foreigners, I do know what you mean. Maybe it is the fear of not knowing the language and by staring in someone eyes, you invite people to say something or start a conversation? I had this when I was in a project, people who didn't know the English language properly, kinda avoided me. I had the feeling that they were 'afraid' that I would start talking to them.

    I agree with you. People are caught up in their own actions more lately, technology plays a huge part in this! Wearing sunglasses during conversation is rude...hmm maybe I used a stronger word here haha. Eyes can reveal so much and to keep sunglasses on...well it can give you the feeling that people are hiding things from you. And maybe they do.
    BUT! if you're a professional do need a pair of good black sunglasses. This is an important advice I pass on to aspiring stalkers hehehe.

    Hahaha! I loved your extreme sample! Really many many thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Ciao!

  19. Hello, you are of course right, that for the most part people observe eachother. Or to say it in a neutral/positive way: Watch eachother. Very true for trends. We got trendsetters and trendscouts, those words already say a lot. It's a form of exchanging information. And we exchange information all of the time, be it by music, words, theater etc. Actually, even the people that watch their cellphones in the train watch other people, for example if they surf in the internet. But you know this better than me I guess, since your are a sociology student and I bet a hardworking one :)

  20. @ Filtertyp: Thanks so much for stopping by again and sharing your thoughts! And you made a really good point! Even when people watch their phones...they are watching people! It's an continuous circle indeed! Hahaha well I think every individual has a little sociologist inside of them ^_^!

    Many thanks again! Ciao!!


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