Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Trip Through CupCake Land

A sweet trip
Through the sky
Hanging on some balloons and
Looking out on the most
Colorful goodies you can find
You’ll fly

Some frosting here, some sprinkles there
It’s for all of us to share
And it looks soo yummy
It’s almost not fair

Swirly Clouds surrounds you.
But Ms. Cup Cake, don't be shy and
Take this flight through the sky

To find out the baker
Behind these sugary goodies,
Is one you may never get
All in all, it's a trip you will never forget


Yeah okay, I tried to rhyme here...it didn't quite work out. I made this up on the spot whaha.

aah noo! I forgot my candy rolls!!

But what do you think? What you see here is a 'Thank you' card. This card is for a sweet Italian Lady in the States. I bought some pretty bracelets from her and we kept in contact even after the sell. We found out that we have a lot in common! She is such a sweet lady!

Well the bracelts are just simple with two charms. But each bracelet is in a specific theme. I have the baker, artist and writer theme. As you can guess...these are my main hobbies and the quality and details of the charms are really high. I'm so happy with them! For my sister, I got a bracelet with a Music theme. You can find more information on her website and her bracelets on Ebay, if you have the time just have look! She can also customize the bracelets. She did this for me with the writer theme.

Wanna see the bracelets?

1. Cooking theme. 2. Writers theme. 3. Artist theme.

Yes, you like it or you don't. I like it ^_^! Have to say in real life it's much nicer. The picture doesn't do it justice...not at all!

I usually just wear earrings and bracelets. I have lots of different earrings. And I don't buy the first one I see, it has to be kind of unique. Sometimes when I'm in the mood I wear a necklace or even a ring. I don't wear a lot of jewelry and I don't follow the trends that closely. I don't even know if there were any trends...*thinks* oh wait! Not to long ago it was quite the trend to wear big necklaces, with lots of beads. But...I can't recall other trends. Do you guys know? What do you wear as jewelry?

Till next time!!


  1. hey thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words, much appreciated!

    I was actually just looking at your blog - I love the eclectic nature of it, especially your cute drawings

    Will be back for more!

  2. This has got to be one of my favourite drawings of yours so far! LOL, all your drawings are super cute but the colours and the cup cake theme totally appeal to me. Muahaha!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drawings!

    The bracelets are very nice o.O!!

    I like jewelery alot actually, I find it weird if I go out without a piece of it. I usually opt for the simple ones, like a diamond ring or something. Nothing big and fancy. If it's not a ring, it's usually just some bangles.

  3. yes... your drawing is incredible, TJ!
    it reminds me of my dream-world, somehow.

    verrrry cool!

  4. I loved your poem! And the drawing--and again, TJ, I am struck by how talented you are!


  5. Thanks for the nice compliment on my Blog. I am still working on it I suppose. But enough of that. I really like your Blog. So many great creative ideas floating through it. Great stuff.

  6. Hey! Thanks for the kind words on my blog! :) I paint this in photoshop-- I use a fre different brushes to get that look. Usually a charcole, grungy, chalk like brush. Something with alot of texture. I play around with the opacity and the flow of the brush. I also use the default Airbrush opacity airflow brush..i turn down the flow of that one, and I paint details. Usually, I do that first, then I go over it with textures to hide all the "clean lines". I also use a canvas texture, which i place on a seperate later on top of everything I've one. I then swtich it to Multiply, and turn down the fill ..depending on what looks good! :)

    Hope that helps! Keep doing such great art! :) Very nice!

  7. @ Ken: Hey there! You're very welcome! Your illustrations are really cool! Haha yeah, I kind of jump through subjects. The only thing that's really consistent are my drawings. Thanks so much for stopping by! You're welcome anytime. Till next time!

    @ Hevn: Thaaank you sweetie ^_^! WOW! One of your favorite drawings!! How cool!! You know my mind was kind of blank when I painted this one hehehe. I just painted whahah and when I was finished I was like 'oh that came out pretty nice :|'. Oh! I'm working on a underwater drawing. But this one is kind of different, so it will take a while to finish :D.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I won't go outside without my earrings. That feels kind of weird haha. *hugs*

    @ Chuck: Oh wow! Your dreamland! But tell me, there are candy rolls there right? I mean, I forgot those -_-'. Candy rolls are fun to draw. Thanks for you lovely comment ^_^! XO

  8. @ Melinda: Hello Melinda! Thank you, thank you ^_^! The poem is made up on the spot haha. I don't write poems often, that's more my sisters department. But thank you for your sweet comment, as always.

    @ Frank: Haha thanks for stopping by! And you're very welcome! Whenever I catch a floating idea, story, it appears here...have to say I already caught a lot if it. Now I'm trying to capture some time hehe. Hope to see you again!! Ciao!

    @ Abz: WOW! You are really great! Thanks for posting such a detailed answer! I appreciate it a lot!! I use photoshop now, only for small editing and 'cleaning up' my drawings. But I'll definitely try this...will be an adventure whaha. Really many thanks & keep creating all those amazing illustrations of yours. Hope to see you again! Take care.


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