Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 things I can tell about myself

First of all I want to take a moment and thank everyone who even bothered to visit my blog, leave a comment (here or on BC) and who decided to follow. Really many, many, many thanks!! I never thought that I would get followers or that people would leave comments. Oh about commenting, please check back, because I always reply on my comments or I leave one on your blog. Well all that's left is:

*A BIG HUG to all of YOU*

Okay, that was my "Oscar moment" *puts away her bottle of water*

In this post...I shall reveal a bit more about me. Hmm maybe you guys don't even want to...in that case...just stop reading hehe. I saw a post of this at fellow bloggers like; Hevn, Kimee and Cathy. Be in a sunny place while you are fashionable dressed looking stunning with your make up!! Yes, I tried to make a cool sentence. Not sure if it worked though haha. Ah well, if you don't what I'm talking about...just have a look at their blogs and you'll find out.

Okay, let's start! (In no particular order.)

1. I'm writing 3 novels. Yes, don't ask me where I get time to do this, because I still have my thesis to write -_-'. Have to say that I'm not writing that much lately. I'm more reading for my thesis. What my thesis is about? Well, I won't bore you with this information...you probably fall asleep. I told some and they fell asleep...

2. I'm a mix. I live in the Netherlands, but my mom is from Surinam (Above Brazil) and my dad's from the Cape Verdian Island (next to Africa, Cape Verde). But it doesn't stop there. Combined together I have Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Indian and African influences.

3. When I was younger, I used to go to ballet and piano lessons.
But I got stubborn and didn't want to go anymore. But I still love to dance! I only can't really play the piano anymore, but if I really want I know I can catch up again. For now I just leave this to my sister and little bro!

4. There are only a few people who know this...well other now too if they read this post haha. I sing and dance, also ehm..belly dancing. Yes, yes like Shakira. Well, wait she is really flexible, I'm not THAT flexible haha.

5. I get a lot of things abroad. Yes, Ebay can be very addictive. Oh wait! Don't think I'm a compulsive buyer. I'm not. I usually use Ebay to get drawing supplies. Most of the times its a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands! Guess what! I even bought an KitchenAid! I was scared to death that there were additional taxes, but this wasn't the case. Although the postman tried to scare me -_-'. I love my KitchenAid ^_^

6. I love to collect cooking stuff from the places I've been, like mugs & key chains. New ingredients to use in recipes. I love to cook and bake!

7. I don't like clowns or dolls. It all started with the movie IT...that stupid clown was even more scarier than that stupid spider -_-''. And the doll part, it's more specific to the porcelain ones, you know, big eyes, just giving a blank stare, fluffy dresses and big hair. Yep definitely don't like them.
Well, DB...scary enough? If you're laughing please stop...

8. Another thing I love to collect and read are books. And I have many...and I keep adding. So if you have good tips, just let me know ^_^.

Books, books, books and something to drink.

9. I daydream and make up of lots of new stories. Even a normal conversation can end up in a in story that takes a flight with ones imagination. Yes, it can get interesting.

10. I can be very clumsy, tripping etc. etc. Oh you want examples -_-'? Well, let's see...
I tripped once over a threshold that wasn't even 1 cm high...and it felt like if everything went in slowmotion. Really it did! Oh, I threw a box of popcorn through the air when I went to movies. Yes, luckily it was during the end song and I could run out of the room...but really it flew through the air...in slow motion...even getting out of the room went in slow moootiooon.
Yes everything seems to go in slow motion when I trip or act clumsy -_-'.

Really...in slow motion!

And that my friends was nr. 10! That means no more. Really, I'll stop now.

Hope you liked it!


  1. TJ,
    thank you for opening up to us!
    and with illustrations!

    awesome insights!

    the last one made me laugh...
    i once fell off my motorcycle, and
    NARRATED aloud: "he's going down!"

    there's a beautiful reason for slow motion!
    (makes us look more graceful!)

    as always - excellent post!

  2. @ Chuck: Hello again!
    Hahah you really narrated while you fell down! That made me laugh out loud! Oh that's true! You can look more graceful falling down in slow motion. Oh I forgot to include one! I once fell down the escalator and ripped my pants. If I'm not mistaken that's when this tripping thing started -_-''. I thought it was time to give the reader a bit more info about myself. Thank you for sweet comment, as always! Ciao!! XO

  3. Nope, not scary enough.

    Number 10 is why you don't get to hold the popcorn or twizzlers!

  4. @ DB: SHOOT! We shall see in the Battle of Illustrated Evilness...Be prepared ^_^!

    Well, I can easily replace me for you. You know, I will make a drawing of you, just to show how you look when you hold the drinks with the FUNNY straw. Hehehe. And you may hold the popcorn...NOT the twizzlers.

  5. aww...haha so cute and so funny

    cuteness +funnyness = perfect chibi drawings by TJ !

    hmm...wow u did ballet, me too just like u i danced when i was little, but stopped (but i mean now im very flexible and can still do splits, but my dancing skills have faded away...) ooo i love cooking and baking too (u should totally tey vegetarian food!!! have u tried it before?)

  6. @ Jesse: Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by! You're illustrations are just awesome! Take care

    @ Emily: Hi!! Thank you for your lovely comment! Haha perfect chibi drawings huh ^_^? I still need to practice and work on them. Yeah ballet, even though you stopped dancing you still keep a certain grace right? Cooking! Yeah I tried a few vegetarian dishes! If you have a few recipes...just pass them along!! I love to try new recipes!

    And I'll say it again...you have great drawing skills! Really! Just keep drawing okay :)! *waves*

  7. @Gorgeous TJ
    WOOOOO, it figures, you're a mix! No wonder you're so damn gorgeous..

    My jaw hit the ground when I saw that you belly dance. That's really impressive considering that I tried that ONCE and never went back to class. No hand foot head whatever coordination whatsoever. *sigh*

    You really do sound very lovely and interesting. Me really likey you. T.T

    But guess what, I just tagged you for the Expressions of You award so now you got an additional 50 facts to tell us about you. LOL!!!

  8. 3 novels atm? wow!
    My dad also ask me the same thing, about how I got my time for school, study, violin, drawing, and blogging lol!

    And you do belly dancinG! xDD I don't like it tho, I love to see it, not doing it X3

    I never like clowns and dolls too, I only like animal dolls haha~
    And I collect books too! xDDD

  9. @ Hevn: Ciao Bellaaa ^_^!! Hahaha you say that I'm always sweet, but you do the same thing!! You always say the nicest things! Have to say from the first email we exchanged, I liked you! You sound so sweet, funny and nice! It would be so much fun hanging around!

    You know, my mom used to belly dance when she was younger. Not professional, but let's say she really could move her hips hahaha. I think I inherited that from her. I never went to classes, but when I found out, my mom was like "Tahira, omg you can do it too!".

    Whahaha noo way! You tagged me for the Expressions of You Award!! That's really sweet of you!! Wait 50 additional facts about me :|...man that will be a long post! But seriously, thank you ^_^!! *BIG BIG HUGS...yes I almost squeezed you kinda hug hehe*

    @ Bakkanekko: Hahaha yeah, I need more time!! The last few days I went to bed really late =_=. Not good! Yeah belly dancing haha. It's not professional or anything. It's fun to do and keeps you in shape ^_^. But I'm not suddenly standing and shaking my hips on the dance floor or anything...nooo way. I'm too shy for that. I have other dance moves whahaha. Nice! A fellow doll/clown hater! We do have a couple of things in common don't we! Cool! Till next time! Xx

  10. I like the cartoon!

  11. @ Seername: Hi there! Thank you for strolling by and leaving a comment ^_^!

  12. that was a brilliant read :)
    really made me chuckle!
    good luck with the novels... im kinda stuck on the whole writing things at the moment... only short stories. Will probably put one up soon :)
    <3 xx

  13. Hey TJ -
    Great learning all about you... Besides sharing my birthday, you are a super cool girl - no wonder you are so beautiful, you've got a super combination mix going on.

    I HATE dolls and clowns too... oddly enough I an participating at in a Halloween Doll Swap - How scary does that sound???

    Anyway - Take Care! xoxo - Kim

  14. Belly Dance??!!! What else are you not telling us! :)

    Have you read:

    "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen
    "Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving


  15. it is never too late to follow your dreams! I studied architecture for a couple years before I got tired of straight lines and math! I switched careers and now I love what I do. Good luck and keep Cookin' and sketchin'.

  16. @ DelusionalHysteria: Hi Monica! Oh I'm glad you liked it! Sometimes I just write and I think I'm the only one who's going to like it haha. Oh a short story! Cool, I'm definitely going to read it! You have a cool writing style! I only read one story of you on SA, but I loved it haha. Xx

    @ Soggydogs: Hi Kim! Oh thank you for your sweet sweet comment ^_^! Woohoo a fellow doll/clown hater! I thought I was the only one haha. Oh man! That sounds a bit scary indeed :|. Do you have to illustrate things? Take care Xoxo!!

  17. @ The Guys: Hahaha ehm what else I'm not telling? yeah I don't know. Just stick around and who knows you'll find out ^_^! O cool! Thanks for the titles! No I didn't read them, but I placed them on the 'to read list'!!

    @ JCgonzalez: Hi JC! Nice to meet you! You're definitely right! It's never too late to follow your dreams! You studied architecture! I worked for O.M.A on the Hr department that is haha. But the atmosphere was amazing! But the work hours...Man! That was crazy! You're an illustrator! Cool! I'll check out your blog asap. Thanks for dropping by. Oh and for following me ^_^!

  18. Do you like poetry? Am reading Olav Hauge, a Norwegian poet. The kind of poetry I like, like Chinese poetry-simple, concrete, down to earth.

    And thanks for all those intimate details about yourself. Belly dancing and tripping over your feet at the same time-absolutely shocking!

  19. Hello NP! Oh I like poetry, but never really gotten into it. My sister write poetry. I'll check Hauge out. I think it's a real art to use a few words and tell a story with it that speaks to ones imagination.

    You're very welcome! Yes it's quite shocking isn't it ^_^! And beware, I'm tagged by a friend to tell another 50 more hahaha. Ciao!


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