Thursday, December 17, 2009

My desk, a Natural Mess.

This is one for you Claire!!*does a dramatic gesture, just like a singer who is about to perform a super cool song* and of course for everyone else who wondered where I draw...but maybe Claire was the only one...

Well I'm not going to sing, but I will give you a sneak peek at my drawing area ^_^. I don't have a fancy drawing desk is filled with a small collection of books, my drawing stuff and my school stuff. As you can see below (maybe a good idea, to click on the pictures):

Tadaa!! I give you my word, that it normally looks kinda like this.
Really. Not kidding.

I do like the color in my room. Really bright even in the darkest of days (Okay well, almost, I do need to switch on the light when it gets too dark...). I hand painted the large walls in my room (it is the attic)... When we just moved, me and my dad first placed a structure paste on both walls. My dad just smacked it on and I had a small 'shovel' and I brought more structure in it. After this, it was time to paint! The color, terracotta, is a warm orange color with a subtle golden undertone. I love this color. When the sun shines on it, you see tiny pecks of gold. Very lovely!

Too bad you can't see the subtle golden element of this paint...
but you can see a bit of structure.

Okay on to what you can see on the pictures! I have two wooden drawing models, I call them Jack and Jack jr....they like to act dramatic and jump in the air. A few of my brushes are in my "Ireland" mug ^_^. My 'Starbucks' mug holds a lot of pens. Funny thing, I can never find a pen when I need one, but I always forget I have a mug full with pens in my room -_-. Also you can see the watercolors I use and several mediums for watercolors (which I sometimes use). I have two wooden boxes where I keep more pencils and brushes, but since I only have one workspace, I have to clean everything up, otherwise...I can't work for my thesis. The temptation to draw the whole day would be too big! So I clean most of my stuff up.
Oh the books you saw in the first picture; well I have my cook books, drawing books and fiction books all together. As you can see, lots of 'chick lits', these are for my studies at how all these writers, write their stories. One of my own projects is a chick lit. So I want to see what styles other writers use and they are fun too read ^_^.

So I hope you like this tiny sneak peak of a part of my room haha. Oh! Another thing. It snowed today! I made pictures, just to show you guys some proof, but I forgot the cable to transfer the pictures to my laptop...yes. I'm so smart sometimes. I will show it you next time. I really hoped that we would have snow on Christmas...but the weatherdude already said that the temperatures will rise next week -_-'...seriously!

Just a random doodle...
I just brushed some water on paper and drew this with a watercolor pencil
blue, red and purple.

Take care!


  1. You just confirmed my belief that every artist has one of those wooden person thingy statues on their desk lol

    You're very organized, I wish I could be that neat.

  2. Wow your desk is much neater than mine. I love to see where people work. thanks for posting these.

  3. And you call that a mess? I should post a picture of my cubicle or my lab bench, then you'll know what mess is! jajajajajaaja

  4. I agree with Deray, you call that a mess?? lol! I should post mine too so you know what's a real mess! lol! XD
    I like your walllsssss so much!
    Oh! And I think we got the same varnish spray, I guess lol. And yeah, I got that little mannequin too! xD
    You have so many brushes! Man I LOVE them, I want to touch them lol~XD

  5. @ Sensico: Hahaha yes I also think most artists have those wooden statues on their desk or in somewhere in their room. Maybe they don't use it...but it looks very artsy haha!

    Hmm maybe my desk looks kinda clean and organized...but I can assure you that my brains are not hehe. Ciao!

    @ Justin R.: Heey Justing! You're very welcome! I would love to see your workspace too! Maybe in the future we can have a sneak peek at your drawing area ^_^? Take care!

    @ Deray: Hahaha! I would love to see your workplace :D!! I have to say, that it looks pretty clean on the pictures. Maybe I shouldn't have cleaned up my school stuff before I made the pictures haha! *waves*

    @ Bakkanekko: Heey there! Hope you're feeling better! Do post yours too! I would love to see them ^_^! Haha we have the same varnish spray! How cool! Hahaha I like my brushes too...I do need to get a bunch more though. I ruined a few when I used a texture medium and the bristles are kinda rough now. But when you have the yours too ^_^!!! Take care!! *hugs*

    @ Everyone: Hahahah! You guys are funny! I should post a picture when I'm actually working on my drawings ^_^! You know, I do think the pictures magically gave a clean and organized image of my desk....thanks everyone for strolling by!! r

  6. TJ,
    I love getting a little peak into your life. Very fun.

    Hope you're doing well and enjoying this time of year.

    We're supposed to get a foot of snow today. My kids will be psyched, but I'm bummed.

    Take care!

  7. I have that little Winsor and Newton pocket set. Time I used it!!!=)

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  9. I am no longer surprised at this point of your great artistic qualities. Each time i check my blogger dashboard i just say let me see TJ Lubrano again Demonstrate The Power Of Positive Thinking in her and the imaginative qualities of a good artist! Its another Blog of the Best!

  10. @ One of the Guys: Hello hello!! Glad you liked it! I'm doing good, preparing for the busy days around the holidays, so I'm finishing a couple of projects and a piece for my thesis ^_^.

    Oh it's snowing non-stop here! I really didn't expect this! I couldn't get the door open to our garden! So...I'm really curious how the weather will be around Christmas! I will post a few pictures in my next post ^_^. Take care!! Ciao!

    @ Elizabeth Braun: Hahaha! I love that pocket set! You can create almost every color and the quality of the paint is really good! But a big welcome to you on my blog and thanks for stopping by ^_^! Take care.

    @ Ocheja Patrick: Hey Patrick! Thanks for stopping by and your very very sweet comment! I'm very humbled by your words! I still have a lot too learn, but I'm happy you like the stuff on my blog, but I do hope that the element of surprise in my work is still there in my future posts haha! Take care

  11. Surely this is a desk that an artist sits at lol! I got dome paintbrushes sitting in a jar of water on my desk for days lol! stauff all over the place. love the snowman! take care!

  12. @ Mystery Artist: Hey again! Haha yes, have to say, that it usually is a bit more messier heheh ^_^. I wish I had more space to keep all my drawing stuff out on my desk haha! But I guess it is for the best...and also for my mom's health. She would panic at the sight of my room haha. Thanks for rolling by!! Take care and Happy Holidays!!

  13. @ Karl Lopez: Hey there! Thank you ^_^! Happy Holidays!

  14. I have a Wacom Intous pad. You should check them out.

  15. @ Theresa111: Hello! I got a Wacom Bamboo pad. I looked at the Intuos tablets, but they were a bit too pricey for me ^_^. Maybe in the near future!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Take care

  16. Wow! your study table n room is so beautiful. Your table is indeed very neat and well-arranged. Mine is a complete mess.

  17. @ Shas: Hahaha I can assure you that my desk is usually a lot messier, but for some reason it looks neat on the pictures...;D. But thank you so much!!

  18. I knew I had read this post in my feed reader, but I only replied to it in my mind lol!

    I have no wooden men dudes! I need to get one immediately (or two).

    Erm I mean after I have got all the boring college stuff done, so I can actually enjoy doodling guilt free!

    I love your workspace, but how wonderful it would be to have a space that you could make a mess in and not have to tidy to make room for thesis stuff! Maybe one day for the both of us.

  19. @ Claire: Hahaha! Don't worry! I always read the posts in Google reader and when I don't have the time to comment immediately...I promise myself that I will do it later on...only I forget it most of the time *sigh*

    Glad you liked it! Yes! You gotta have a wooden men dude! I like that name :D. I got the little one in a drawing kit.

    *bubbles popping* I really look forward to the time where I can draw without having school stuff in my mind! It would be so wonderful to be able to make an artistic mess! Man! It can be really annoying sometimes, because I put it all away in boxes and I place books on top, so I have to take it all off again and when I search in a box...I realize that I placed it somewhere else -_-''.

    Ah well, I know that in the near future we both gonna have an large artistic messy room ^_^!

  20. Snowing! Our poor TJ! But I love seeing where you work and I totally love the doodle you showed us. It's a bit abstract and really interesting. Stay warm, sweet friend. xoxox

    1. Ciaoo Sweet Cher!! Ohh it's not snowing now, thank goodness. haha. I'm so happy you love this doodle. Eyes are the one thing I just looove to experiment with. Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of xoxoxox!


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