Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can you give me a new hairdo please?

Hair emergency or not...

Okay wait my hair doesn't really look like that. Perhaps if I brushed it and danced around or something. I always had long hair (not when I was a guys are just a bunch of smarty pants aren't you? hehe), but the structure has changed over time. When I was younger my hair was very curly and thick. Then when I grew up and the curls slightly went softer and it stayed like that for a while. Then I cut my hair in layers and *POEF* the curls were back again. Now, I keep my hair in layers; shorter in the front and long at the back. Luckily, my hair doesn't need that much maintenance, even though a lot of people think that. The only think is, that it never looks the same. One day it's curly and then the other day it's more straight and then the other day it's somewhere in between? Are you familiar with this?

Random fact about me: It's a funny thing...oh at least I think it's funny, perhaps you guys just look like this o_O. Well let me tell you, I got the question if I had hair extensions hehe...

Well I don't. I just wanted to clarify that ^_^.

Reader Crpitt (DO check out her blog! It's a funny and personal blog! Nicely written as well!) requested to see some hair styles. Well I did have a few sketches laying around and I drew some more. Let me say this, it's not a tutorial or something. I just show you how I draw different hairstyles. I think the most important thing, is that hair is drawn in a fluent motion. and not in straight lines. I can't post all of my's a bit too much. But I can show you some examples. Care to join me on a little tour? Here we go!

longer hairstyle

As you can see, I made the lines in a soft 'S' motion. Because hair moves freely (yes it does...unless you have cut it very short of used a huge amount of hairgel hehe).
My drawings aren't detailed enough to make several hair movement lines. But if you look at the highly detailed anime drawings, you see that the hair structure is very flowing, big, colorful and dramatic. This can apply for the girl and boy characters.
Also in my drawing I made the lines more round towards the back of the head (don't know for sure if there's a specific word for this). This is to create depth and the illusion that the drawing is more in 3d style. I mean a head is round (oval shaped, egg shaped...hmm I think those two are almost the same. But you get the picture right ;D?)

Oh I usually draw girls, but perhaps you already noticed this haha. So the hair styles I'm going to show you are all girlie hairdo's ^_^.

To your right we have a more curly hair creation. I uses short, like quick 'C' strokes to create the curls. Below you see the hair in two pigtails and with big bangs.

Oh sorry if the faces freak you out...not every drawing is complete. Remember these are just sketches. sometimes I just draw the eyes to see what kind of hair style I'm going to draw. When I'm focusing on one element. I just draw a couple of basic head shapes and start drawing whatever I'm focusing on. It's an easy way to get to know different drawing techniques.

Come on follow me...I'll show you a few more hair styles.

On your left, you have an 'in between' style. As you can see the upper is more slick and in place, while the bottom is more curly. It's kept in place with a bead of pearls on the side.

On your right, ladies and gents, you see a short bob styled hairdo (I love her eye, don't know why haha.)

On your left again (sorry, if you get neck cramps)
A simple ponytail. But hopefully you see in this drawing, that the lines are made a little upwards, so you create the effect that the hair is pulled back in a ponytail and that is not flat on the head. You see this in every drawing (I hope...). I think you can describe it as making lot's of 'C's or 'S's...or doesn't this make sense at all to you? Haha, you know I try to find a simple way to remember certain techniques so that it's easier for me to memorize it.

Another pair of hairstyles. For this you can just look straight ahead.

Two very elegant hairstyles. Yes, very elegant. The geisha is one that has been seen in an earlier post. If you like, you can have a look after this tour is done.

Another elegant hairdo is this one, to your right. And if you look forward again...

"Excuse me, dude in the back...
"stop drooling...please."

*A bodyguard came and took the dude away*

Yes, sorry about that. A minor disturbance. Let's continue. Where was I? Oh yeah, if you look forward, you see a soft flowing hairstyle. This leans a tiny bit more to the dramatic hairdo's that anime characters has, just a tiny bit.

Well I really hope you all like this little tour. The refreshments are on its way and stay tuned for some project updates ^_^!


PS.: aah this post became a bit long haha...hopefully you didn't fall asleep


  1. Okay I know I asked for hairdos, but wow!

    I am going to have to put in some serious practice :)

    Thanks for doing this, it will be a great help :)

  2. My hair's wavy, and yes, everyday it wont be the same too haha~
    I love your sketches, hair styles on chibis looks cute <33

  3. Muahahahaa, I love love the drawings!

    Some people are lucky that they get to do so much stuffs with their hair, I have only 2 options; oily and normal. I usually opt for normal...

  4. agh you make hair so pretty. i wish i had the money to buy wigs like all of your sketches and wear them according to outfit...

  5. @ Claire: Hahaha you're very welcome!! I'm really glad you like it!! I was wondering if it were good examples. Because I can't really explain how I draw them step by step. I I start doing that...well I mess up and the end result is something totally different. Just keep practicing and you'll get better!

    @ Bakkanekko: I agree! Chibi's are just kawaiiii haha. I think everything looks cute on them!

    @ Hevn: Thank you sweetie!!! I love the way the scanner made it look like it was made on canvas. Oh my hair is well, I'm not so sure...sometimes it a bit dry, then more oily and well...never normal haha.

    @ Lauren: Oh that would be very very cool! I would love to wear my hair like the geisha! But my hair is waay too heavy for this! Thanks for stopping by! *hugs*

  6. mesmerizing...
    the images you conjure.
    so clean and clear. vivid, yet soft.

    very nice, TJ!


  7. Great to see the new look to the blog :) Way to go! Keep posting!

  8. @ Chuck: Thank you so much ^_^!! have to say, that I love drawings like this the most. Soft linings, not quite finished, but still it feels like it tells a story. Have a nice day! XOXO!!

    @ Aree: Hi and welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Prakteek: Hello! Thank you, thank you :D! You'll see more posts...I'm kind of addicted to blogging haha. Till next time!

  9. TJ,
    Love your drawings!

    We're having a few guests talk about
    "THE KISS" this Friday. Would you be interested in drawing "THE KISS" or "A KISS" any way you'd like? We would put a link from our site to yours.

    We did this before where we defined "THE GIRLFRIEND" and then some people wrote in and defined "BOYFRIEND" and we posted them. Check out the previous posts on those two topics if this is confusing. We'd love to include you. And if not this time maybe another. We would need everything by Thursday morning.

    You can email us or respond here.
    Bring Back Pluto
    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  10. @ The Guys: Heey again! That is really cool that you want too include me! I'm honored! I'll get sketching and make sure you get this by Thursday morning! Thanks for stopping by!!

  11. Hello,
    Don't worry, your French is good!
    I appreciate your work!
    Thanks for your visit !

  12. he he, funny post... I am so familiar with curls... that´s why I choose encaracolada and I can´t change my hairdo too but it gives some advantages, no loose of time and wild look! have a nice week

  13. @ PBRN: Merci! Thanks for stopping by! Nice to know you! Till next time!

    @ Encaracolada: Thank you very much ^_^! Haha yeah curly hair has a life of its own indeed! Have a nice week yourself and you are welcome anytime! Take care.


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