Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Wedding card...coming up!

Hey guys!

Aarghh...I thought that I already posted this blog...turns out that something went horrible, horrible wrong...I forgot to plug in my adapter for my laptop hehe....sooo suddenly all I saw was darkness and I could almost hear a sad tune on the background....byebyee nicely made blog...

@ Hevn: very sorry! The idea was to upload this new blog when I replied all comments, soo then you would have seen the final result. Haha I bet my comment didn't make much sense did it? *Hmm where's TJ's blog then? I was supposed to see the final result -_-'...* To all other readers, who don't know her blog...please check it out! She writes really cool!
How are you all doing? Sorry it has been a while since my last post…had big fights with my PC and my thesis took up a lot of time. And usually at the end of the day I was too exhausted to do anything else. Very annoying and the thing is that these fights or sudden workloads usually happen when I want to do a lot of other things....Don’t you guys hate it when that happens? Anyway, everything seems to be fine now (little bro fixed it ^_^) and I placed on my wishing list to buy a new PC/laptop. Yeah…that can take a while though...

So what’s new? Well, besides troubles with my PC (I’m giving it a stern look right now, can’t do anything more though…what if it gets offended and stops working again!?) I finished my card!! Woohoo! It’s finished and given away!! Yes the wedding was last Friday and I made a small picture show for you guys so you can see how it eventually turned out. But first a bit about the wedding day itself. It really was a beautiful, they both looked very handsome in their suits and I have to was like a normal wedding, only instead of a bride and a groom, you had two grooms hehe. And it was a day filled with happiness and love from everyone who came. I was really happy for them! And funny thing! I already saw the suit of one groom, because I met them a week before the wedding and they just bought his suit. It was dark grey, so I decided to give him in the illustration a dark grey suit, it only make sense right?! Well, I didn't know the color of the other suit and I couldn't come up with a reason why I it would be nessecary for me to know the color of his suit...I would only make him suspicios. So to avoid all of that, I gave him a dark blue suit. And you know what! He wore a dark blue suit and his hair in the same way I drew him!! I felt so in touch with my psychic abilities haha ;) *floats on a cloud*

But lets have a look at the pictures! First I made the card with a wedding cake, two glasses champagne and a champagne bottle. But still I didn’t get the right vibe from the drawing. Wanna see?

Well, yeah, not sure if you can see what I mean, but something wasn't right. I made several sketches and in the end I decided to leave the cake out of the drawing. I think it was just a bit too much. So I was left with the couple, champagne glasses and a champagne bottle and finally I was happy with the final sketch, so I drew the lines with a waterproof marker and gave the first watercolor wash.
Then I gave the drawing a second wash. Just to intensify the colors a bit. You know I always have the idea that a drawing looks childish or...I don't know...not quite right when I color them. Perhaps it's because I like rough sketching more than colored pieces, at least not colored by myself...there are many other illustartors/artists who are magicians with coloring. But okay, I was quite happy with the watercolor, I just wanted to give a touch of color. When it all dried up, I gave it a touch of gold here and there and then I assembeld the card. See the final result *drums*....

Tadaaaa! Well? What do you think? I have these really cool gellyroll pens 'Gold Shadow' from Sakura. I used this to give it a subtle touch. The inside of the card I wrote an inscription for them and not a whole story with how happy I was for them...I wrote that in a seperate letter hehe. But the inside looked like this:

The two rings you see as a watermark is from the back. There I drew two intertwining rings and colored it in with a gellyroll pen. These pens ink very fluent and the end result was pretty cool! Around the rings I wrote their names and the date of their wedding. The back looked like this:

Soo do you like it so far? here you can see the card in its full glory.....

After this I wrote a separate letter, inserted some goodies for them and placed it all in a fancy envelope and tied a ribbon around it...and yeah I forgot to make a picture of the final FINAL result....please forgive me ^_^"....

I hope you like it. I will tell you about my other projects in my next blog, which will be posted tomorrow, I hope...

Write you later!


  1. Thank you for the comment, it's nice to know people are enjoying my work. If you like what you're reading, be sure to pass it along to others, as I'm working on getting more readers for my blog.
    I like the illustrations you've got going here, and you're doing them, it seems, for all the best reasons! Art is at its best when it's made to be given away.
    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks for your nice comment! Made me happy! I was looking for the 'follow' button on your site, it's much easier to stay up to date if you place a new blog, but you don't seem to have least not yet haha ^_^. Hope to hear from you soon! Take care, TJ


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