Saturday, August 7, 2010

Draw on Me

Would you?

Well not on my skin, but on yourself and then not by your own hands (so no pen doodles...), but a tattoo artist?

Tattoo artists are incredibly skilled (Miami Ink anyone?) and I don't think I would have the courage to do it; to actually put a tattoo on someone. I mean, the skin is your canvas and mistakes can't be fixed. Of course they have their amount of training and practice, but to throw away a cotton canvas is much easier than your skin. Okay disturbing image in my mind how someone would throw away his skin...moving on!

A while back my aunt asked me to design a tattoo for her. She really likes unicorns, so I got sketching and out of the bunch of rough drawings, I made a more clear drawing of the ones below:

Placement of the tattoo, will be on her shoulder blade, so in my opinion I liked the one with the head & wings the best. Without telling her this, she liked that one best too. So I will make a final drawing of that one. She probably get it done next week, so if she's fine with it, I'll post a picture of the actual tattoo on her skin. Pretty cool to have someone walking around with my design on her skin.

Personally, I was playing with the idea to get a tattoo in the near future, but I'm not sure. If I would get one it would have a story to it and one I designed myself. I like to change things up way too much and we all know that once you have a's there forever *echo*. So not sure if I ever going to get one.

To stay in the unicorn theme! My mug for my lovely & sweet friend Ashley, finally arrived at her home! She loves unicorns too. Admit it people, unicorns are pretty awesome. She wrote such a sweet post for me! Thanks so much Bella! It was my pleasure and use it once in a while. It is a mug afterall hehe ^_^

I added this card for her too:

Final thing before I go: Most of you know that I didn't participate throughout the whole Zero2illo challenge. I got till like week 5, before things got too hectic for me. You can find posts about this here, here and here.
Now there is a mini Zero2illo challenge, to complete a few portfolio pieces. The Tea Party illustration shall be finished and I have a few others in mind! I will combine this week's piece and next week's piece in one post, somewhere next week. So stay tuned for this.

Oh I got a new "Contact me" button too. I will adjust the size later; it needs to be a bit bigger. I actually wanted to put this one first:
Who doesn't like to fly ^_^?

So back to the tattoo part. Do you like tattoos? If you have any and want to share it; what do you have? If you don't like it, why is that? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Have a great weekend and till next time.


  1. Hi TJ,

    I remember i used to watch a scary movie about Tattoo but it wasn't scary at all. So i laughed a lot at some scenes. There was a man in the movie having a very small dragon tattoo on his body and his tattoo starts to expand for some reasons. Sometime later tattoo spreads all over his skin. And man becomes a dragon!! Yes a karate master =))) (No, it was another movie:P)

    I am happy bcs your customers will probably turn into a chibis after you draw these tattoos =))
    I'm also happy bcs i'm the first commenter at last =))

  2. I like the head and wings one the best as well! Good luck, and let us know how it geos!

  3. @ Kuday: Heey Sinan! You made it hehe ^_^. To turn into a dragon! Now that is awesome! Dragons are really cool. Hahah I already thought it was a different movie ;). Ooh my own Chibi world indeed haha. It's getting bigger and bigger! Cya next time!

    @ Abz: I'm really curious as well! I shall keep you updated! Have a great weekend!

    @ Emma M.: Ciaoo Emma! Exactly! It's there...forever!! I have to be really really certain of it. We shall see. Oooh a family crest sound awesome! Yeah he has to be careful, I know quite a few people who got tattoo-addicted! Awww thank you so much. You are very cute yourself & have a lovely smile. Kid you not & I am not gay, just saying hehe. Big hugs to you too and enjoy your weekend! Xx

  4. I like the head only best - nice! Not really a fan of Tatoos; I don't think this fad is as spontaneous as people think it is - but that is another story. :P

  5. I remember when a friend contacted me to ask if she could get my great blue heron painting tattooed on her leg. I was so honored! As for getting one, myself, I doubt it's going to happen. I promised my dad (whose parents were in concentration camps during the Holocaust,) that I never would. I consider it from time to time but to be honest, I'd rather spend that cash going somewhere, doing something, y'know?
    Love the unicorn you drew for your aunt. Very cool. :)

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  7. @Hey gorgeous!!
    Ahahahahhaaaa, me mug and the card is in your blog! Ehehehe, they are so gorgeous..

    Err.. use..mug? errr..I shall think about it, nyahahahaha! Don't feel like getting it dirty and all. Still being extremely paranoid and super proud of it. XD

    I love the unicorn you drew for your aunt. (she got good taste!) XD
    I liked the one with only the head but the one with wings looks pretty good on a shoulder blade too.

    I'm a little glad to know that if I ever decide to get a tattoo, I know who to find to design it and I'll happily wear it on ME!

    Much much muchie LOVEEE~

  8. Hello!!! It´s been a long time! The other day I saw you were back but I forget to comment (I was in a hurry).
    Now, I hope everything is getting better and clear. Crisis are always good, they make you improve.
    About the tattos... I like on other´s skin but not mine, too much pain,uhuh, It scares me...
    The last doodles are so funny and positive, and the unicorn... wow! I sweat everytime I have to draw horses and all that.

    Well I send you strengh and good vibes, and take it easy babe!!
    Huge hug!

  9. Lovely designs TJ! I would feel proud to have a piece of my art tattooed onto someone. I love tattoos, I have two!

  10. @ Being and Quirkiness: Heey Harvey! Haha you can share your story anytime ;). Thanks so much! Take care!

    @ Lana G.: Helloo helloo Lana! That's an interesting story! I totally agree, if I ever want to have a tattoo, it has to be done by an extremely good artist = a LOT of money = me spending money rather on other fun stuff. Thanks so much for strolling by! Enjoy the Sunday!

    @ Januskiez: Hi! Thanks, but no thanks ;)

    @ Hevn: Ciaoooo Bella!! Hahahaha you know I'm just teasing you ^_^. Just use it whenever you feel like it! No pressure at all!! I'm really curious at how the design will eventually come out, but I'll keep you posted of course! Oooh you are thinking about a tattoo huh?! Hehe. I'm always here! Love ya!! Xoxo!

    @ Encaracolada: Ciaooo lady!! It sure has been a long time! How are you? Oh don't worry at all about not commenting. Everything is much better now ^_^. Haha very true, that's another thing that keeps me away from tattoos...the pain :|. Oooh I still need to practice drawing horses tho! When I was younger I drew horses all the time, but I kinda forgot -_-'. All the good vibes back at ya & take care! Hugs!!

  11. @ Laura Nuttall: Heeey Laura! Why thank you so much! It's an honour for me indeed! I can't wait to see the actual design! Ooh two tattoos! Nice! Have a lovely Sunday! Ciao!

  12. What a great great compliment your aunt asked you to design a tattoo for her as it permanent!^^
    I have tattoo when I want it Hahah- I use a temporary tatto, it could stay for a week on my skin.:)
    where I place it? sometimes on my hand or my ankle or on the back of neck.

  13. oh! that's so cool to draw a tattoo design for someone :DDD
    I always want one, tattoo, but I want it meaningful, mm.. Idk, I'll probably do one later after finishing highschool xDD and I love the card sketch and the last flying with letters <33

  14. Hey TJ! I think it's so cool that your design will be permanently drawn on someone! I have 6 tattoos, all of them are butterflies except one...Butterflies represent change and beauty for me. Maybe you should desing MY next tattoo...

    Love ya,


  15. I love unicorns, but I would never be brave enough to get my own unicorn tattoo.

    I don't like that tattoos are permanent lol

    so you designed the mug? I always wondered how people designed mugs. Do you draw the design and send it to a company to place it on there? Or do you actually hand draw on the mug?

  16. @ Dita: Heeeeeeeey Sweet Dita! Temporary tattoos are cool too haha! Do you use Henna? I shall email you soon!! Big XOXO!

    @ Bakkanekko: Heey Zadia! Aww thanks so much ^_^! You can always place a tattoo when you feel certain enough to have one right?! It's certainly something that can't be rushed! Take care & till next time!! Xx

    @ Jazz S.: Ciao Jazz! It's still a funny idea you know, but I'm really glad she is going to wear it! Ooh I think I read on BC you have tattoos! Butterflies are beautiful, my youngest sister is a huge fan of butterflies too. Ooooh you know where to find me if you want a tattoo design ;). I would be honored! Love Xx

    @ Sensi: Hello!! Haha yeah permanent is what I don't like either! Maybe Henna? Regarding the mug: I drew the illustration and then send it to a company. I don't feel confident enough to actual make a design on a mug myself. Mistakes are permanent too haha. Cya!

  17. tattoo is okay but i dont have any on me ^_^
    if i want one hmmmm maybe i prefer a short poem to a design, maybe... heheh...i dunno...

    btw your card design is cute (as always!!!!)
    hope you're well Pretty TJ, i like your new pic profile!!!


  18. I wouldn't get a tattoo. Now, if someone wanted a tattoo of my character...:)

  19. Hola TJ! yeah i replied back on my blog that i will facebook you on my going ons here..and i will..but had to drop by to see what kind of ruckus you have here heheh.

    anyhoooooo, love the unicorn! love the linework especially girl, good job! and for me I do have a tattoo on my left wrist. i'll show it to you soon's a symbol representing my, dad and siblings.

    but yeah, talk to you later!

  20. nice idea but be careful when getting tattoo get ones that you havn't forced change

  21. @ Sympathy for the Devil: Pretty Mita! How are you!? I like your idea too. Thanks so much for strolling by! I will visit your blog asap! Take care Xoxoxoxo!

    @ MSzorady: Heey George! Thanks for stopping by! Haha it's an honour for me! It's a design engraved in ones skin forever! That's pretty cool ^_^. Take care!

    @ Wayne B.M.: Hola Wayne! I saw the comment and message! Hahah yeah I'm always up to something huh ;). Thanks so much & can't wait to see the tattoo! Sounds really cool! Talk to ya later!!

    @ Dawood: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by :)

  22. Hi TJ, I don't have any tattoos, and I don't think that I ever will. I don't have anything against tattoos, or people who have them, it's just not something that I've ever felt compelled to do.

    Like you, I changed my mind often, so drawing on my skin is probably not a good idea.

    I like your drawings. They are very good. Ray

  23. I don't have a tattoo but I'm thinking of getting one. I guess that it is a pretty tough decision because it will accompany you for the rest of your life. Another thing on my mind is that I want to make it unique (and I'm assuming that is the whole point) because it will reflect your personality and who you really are.

  24. @ Ray Colon: Hello! To place such a permanent mark one has to be absolute certain indeed! Thank you for stopping by & glad you liked the drawings! Take care

    @ Catalin B.: Hey there, yeah tattoos are little images that can reflects ones dreams/hopes/memories/desires etc. It says something about the person that wears it. So the decision to get one doesn't have to be that hard, but you have to be certain that you want that specific image or words on your body forever ^_^. Good luck with thinking it through & many thanks for stopping by!

  25. As an artist, I definitely appreciate the skill and talent of a good tattoo artist. However, I would not get a tattoo myself. My daughter-in-law has a tattoo of two geckos circling her navel. Then she gave birth to twins, and guess what happened!!Giant wrinkly geckos!! She's sorry she did it.

    I do like your unicorns, though! In fact, I like all your art on your blog!

  26. TJ-I just love your work. Those mugs are fantastic. Would love to own one. My daughter has two huge tattoos, one on her back and the other on her upper torso and shoulders. The second one is quite beautiful.

  27. @ Chuck Dilmore: Ciaoo Chuck! Thanks so much :D. It's going to be an adventure indeed ^_^

    @ Judie: Hello there Judie & welcome!! Awwww I'm sorry to hear about the Giant wrinkly geckos :|! Gosh, that's not that fun at all! Thanks so muchf for your compliment! Hope to see you again! I shall stop by your blog asap! take care

    @ NP: Ciaooo NP! Ooooh you want to have a mug :D! I would be so honoured if you have one of my mugs! Well you definitely need to let me know what you would to have on it and see if I can make it happen haha. I shall give you a shout as well! Ooh does your daughter have pictures of her tattoos? I'm curious :D. Till next time & remember...don't look back *waves*

  28. HUGELY flattering for her to have you draw her tattoo - that's awesome!!

  29. @ Tricia: Aww thanks so much Tricia ^_^!! *waves*


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