Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Small ramble (rant?) and a Happy Birthday!

The holidays are on their way! Yes you can't avoid will be here before you know it! People are in a holiday mood (I'm sort of in a holiday mood...), decorations are dusted off and arranged around the house. So, I thought it would be nice to change my header in a 'wintery' theme! What do you think? It's a simple drawing this time.

So yeah, it has been more than a week since I posted. I've been busy with a lot of school work and drawing ideas and commissions also I'm searching for a job and I had a few interviews but there is always something just not right, so I'm still searching. In other words; My days are long and I don't sleep that much. Normally I can function quite normal
(hey who laughed...-_-') with a few hours sleep, because I can feel even more tired when I sleep more than 8 hours. Yes very annoying, because after a few days of working a lot and sleeping kinda breaks me and I need to catch up on sleep.

I know, I know, not the best way to handle things, but I have so much to do lately that I can't sleep anyway. So I better stay up to draw it all or type it all. Better use those hours instead of laying awake looking like this o_o...

But the fun part is this: I want to pas my
(this time belated) birthday wishes again to Lady Jenn from Cabbages and Kings! Her birthday was last week and I found out a bit too late that it was her birthday. But I wanted to make a quick illustration for her anyway. You wanna know why? Even if you didn't, I will tell you anyway hehe. She inspires me to think even more outside the box than I already do haha! Her post are witty, funny and and...well she is just a great storyteller ^_^!

Lady Jenn was about to go on a wordy trip
That would be filled with adventure, stories and laughter.
With a matching purse and hat and also a cape slung around her back,
she walked towards the door and she knew that she could write another folklore.

Before she could walk away, she was held back by good friend and King Cabbage.
He was frantically jumping around when he told her this little message:
Happy Happy Birthday My Dear Jenn.
May your life be filled with lots of Love, Luck and Zen!

Yes, I think King Cabbage threw the 'Zen' part in, because he couldn't find another word that rhymed with Jenn...^_^. Hope you like the doodle!

Take care & till next time everyone!

PS: Oh yeah! Thanks Nathan for giving me the Best Blog Award!! Do check out his blog if you have the time. Lots of animal facts are being told. Sometimes you can be amazed! Ciao!

PS 2:
Do you like this size of the font better than what I normally have?


  1. Awww... TJ, it's just adorable! Thank you! My cabbage king has never looked handsomer-- and I love my outfit-- very elegant! With your permission, I would like to add the image to my News page, as I think folks will greatly get a kick out of seeing your sweet, cheerful work. :)

  2. Hello, you got a cute site and style :D /hug

    I like your cuddly drawings, I could hug all of them lol

    Okies, have a nice day and good luck with jobs and your study.

  3. Hi there!!
    I am so lazy with holidays... I feel like this every year but then... I have fun. It is because it breaks my rythm and I would like to choose when to break it. Congrats for your new header (I wish some snow here)and your birthday one is also cute.

    Take it easy and try to sleep. Too much work kills!!
    Big Hugs

  4. Hey TJ, love the winter header!!! and, of course the birthday card for Jenn is lovely.

    I personally think that your font is too small though :( Have a good rest of the week ;)

  5. You must have lots of sleep so you can blog more! Hope you find a job soon, have you tried asking your professors for a position?

    Congrats on your blogging award, read through some of your posts and I can say you definitely deserve it *^_^*

  6. @ Jenn T.: Helloo! Yay!! I'm glad you liked it! I do like the outfit as well! So classy and I love the colors ^_^. Oh of course you can take the doodle! I made it for you! *waves*

    @ Tinytec: Hello and welcome! Haha! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I think the doodles would like to be hugged! So hug away!! Have a lovely day and hope to see you again! Take care!!

    @ Encaracolada: Heeey! It's true indeed! With all the holidays going on and the festive are tend to do stuff you wouldn't normally do and you spend time on a bunch of other things. It can be good to put your mind on too other stuff!

    I try to take more breaks and sleep more! Thanks so much :D!! *big hugs* Ciao

    @ Deray! Hey Deray!! Thank you, thank you! I'm with you on the font being too small. I think I will use my normal font in the next post! Have a lovely week too...or what is left of it haha! Ciao!

    @ Sensico: Haha! I will try! I do have too much sketches & doodles to show you guys ^_^! And of course I will have my occasional rambling hehe. I already searched the around at my school, but no luck. So I just continue to search further and of course the commissions take a lot of time. It would be awesome to just draw and illustrate for a living...but I have a lot to learn still! But I do have a few ideas for the future :D!

    But thank you for strolling by!!! I really appreciate it and also I'm glad you liked what you've read so far ^_^. I truly just write down what I think sometimes! Take care!

  7. Belated B'day wishes to ur friend.
    This header is good goes well with the Christmas season. Enjoy ur holidays!!! :)

  8. @ Shas: Hey Shas!! Yeah, I thought it would be nice to change the header for the Winter ^_^! You to have lots of fun! Take care!!

  9. TJ- Ah, thank you-- I've added the doodle and poem to my news section here, so other folks can get a kick out of it, too.

    I liked how someone above described your art as "cuddly." That's a good word for it. I think you could do well with toy design. :)

  10. @ Jenn: Oh how cool! I just saw it! You're so sweet ^_^!

    Haha! Cuddly! Yes, it does describe my doodles really well! I never thought of it like that though. Cuddly doodles haha! Oh toy designing! Now that would be cool :D!!

  11. Hi TJ,
    Your new header image is really cool. The right image for the occasion.

    I think the font size can improve to a little bigger. The font size of your previous post is bigger & better.

  12. Just dropping by to commend your beautiful posts. Blessed be :)

  13. @ Mystique Earth: Hello! Thanks so much! Yeah I also think it suits the season haha! And I also agree with you on the font! I will switch it back to the normal size with my next post. Take care!

    @ Celticmusicfan: Heeey CFM!! How nice too see you here! Thanks for strolling by ^_^! Hope all is well and have a lovely weekend. Ciao!

  14. :) Always fun looking at your work! I love the new header! P.s IM BACK now! Check for updates! ;)

  15. @ Abz: Heeey! Welcome back! Haha thanks so much for stopping and telling me that your back! I will check out your blog asap! Take care!

  16. TJ! We've missed your posts! Nice to see you back. I wish you the best with your job search. Very cute b-day drawing. Love the new seasonal header for your blog.

  17. @ Pablo: Hi Pablo!! How cool to see you here again too! Yes I didn't posted in the normal way I used too, so busy lately *sigh*. Thanks so much for your well wishes! Till next time! Cya!

  18. Love the header-so much like my impression of you. Of course I know all this wonderful art and writing is just a cover for your stalking activities-which is the real reason, not Christmas, for your infrequent posts. Nonetheless, you bring a sparkle wherever you go and when Santa retires, I'm nominating you for the job.

  19. @ NothingProfound: Ciao NP! How lovely too see you here again! Yes you're right it is just a co....nooo sssht! NP! Look what you almost made me say! I can't tell the readers the real reason why I haven't posted something lately. Nooo *runs around*

    -30 min later-

    Aww thank you so much for nominating me as Santa ^_^! It would be a cool job though! I wonder what the elves would say if they saw me as Santa...oh hey do I have to grow a beard as well o_O...

    Have a lovely walk...but don't look back hehehe.

  20. Love the new header!! Colorful, cheerful and full of energy. It "suits" you well. (Santa pun intended)

  21. @ One of the Guys: Heey there! Hahaha man, I really should apply for Santa's job soon ^_^. Thanks so much! I also like the header! I first had another one, with my sisters and brother...but I messed up with the shading of the snow -_-'...soo I quickly made another one. I love your CD :D!! I listened to it over and over again when I was working on two large painting yesterday! Take care!

  22. @ Sorcerer: Awww Thanks so much ^_^! And thank you for always stopping by too!! Ciao!

  23. Don't know how nice my apartment will look with this sensational artistic qualities of you picture galore. May be you tell me how better to get in touch with this Santa Designs. Perfect touch!

  24. @ Ocheja Patrick: Hi & Welcome! Thank you for stopping by :D! Oh you mean, the Christmas design for my header? Have to say that every drawing you see on this blog, is made by me haha ^_^. Thanks again!! Take care

  25. "I wonder what the elves would do if they saw me as Santa."

    That's easy-they'd be speechless. And they wouldn't get much work done either-they'd be too busy staring.

  26. @ NothingProfound: Hahahaa NP! Well that wouldn't be a good thing now would it ^_^?? All those kids expecting presents and not getting any, because the elves didn't work :|! But we shall see what happens when I become Santa. I just stare back....^_^



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