Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lost in the World of Communication...

Hello Hello!!!

Finally a blog again! It took me a while though, I wanted to post this yesterday, but I had to make a few pictures, but the lightning sucked in the evening, so I'm doing it today *yeeey*
Okay yesterday was a typical 'what was I doing again?' day. Every time I started something my mind drifted away and I realized that I was doing something totally different. The ones who read my profile a bit more careful, know that I'm working on my thesis *tries to hold back the fear to run away...* You see! There it almost happened again!

But yeah, I wanted to organize my folders, because while I search for information I always save other articles, publications for future use. So when I was working on the key elements of my thesis, I saved a lot of other stuff while I was searching through databases, the web...really you had to see all the files...and yes I cleaned it all up. I'm quite proud at myself, because when I clean things up from my PC I always have this vague voice at the back of my mind in a high pitched singy voice *Perhaps you can use it...who knows...*. I also have this when I try to clean my room and I have lots of school papers. I know that I have everything on CD as backup, but still too throw all that paper away...I find that very hard to do -_-'

Decisions, decisions...

But yeah, there I was cleaning up my files, ignoring that tiny voice and only kept the information I needed. That should have taken me less than an hour to do so....it took me more than 3 hours o_O. I mean like, I'm not kidding here...it took me three hours to clean up my files. You want to know what I did? Well actually, I don't really want to say it....okay please don't laugh or anything...*looks around if nobody else is listening*...okay ehm...I was on Facebook, Twitter and MSN...all at the same time *ashamed*...
I didn't even had a Twitter account...but I was too curious and too bored, so I made one. And you don't have to do a thing! People are following you out of nowhere. Really the strangest thing haha. yeah...seriously you can sleep and people will follow...

So yeah Twitter....for me it really feels like a big chatroom. Everyone is yelling, whispering, screaming something and if you reply...chances are very high you won't get something back. I thought it was a way to communicate with each other and not a place where you just spill your thoughts or URL's and not really caring if someone says something back. Perhaps its more a tool to follow 'celebrities' and stay up to date. But I missed the interaction with others on that site. This doesn't go for the ones who did say something back though! Very nice to have had a few conversations via Twitter. (You don't know, if they read this hehe). But this is just my perspective ^_^. How about you? You have a twitter account? Or even considered making one?

But I shall continue my story. Where was I? Oh yeah! I also reacted on status updates on Facebook, something I never do. I mean I like Facebook, but till a certain level. I have a lot of friends abroad, so it's easy to stay in touch. I got to know that a fellow student was also familiar with doing non-school related things and was stalking Facebook, just like me ^_^ (he also had to work on his thesis). And the worst part was after a large conversation by exchanging comments (One reaction on a status update, can lead to many other reactions...), I wanted to work further and he asked me a serious question! I mean I was like: Wow! A serious question! How can I not answer that, serious questions can't be ignored, so I wrote him an email ^_^. Oh yeah and I stalked people on MSN, something I usually do actually hehe, nothing new there. But today it seemed worse than ever...*sighs*

So slowly I found my way out again, but man! it was quite strange and the day flew by. I did managed to work on a few pieces of my thesis though, so I didn't waste my time entirely...

Oh yeah yesterday, my cousin and niece stopped by and later a neighbour came by and we were all drawing. Well, I was more like the teacher and helped them if they needed help. But it was quite difficult to give them all attention, especially if they all asked a question...at the same time.

Aah who to help first??

Who to help first?! I was running around..trying to help them as good as I can...and I have a problem explaining how to draw something, since I just draw and don't really think about it haha. Somewhere in between my mom decided to tell a story about *thinks* Omg I can't even remember what...*the shame*....please don't tell my mom about that okay...

But it was a lot of fun *getting a creative vibe again*. My cousin even decided to make a blog ^_^. (blogging is contagious!!). His name is Shaquille and also likes to draw. So if you would pay him a visit and perhaps leave a comment, I (and he also ofcourse ^_^) would be very happy.

But yeah I was lost in the world of communication...too much communication means tends to mess up my brains I guess...who is familiar with this? Please tell me I'm not the only one....pretty please...

Hmm perhaps the ones who read my blog, noticed that my style leans towards anime....I will tell in my next blog more about this ^_^! For now, I think I will make a few more sketches again haha.

Till next time!!

Note: Please bear with me...the sketches above were made very very quickly...but I wanted to capture a few moments, so hope you still like them ^_^.


  1. TJ, it's me Shaquille great great draws, and see ya later! ^.^

  2. Nice work cleaning up your files! I'm actually impressed that it only took three hours :). I think the internet probably could have sucked you in even more!! Cute sketches - all together they remind me of a comic strip :)

  3. Awh~ you become a teacher to those children! xDDD cute~~ and I like the idea of blogging and drawing them at the same time like you do here. :)
    The first sketch remind me of harvest moon game~ <33 chibiiiissss are love~

  4. @ S.J.: Thank you ^_^!! Love your drawings too! When will you post the next one?

    @ Monica: Haha thank you for your compliment! Oeh a comic would be nice! I usually have a small story inmy mind when I draw them! I have a bunch more, so stay tuned! Yeah when I look back, I think I was stressing a bit too much...3 hours isn't that long. But it did mess up my day planning haha. Ah well, it musn't become a habit.

    @ Bakkanekko: Aah harvest moon! I loved that game! Haven't played it in while though...but yeah a teacher...I'm not so sure if I could handle it on a daily basis haha. But it was a lot of fun!


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