Monday, December 14, 2009

Just a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Hey again!

Yes. I will keep my font just the way I always did it. I did thought that it was too small, but I posted the previous post anyway. And I left the question at you guys hehe. Have to tell you, that I already had this vision in mind of all the readers grabbing a magnifying glass...squinting their eyes to read what I had written. Oh! But it would be good if I hide a treasure between the lines and to make it a bit more difficult, I made the font smaller...*thinks* maybe this is something for a future post. We shall see ^_^!

I thought it would be nice to share some stuff I did the last few weeks. Not everything, if I did that, then this post would get way too long, but I will show you a few with each post! Let's start! I made an drawing for a children poem for One of the Guys. A lovely, but sad poem about how you can miss the ones that already left this world. The poem is called Grandpa & Holidays and is accompanied by this drawing:
I like the sad eyes

Soo what else have I done? Oh yeah! I made a quick drawing for the organization Milieunet. Maybe you guys know that there is a conference in Copenhagen about global warming, COP15. I got inspired to do the little doodle below, when I read a piece in the newspaper (yes...I do read the newspaper...every now and then...). I thought with the global warming and cool would it be if the conference opened with candles and that the panel are just sitting there. But! what I actually wanted to say is this. I got an email back from Mr. Erik and he said that there was an event where candles are lit for people whose lives are endangered by the global warming. Well I didn't know this at I thought this coincidence was really cool! The event is called, "Tck Tck Tck: Time for Climate Justice".

Just sitting in the dark...can be a lot of fun!

(actually I just want to say that I have hidden case you didn't realized this...^_^)

Oh! I'm working on a different drawing style. One I already could do, but I never really showed you guys. The chibi's just took over this blog haha. Don't worry, I shall announce it to you when I post something in a different drawing style...not that you think..."Heey...I thought this was TJ's blog..."

Oh random ramble! Wait, I wonder how random a ramble can be since a normal ramble already consists out of well rambling...either way! A couple of you know, that I love anime. So I was about to watch an episode and I was already watching for like 5 minutes...when I realized that there weren't any subtitles...and I knew exactly what was going on. Okay okay, this is also due to the fact that I know the story line and I do know a few words in Japanese, but I guess you unconsciously can understand more than you might think! But I didn't found out if this was the case for me. For some reason I thought that if I watched it further, knowing that there weren't any subtitles...well I wouldn't have understand a word what they were saying -_-'.

Before I go...another old sketch I found in my sketchbook. I tried to draw something of Kei Acedera ^_^. Love LOVE her work!

Hope you liked it and stay tuned for other stuff!



  1. It's always fun to see what you're up to. I end up feeling happier just for looking at it. :)

  2. @ Jenn T.: Hello! Haha how cool! Yes, I can talk more and more about what I'm up to...I think I can create a series from it! But sometimes I do wonder if it is all that interesting...Oh and I'm really happy too hear that you're feeling happier after looking at it haha! Mission accomplished ^_^!!

    Thanks for rolling by!! Ciao *Waves*

  3. These drawings are cool, I especially like the last one. Can't wait to see what other style of drawing you're going to show!

    Remember to keep your hidden power a secret next time. If anime is any indicator, having a hidden power comes with evil bad guys that turn into monsters with cool futuristic weapons :)

  4. @ Sensico: Heey again! Thank you, thank you ^_^! Yeah I like the last one too, but I have a weak for pencil drawings. Usually when I make my drawings I scan the pencil drawing in or I redraw it all on a different paper. I love too see all the lines and shading ^_^. Haha stay tuned for the other style of drawing!

    Yes *looks around* I try to keep my powers hidden, but it can be quite difficult! Especially around this time of the year. But I do my best! Maybe you can help me out every now and then?


  5. After reading a lot of demotivating stuff today, I am glad I found some positive vibes here. Although the picture for the poem is also a sad one. But the cuddliness is there, too, so I am happy again :) It reminds of this afternoon when I was in a café, which was also visited by a grandma and her tiny grandchild mouse, 1 year old with very round baby cheeks and puppy eyes (o.o) eating a lot of baby-nourishment.

    The other pic is nice also :-) But the things going on in copenhagen are ... terrible. As expected, but terrible.

    Anyways, do you think the kid at pic 1 has some candy left over for me? :-)

  6. Why of course I'll help you out now and then. Of course if any bad anime looking guys try to attack, I'll be under the desk ^.^

  7. @ Filtertyp: Aww thank you so much! I'm glad that the stuff I write/draw makes you feel a bit better ^_^!

    Hahaha babies are so cute! They can just stare at you with they big eyes and suddenly a smile comes across their face. When that happens I'm just so happy! Or...they can start crying hehehe. But usually they smile ^_^!

    And yes. The stuff going on at the Copenhagen Conference are just...I don't have the right word for it. Just a bunch of big talk to me...the world needs action, not a bunch of big words -_-''.

    Oh I'm sure he has some candy left! He is very sweet and happy too share ^_^! Take care!

    @ Sensico: Why thank you will hide under the desk o_O?? But how is that helping me out in a tough situation? Oh oh I know! You need time to prepare your attack! Okay in that case it's good ^_^! Woohoo let the battle begin! Just a sec...I will grab my cape...

  8. Ik zag dat je ook een comment had achtergelaten bij Sherm "CartoonSnap" Cohen! Zeer leerzame blog is dat, ik heb zijn DVD ook gekocht!

  9. @ David: Jaa hij is echt zo goed! Door alleen al te kijken naar zijn plaatjes, raak ik gemotiveerd om nog meer te tekenen en technieken onder de knie te krijgen! Zijn verhaal over hoe hij een illustrator is geworden was ook heel interessant! Ik zat er ook over na te denken om zijn DVD te halen haha ^_^!

  10. TJ--I just love all these new drawings! I really like the new header drawing you have in honor of the Holidays and really smiled when I saw your other Holiday illustrations also. I also loved the tribute sketches to Kei Acedera--just lovely! You really are so talented.


  11. You had a real busy time. always enjoy every post you place on this blog. love the global warming doodle. We really need to make others aware of this fact. keep up the good art TJ.

  12. @ Melinda: Hello Melinda!! Aww thanks so much! I just showed a few that I did the last couple of weeks. I still have a few left and a bunch in the making haha! I just have so many ideas. I wish I could just freeze time for a while and just draw until I have a sketch of the majority of my ideas. Oh and that I can type my stories further too! I'm always happy when you stroll by! Till next time! Ciao!

    @ Mystery Artist: Heey there! Man, it's still quite hectic, but now also because of the upcoming holidays! Thanks so much for always checking out my blog! I really appreciate it! And yes, global warming is a very serious matter, I do hope some good will come out of the COP15. We just have to wait and see! I wish you all the luck with your search for new art!! Take care!

  13. Sometime i try to figure out what gives you this creativity you talk about-little wonder i found 'Em hidden here! Complete artistic designs which really gave me a clear cut of your message! Keep it UP!

  14. Thanks TJ for the link and mention!

    So is that drawing inspired by Kei Acedera part of your new style? I'm eager to see some of your new stuff.

    Of course I love your current stuff too!

  15. @ Ocheja Patrick: Hey! Thanks for your lovely words!! Really really sweet of you to say and I'm happy you like the stuff that I post here ^_^! I do my best! Take care!!

    @ One of the Guys: Hey! You're very very welcome! Well...the new drawing style..I think it is a mix of different styles. I'm not sure haha. But stay tuned! I do hope you all like it ^_^. Thanks so much for always stopping by :D! Ciao!!

  16. Ahhh~

    I'm still loving your drawings Tj, Keep it up!

  17. @ Hevn: Haha thanks so much Bella ^_^!!! You'll let me know if I post something and you think 'What the...what is TJ doing now 0_0?!?!" heheheh. Ciao Xoxo!


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