Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can I have this kiss?

Ciao everyone!

A few days back I got asked to participate on a blog post from fellow blogger Bring Back Pluto.

The theme was a kiss/the kiss ooh la la...

A nice theme and you can go many ways with this. I just got the theme and I could play with it. A kiss can mean many things and can be done in many ways. A friendly peck on the cheek, an intimate moment between two lovers, a way to show your affection to your child. A kiss can mean more than a thousand words. The feeling that goes in it can't really be describe, if you try, you'll see that you need lots of words, descriptions to say what you can be butterflies, sunny, warm, touchy and so on. Well, save yourself some trouble and just kiss it away.

I got a few ideas and this is what I came up with.

a cute drawing. Yeah guys, especially when they are younger can act like they don't want a kiss...but secretly they do want it. This is only when they are younger tho...

Okay....this one just freaks me out a little -_-.
Just look at her lips! I feel sorry for the guy. Yes, I do.

Hehe a bit like a fairytale.
Yeah I wonder what will happen if she kisses the frog. Have to say that he looks very cute

classic tale.
The Femme Fatal. Everyone wants her, but is she really that unreachable?

Okay the last one is also the one they chose is....*drums please*

I wonder, can a kiss be deadly?

So which one would you have chosen?

The blog 'The Guys perspective' is really cool, funny and witty! Lots of information on how guys perceive things and they tell you straight as it is. You can see the post here (yes just click that little hyper linked word). Some lovely and funny descriptions were entered. Be sure to check it out ^_^



  1. these are wonderful characters, TJ!
    i'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite!
    they're all adorable!


  2. Hi! TJ,
    I enjoyed going through the post. Your sketches are the centre of attention without which the post would have looked dry.

    Your sketching style is unique and fresh. The choice of colours adds life to them and i like the colours you use they are pleasant and soothing to the eyes. Have you ever thought of commercialising it (though the word seems cheap) or doing illustrations for the newspapers or magazines. Please give a thought to it if you haven't.

  3. Hi! TJ,
    Congrats! You have received the Humane award from me. Please check my blog and collect the award. Will be happy if you will display it on your blog.
    Happy Blogging!!

  4. @ Chuck: Ciao Chuck!! Thank you ^_^! Haha yeah my favorites are the Femme Fatal and the Vampire one. Even though I drew the one I don't really like...once my pencil leaves the paper it gets a life of its own...I can't control it and usually I like the outcome...sometimes not so much hehe.

    @ Shas: Thank youuu sweetie!! You are so nice of giving me my first award! I didn't even consider receiving awards for my blog o_O! I'll visit your blog asap! Really many many thanks for everything!

    Oh yeah commercializing is definitely something I've been thinking about lately! You and a few others have said the same thing! A HUGE compliment and one I'm very grateful for. Before I started this blog I never would have thought about it, but receiving all these comments, really made me look different towards my illustrations! Yes I like giving my post a little extra something by adding my drawings ^_^! Really many many thanks!!XOXO!

    Ps: I love your profile picture!

  5. Hey gorgeous, I read this as soon as oyu posted up but I had to rush out so I didn't manage to comment.

    I had a good time looking thru all the drawings you made and I must be truthful and say that I love them all!

    LOL, I'm totally in love with the frog!

    If you do commercialize your drawings like Shas suggested, do let me know, I give you my promise that I'll support you in everyway I can!


  6. lovely! :D

    P.S I'm a PS guy too :D Althought Ps is way too expensive ! LOL

  7. @ Hevn: Oh wow :|!! You are soo sweet and kind and pretty!! hahaha. But seriously I mean this! Thanks for believing in me and wanting to support me! It really means a lot to me! I agree, the frog is soo cute ^_^. Thanks so much for everything so far!! BIG HUGS!!!

    @ Anthony: Thanks PS guy ;)! Haha that's also one of the reasons why I kept putting it buy a PS3 hehehe! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully see you again ^_^! Ciao!

  8. Hi TJ! These drawings are fantastic. You are so talented! I don't know what more to say without sounding sappy and silly :)

  9. @ Cathy: Hello Cathy!! Thanks for stopping by even though you have a hectic schedule!! Oh really thank you so much for your lovely comment! All the luck *waves*


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