Thursday, August 27, 2009

Be A Navigator of your own Life

How are you all doing? Well have to say, I'm feeling a bit tired the last few days. Doing too much in little time and instead of crossing away things of my to do list, I'm simply adding stuff -_-'.

A few of you know, that I'm working on my thesis. Well to be honest I haven't done a lot in this last two/three weeks. I'm simply not motivated enough. I do read some literature and even that isn't going as fast as it normally would. So I decided to set it aside for a while, cause I know I would write a bunch of weird things if I worked on it anyway.

Okay what I'm posting about, isn't the my friends! This time I'm doing a short book review!

My Quirks and My Compass

Oh shoot! I wanted to make a photo of my copy of the book, but the batteries of my camera are empty! I edit this post as soon as I can!

The picture...
Hehehe yes my sister made me pose and hold the the end this I liked the best.
*sigh* Taking pictures can be such a hassle...

This book is written by a friend of mine, a fellow blogger, Chuck Dilmore. Check out his blog filled with pieces of his books and lovely photo's! Next to his nice blog, he is also an amazing writer who just published his first book! On Amazon you can read a lot of reviews. And they say all these wonderful things about this book. And it is all true.

It was difficult not to say what already has been said. But I tried. I don't like repeating stuff and I don't want to give away things that happen in the book. It's much more fun if you discover this on yourself!

That aside, this is a truly a personal and captivating story about a young woman who works as a navigator on a ship

Get to know her, get to know Julian Monroe and how she sits in her little boat of life and trying to avoid the rocks and battle the turbulent waves that can occur in the water. It can be unpredictable. But let's be honest even though you may not like unpredictable things, it can enrich your life. And when you look back, you feel more alive.

So I would kindly ask you to take a seat in Julian's boat of life and witness her difficulties and confusion. See and feel - cause the writer really makes you feel like you are a part of the story! In some cases you may even feel like you are Julian!- how she survives and makes the best out of her life.

The writing style is fluent, clear, sincere...simply magical. The words just get a life of their own and each page seems like a scene out of a movie.

You know, I can go on and on about how wonderful this book is...but the truth is, you have to experience it yourself ^_^! So get a copy, make yourself some tea and have some cookies, pie, sandwiches maybe even some popcorn and start reading. Get lost in the story and only surface to breathe air.

Chuck, many thanks for writing this lovely story and sharing this with the rest of world!

To all the new readers out there: Enjoy!

Ciao Xoxo


  1. TJ~
    this is just lovely!

    your words are beautiful, and
    your illustrations/interpretations are
    world-class! you are going places! far & wide.

    very touching.
    thank you for this!

  2. Muahaha, I love the picture you drew and I must admit that your description of the book makes me wanna go check it out too.

    I love books and I love readings so this is gonna go on my list of books to check out. I just hope I'll be able to find it over here!

    Hope you're thesis is going well >.<

    Lots of love, gorgeous

    Ash <3

  3. Looking fun! I would like to see some paintings! :D hehe

    Thank you for visiting! And yea, they do kinda look like cartoons I guess...Its about a boy on a wheel chair who wants to fit in with the other kids... :) more to come! ;)

  4. @ Chuck: Hello! You're very very welcome! It was a small effort for a great book! And...I'm really happy you like the illustrations!! And...again you leave a lovely comment haha ^_^! Thank you! XO!

    @ Hevn: Ciao Bella!! I got my copy via Amazon. They don't sell it in The Netherlands just yet. If you gonna read it, let me know if you need some help locating a copy!! BIG HUGS Xx

    PS.: My thesis is doing okay. Only we argue a lot...and this is a BIG understatement hehehe

    @ Abz: Hi there! Haha paintings yeah well I'm working on a few big sketches and the end goal turn them into painting hehe. So stay tuned!

    Oh I like the storyline! I'll keep an eye on your blog :D!


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