Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And the Humane award goes to...

Oh wow! My first award!! It was a real surprise for me when I saw a comment of fellow blogger and friend Shas, telling me I that I won the Humane Award! *does happy dance*

Thanks so much Shas!! I really appreciate it!

Okay, perhaps some of you (or all of you, also possible ofcourse hehe) are like 'What is this Humane Award?'. Well, I got the description from her blog and it means the following:

"This award is called Humane award. Humane as being characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion; marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns."

Really thank you! *HUGS*

Okay readers, have a seat. Make some fresh cookies & popcorn. Get a coffee, tea or a soda. Oh some champagne is good too. It's a fancy event. Don't worry, it's okay! I'll wait.

You're all settled? Well, let's get to the fun, but oh so difficult part! I have to choose 5 other bloggers and pass this award on! How cool is that! Yes, pretty cool. But for people like me, it's so difficult! I can't choose easily! So after hours of staring at walls, looking at ceilings, running in the garden I choose 5 bloggers from the people who follow me.

Are you curious? Well, let's see who won. Yes, I know I'm building up the tension here.
Well I won't anymore! The first one that has one this lovely award is....drums rolls please!!


Hehe yeah well I tried to characterize the bloggers. So yes, you will see a chibi form of the winners. They may look a like...they may not. Oh! What do you think of mister Humane?

That aside, Hevn's blog is one I first found via Google. I believe I was looking for the 'perfect concealer' and I stumbled on her blog. I was hooked immediately. She is a very sweet girl with a cool & funny way of writing. Also has an honest opinion about the things she reviews. And let's not forget an occasional rant to keep all in perspective. All in all, a blog that I love ^_^!

The second one is...SERENDIPITY
I got to know her via Hevn. This blog is with nice reviews, nicely written. I love it! We also share the same interest in staring at walls! Walls don't talk's so easy to get in a good conversation hehe. Oh Elyn! I saw the pictures of you and Ashley on her blog! Your hair looks very nice!! Curls suits you ^_^! Haha and yes I used the pictures to make a quick sketch of you.

Let's continue! The third winner...KIMEE

Congrats Kimee! Her blog is full of information about fashion, personal thought and all kinds of random things! It's easy to read up the latest fashion trends and there lot's of pictures. I really love this blog! Once in a while I just sit back and browse through all the posts. Kimee! it was quite difficult to draw you haha. But I'll work on it! I forgot that I could browse through Facebook -_-'. I'm such airhead sometimes.

Ah were almost at the end! The fourth winner is....CHUCK!!

Chuck! Stop laughing okay ^_^. Well, It was also quite difficult to draw you as well! I tried to incorporate the Navy theme and I looked at the pictures where you were younger and I added a 'beard'. Hmm it kinda looks like you I think. Just a tiny bit.
But okay to the readers. Chuck's blog is about the birth of his book 'My Quirks and My Compass'. I did a post about this a week ago. I suggest you have a look at this and visit his blog as well! It's a magical story, written in a beautiful way! So check it out!!

Ladies and gents, we arrived at the end of our show. The last winner is...ERIK!

Erik's blog is filled with positive messages, poems, lovely pictures! It's a blog about the search of truth and beauty! It's a lovely blog and I suggest you have a look at it ^_^!

So that's it! We are at the end! Oh sorry don't applause just yet. I have to say the following and then we are all done. Yes formalities, I know, can be annoying sometimes.

Kindly I would like to ask the winners:
1. Accept and post the award on your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received it.
3. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.
4. Let them know they’ve been chosen for this award.

It's as simply as that! To the winners: Congratulations! I hope you are happy that you've won and that you will accept this award.

To the ones I forgot, know I love your blog!

Happy blogging peeps ^_^



  1. Congratulation of the award! :D
    You deserve it. And lol! Another smart idea for passing awards, by chibis aye? XDDD cute!! I should take a look at their blogs :)

  2. Thank you ^_^! It was a total surprise haha. Hmm maybe I can make my own awards...I shall call it 'The Chibi Award' hehe.

  3. WOO-HOO TJ, congrats on getting the award! you deserve it!

    I didn't expect you to pass me the award but thank you very very much! I was super happy when I saw the chibi drawing of meeeeeee.. LOL!!!

    I love it thank you thank you sweetie pie!! *muaks*

  4. No Gmail had a few problems, but it's a good email! xD I have hotmail and gmail! :)

  5. you draw well! Me, i'm can't even draw an apple!! I really like it! xD

  6. awhhh thank you doll! thats so sweet haha!

  7. && how do u make a link ?? lol

  8. @ Kimee: Kimee! You posted the picture on FB!! Haha thank you so much!! But heey I need to work on your chibi form...maybe add fashion details, to make it more you ^_^??

    Oh yeah, do you want to make a link in your blog? In your post editor there is a image with a weird chain thingy...ehm can't really explain it. If you select a word in your post and then click on the image you can insert a hyperlink. Do you mean this?

    @ Everyone else: I'll reply to you as soon as possible ^_^!!

  9. lol it was just 2 cute!! ahah
    & ok!
    i figured it out lol thanks!

  10. @ Hevn: Ash!!! I'm so happy you like yourself as chibi...wait...that sounded a bit strange hahahaha. Well you know what I mean right ^_^. Congrats sweets! You really deserve it! But I do need to practice on the Chibi Ash haha. XOXO *hugs*

    @ Anthony: Ciao! Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments ^_^! Haha you have both! You can link the two together? Haha I'm sure you can draw an apple. Till next time!

    @ Kimee: Yeah I shall practice a bit more and make a good Chibi Kimee haha. But I'm really glad you like it so far!!! Xx

  11. i always love your sketches...

    i've also been out of commision for a few days traveling (woo!)

    and i totally just read your profile for the first time - i LOVE shopaholic & extremely loud and incredibly close. you have awesome taste in books. haha

  12. Hi TJ--as usual, the drawing are so lovely. I am always interested in looking at blogs that are recommended by my favorite bloggers/ friends so I appreciate your passing those along to me!



  13. @ Lauren: Hi Lauren and thank you so much! Yeeey to you! I'm really happy that things are getting better!! Have all the fun when you go traveling!

    Haha I love books! I went to a book fair today. Books for a discount I need to say more ^_^. Extremely Loud & Incredibly close is an amazing book! I loved it!

    @ Melinda: Hi! Oh wow I'm one of your fave bloggers/friends! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I wanted to give this award to many other bloggers! Hmm perhaps I need to investigate this and create my own awards...hehe ^_^

    Yeah do have a visit on their blogs if you have the time! Ciao!

  14. you have an SUPER AWESOME BLOG....

  15. lol really S U P E R A W E S O M E!

  16. @ Damion009: Hahahah thank you very much!! I heard your yell all the way in Holland!

    But dude! I've seen your blog...your drawing skills are really cool! Stop by anytime you like and stay creative ^_^! Take care

  17. oh i will! and thanks for your comment on my blog! IT MAD ME SMILE BIG!

  18. You get the award for "Most Popcorn spilled". The prize is that you owe me more popcorn!

  19. @ Damion009: Haha you're very welcome ^_^!! Ciao!

    @ DB: How did you manage to get through my security?

    Whaha "Most Popcorn Spilled"...I really want to say "Ha! This award suits you better", but I drew something for my next post and well...crap! this award would fit perfectly -_-'. How did you know! Fine. I accept the award. And sure I'll give you more popcorn...more twizzlers for me hehehe.


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