Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PC fights, flying papers & lost pencils

So yeah, the last few weeks...

Where did I put it?!

Yes this sentence seemed to be the slogan of the last few weeks. I had major problems with my laptop and besides that....I also had some trouble with my drawing material...more specific, my pencils. I seemed to misplace each and everyone of them! I think I ran around the house dozens of times, because once again, I misplaced stuff. You might start to wonder, why I didn't grab another one...well the thing is that I have a few favorite pencils and I have a pencil case where I keep them, so if I lose the pencil case...I lose them all =_=''...

There are a few pencils that simply work great every time you use them or at least in my mind my drawings come out more fluently (oh the limits I place upon myself....). I have several made of Chinese newspaper, no specific brand and these work simply perfect. I think everyone has their own favorite brand/type off pencils. But I misplaced mine...aah the horror! I turned everything upside down. I ran up and down the stairs, I even searched in the garden, even though I knew for sure that I didn't went there, but I just had too look and to stripe 'the garden' from my mental 'where to look' list. It was a typical ‘tear the place apart’ scene, flying papers, feathers, pillows, you know the works. And then finally, I find it in a place that simply placed question marks above my head. I mean, how can it end up between the couch? I mean I work in my room at my desk or at the diner table...not the couch! Honestly, how does it come that when you lose something you find it in the strangest of places?! You have no memory of it whatsoever…it really feels like I have a blank spot in my mind…if this is the case then my mind is full of gapes…because I tend to misplace quite a lot these days ^_^’.

But back to my favorite brand. That is Sakura. I have the Pigma Sensei set for drawing Manga.

you see...my enemy...my laptop...

I love these!!! They are really great! Slide easily over the paper and doesn’t stop when you use it over pencil lines and more importantly it doesn’t fade when you erase the pencil lines (do you guys hear a commercial tune?). I also have two Pigma Micron fine liners, size 02 & 08. Also very good and great for details. These are the pens/fine liners I use at the moment. What are the brands you guys use?

But about drawing I have made several sketches again as you can see. I’m really in a sketching phase right now, because I need to divide my time between lots of things now, so I don’t have a lot of time to work it all out. But I do need to get all these images out of my head haha and I will work them out eventually though, don’t worry! So my drawings will consist mostly of pencils or fine liners, perhaps a touch of color here and there as reference.
You know what's fun to draw? Chibi Geisha's. Have a look at a few sketches below, they are so cute ^_^!
I'm thinking of giving her an umbrella...

I love cherry blossoms. The soft pink/white colors of the petals are beautiful!

I like the first one ^_^

I think, I will turn these geisha's into cards. They would look great for invitations if you have a themed (birthday) party!

Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

Talk to you guys later!


  1. I do exactly the same thing all the time! I put down my fine liners and there there one minute and there nowhere! That or I've left the cap off my 0.05 or 0.1 for a minute and it's dried out :(

    (You asked what brand, I tend to use three, Faber-Castell, Rotring and Staedtler but it depends on what I can get. I like them all but Staedtler are probably my go too pen - they seem to last best.)

    Love your drawing of the Geisha by the way, she's so cute. I love the blossom keeping her hair pinned.

    Em x

  2. Lol! It's okay, I misplace my art supplies too sometimes, I can't find them until I bought the new one D: horrible! lol

    I like the first sketch btw, so cute~ <33


  3. Hi Tj. How r u?
    Hope u're doing so fine there.
    This is my 1st time visiting your blog. And perhaps there will be the next visit to ur blog..

  4. thank 4 dropping by^^..btw ur drawings so cute..i love somethin called chibi ^^

  5. Hi TJ, Thks for visiting my blog. Looking at your sketch of the geisha girl, I am sure that the card will turn out nice. Nice blog!
    I am adding your link to my blog list. Cheers!

  6. @ Emily: Luckily I'm not the only one haha. Thank you for your compliment! I also like her hair ^_^. I also used Staedtler! Very good pens indeed! But for now I stick with Pigma Sakura ^_^. Hope to see you again.

    @ Bakkanekko: Haha how often did you have to buy new pencils/pens? Aah I have that too...if I really can't find my pencils and I finally give up the search and buy new...they magically reappear again...you know I think the pens are teasing me...-_-''

    @ Talkinghammie: Hi there, I'm doing fine! How are you? You're welcome for visiting your blog! Hoep to see you again!

    @ Chibi: Thanks for dropping by too! Chibi's are so kawaii ^_^

    @ Pete: You're very welcome! I hope it will turn out nice too ^_^! I will post it as soon as it is finished. Thanks for adding me! Hope to see you again!

  7. @TJ LOL! Not sure, and OMG YEAH! That's what happens to me too! It'll reappear after we buy the new one O.O it's annoying when we need them lol xDD

  8. Hi TJ,
    Thx 4 d add.
    BTW, this scenario happens to all especially when they're extremely busy & doing things in rush.

    When work is done in such speed, there's a tendency to keep the things that we are working on elsewhere when we stop to do other things that are also pressing.

    Most of the time, we don't have a presence of mind as to where we put these things & we go on searching for it for aeons.

    Relax, everyone gone through this process. It's part of life.

  9. whatsmyname0594@aim.comJuly 15, 2009 at 8:33 AM

    You are a really talented drawer. I have been wanting to draw for a long time now. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you? I guess I will just have to subscribe and find out more. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Tj, what lovely sketches you make!

  11. @ Bakannekko: LOL! ;D

    @ Mystique Earth: You're welcome for the add. It's true that it is a common process and that it is part of life. But for some reason, whenever these situations occur, you feel like you are the only one and there is especially that feeling that someone would be smarter in a similar situation. I guess it's human nature ^_^. But thank you for your comment, hope to see you again!

    @ Whatsmyname0594: Oh that's so sweet to say! Even though I think you never stop learning, I would be very happy to give tips of what I know now! I think you should give it a try, especially if you still have this feeling that you should draw! Just go for it and who know what will happen ^_^. I would love to see them!

    @ Haiko: Thank you so much :D!


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