Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keeping myself busy

Well hello lovely readers!

I totally didn't realize that more than 2 weeks passed by! Ever since I decided to end my studies, I'm trying to get into this new routine and I've been drawing a lot, meeting with friends & organizing administration work and well...more boring stuff. But man! It's really strange not to have the pile of college work on my desk anymore. Sometimes I still feel something is missing, because up till now I always studied something. So whenever that happens, I just add a pile of art work on my desk. Problem solved hehe.

The plan for me now is to focus on my illustration work now and get a part time job on the side. Also I will open an online shop within the next few weeks. Hooraay!! That way my illustrations shall be more available to all of you and you can decide what you want to get for yourself. Of course if you want something customized, just let me know. I got a bunch of themes waiting, but I'll show you two in this post.

First theme is: Mermaids!!I shall show you two illustrations. They are in the ink form now, but I will colour them somewhere this week.

Who doesn't love mermaids! Okay second theme is: Halloween! Halloween is on it's way!! I know maybe some people don't want to think about the holidays that are located in the darker & colder months of the year, because it's still Summer. But ever since the summer holidays ended in Holland, the warm weather also went away -_-. I just love Halloween and it's funny because I never had a proper Halloween party, mainly because Halloween wasn't known in Holland when I was little. I have several illustrations on this theme, so I will show 2 from them, because this post is getting huge already hehe.

So what do you think? I think they turned out pretty cool. Have to say, the sky was a pain in the #$%^ to paint. I added at least 4 layers in it and every time I looked at the painting when I had just 1 or 2 layers in it, i want to start all over again, because in my mind it looked like crap. But my sisters kept telling me it already looked great and I just had to continue painting. So I did just that, even though it was a bit difficult at times haha. Sometimes you just have to pull through and believe that the end result will look great!

Tattoo news!! My aunt got the tattoo! I only have a one slightly good picture of it. It was in the evening and she had to put vaseline on it, so the flash got in the way -_-.

Looks pretty neat huh?!

Next to that, I and several other bloggers got an honorable mention on mr. Konway's blog. You can find the post here and the links to the other cool blogs as well.  His blog contains news on lots different subjects. So certainly worth to have a peek on. Thanks Konway, for the Konway Approval stamp! I'll also add it on the Awards page.

I think I will wrap this post up! I'm working on a lot of small projects and a pretty large painting for a good cause, but I will tell more about this in the next post ^_^.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. You know I LoVe the MERMAID!!!
    Can't wait to see more!!!

    How cool is that your aunt's tattoo!!! Love it!

    Hope you are doing well!!!

  2. I'm happy to hear that things are going well with you:) Sounds like you have some exciting plans figured already:)

  3. they was very fun . I joined.

    I follow you blog . may be you follow my weblog too?

  4. Cool drawings, though I prefer Halloween to Mermaids.

    Talk to you later.

  5. I love the came out beautifully! The mermaids are so cute, can't wait for your online store!

  6. Hello TJ! I know when I finished graduate school, I felt a bit unsettled--but it passed after awhile and I think you'll likely find that happens to.

    I love the mermaids, TJ! In fact, perhaps when you get around to doing our mugs for the house in Maine, we can do mermaid/merman themes for Les and me. I'm still interested in that but it's no hurry--I am thinking these will be a Christmas gift.

    As usual, your drawings are absolutely marvelous--and I think it is wonderful that you are following your heart.

    Take care,


  7. @ Soggy Dog Studios:
    Ciaooooo Kim! I'm doing fine! How are you? Thank you so much!!!!! Oooh I knew you would like the mermaids ^_^. It's really cool about the tattoo! She's very happy with it :D. talk to you soon!! Xoxoxoxo

    @ Heidi A.:
    Heeeey Heidi! How lovely to see you here! It's exciting indeed. I wonder what the future will bring! Take care Xoxox

    @ ABS : Thank you :)!

    @ Beer Drinker Rob:
    Hello there! Haha so do you like the mermaids only if they will safe you? Talk to you later indeed!

    @ Jazz Stanton:
    Ooh thank you!! It turned out pretty good ^_^! I shall keep you posted on the store!! Ciaoo Xx

    @ Melinda:
    Hello hello Melinda! How nice to see you here again! Yes, that's the word, unsettled!! It's getting better with time. I kinda hoped it would go better just like that haha, but after so many years with the nose in the books, I kinda knew that this wasn't the case hehe.

    Oooh just shoot me a message if you have more ideas! A mermaid/merman theme sounds awesome. I'll email you one of these days!

    Thanks so much for strolling by! Take care Xx

  8. TJ!!!!!

    Omg, yes, i just noticed that i missed one of your posts "Time for a change", i am really really sorry, so i didnt know that you decided to end your studies (after all what you had been doing, thesis, etc...???)
    well, i dont really know your situation but i hope it is for the best and i'll support you anyway, ok?

    you are a great illustrator so i believe that this is like a new start, as you say! :))

    The mermaids look pretty, oh yes please i'd like to see them colored!
    And of course i like Halloween theme simply because i like ghosts and friends, hahaha :D

    Please take care yourself ok, im pretty much busy myself xD

    kisses hugs,

  9. TJ

    I love the mermaids - they are just so sweet, be great to see Christmas mermaids on cards you design.

    When I stopped doing the PhD. At first I went into shock - it felt so wierd becasue I had been studying or worrying about studying for years. But then came the joyouse relief of not having that hanging over me.
    I just know your artwork is going to do well - if we work at our passions, flow and congruence enters our life and great things follow.
    Smiles and blessings.

  10. I knew your "bounce back" would be strong. Very good for you :-)

  11. Don't you dare touch that sky! It is definitely "Halloweenish."

    Incidentally, Holland is the only country in Europe that I have visited. What a beautiful place!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, TJ.

  12. @ Sympathy for the Devil: Ciaooooo Mita! As usual, I shall reply on your lovely blog!! Don't worry about missing post, you found it now didn't you ;). Thanks so much for you awesome comment as usual! Big Xoxoxox!

    @ Juliana: Ciao Ms. Juliana! Now that's a wonderful idea! Christmas cards with a cute twist! Thank you for your lovely words! I'm definitely relieved that I don't have that pressure on me anymore. I'm happier now than I was in a long time! It's lovely to see you here again! Take care *waves*

    @ Bill Friday: Hey Bill! That's such a cool thing to say! Thanks so much!!

    @ Judie: Hello hello! Ooh do not worry! I shall not touch the sky ^_^. I'm very glad you like it! Oh where in Holland did you go? How cool :D. You're welcome & I'll be a regular visitor!! love your work too!

  13. Mermaids and halloweens are my two favourite themes :P nyahahahaha.. but I can't wait to see you turn the mermaids alive with your colouring

    OMG, you aunt did it and the tattoo looks great, wheeeeeee!! <3

  14. It´s so nice to know that you are drawing a lot and not studying! I love the mermaids theme and also halloween. It reminds me of me when I readed the part of the layers in the sky. I think your sisters are right, you just have to continue painting and sometimes keep it as simply as it can. Congrats for the Tatto, looks nice!

  15. TJ, I was an import broker and I went to Aalsmeer as a representitive of my company to meet with other flower brokers. It was a wonderful trip. One broker was a very good friend, and he and his wife took me one day into the countryside, and then we drove to the Hague for dinner.
    Another friend took me to Amsterdam for a day of sight-seeing. The rest of the time was spent working, but even that was fun!

  16. TJ-I love the direction your work and life are taking. Viva la liberte! Your creations are the quintessence of playfulness. I love the coy-looking witch in the Halloween pic, that's your unique style. And the tattoo came out great. Take care-it's all working itself out.

  17. TJ!!! Love those halloween illustrations. Isn't it awesome not to have school work anymore? Anywho great stuff talk to you soon!

  18. Tj!! How are you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and actually letting me know of your recent decision. Yeah I totally did not see that coming at all. But you know in your heart you know you made the right choice and I'm happy for you since it is a big leap but sometimes if we never take that leap we might regret it later on in life. I'm excited for and look forward to seeing and hearing of your new adventures. Oh and by the way fabulous drawings. They are so pleasing to the eye and fun. More more more!

  19. @ Hevn: Ciaooo Bella!! Yeah the tattoo turned our pretty cool :D! I'm still very honored that she did it! oooh stay tuned for the mermaids hehe!! XOXO!!

    @ Encaracolda: Heeey! How have you been? It has been a while! Yeah, I think because Im such a perfectionist when it comes to painting that I can get frustrated pretty easy when it doesn't look like I want it to look haha. But I just had to add a layer or two and it looked much better! Thanks for stopping by, as always!! *hugs*

    @ Judie: Hello Judie! Ooh cool! I live in Rotterdam myself and sometimes I visit Amsterdam & Den haag by train. It really sounds like you had a lovely time here! Hope the weather was kind to you as well ^_^. Take care!!

  20. @ NothingProfound: Hello hello NP! Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! You're right, eventually all will work itself out ^_^. Have a great weekend!!

    @ Justin Rodrigues: Hi Justin! It has been a while! Hope all is well with you! Thanks you! Yeah it's a huge relief not to think about school anymore. It's was enough for me. Take care!!

    @ Pablo: Heey Pablo!! I'm good! How are you? Thanks so much for your cool comment! Yeah, I reached the point where all signs pointed's time to make a change. And I did & I am happy ^_^! Indeed buckle up for the new adventures & I shall post more illustrations soon!! Have a nice weekend! Ciao!

  21. I can see you're working hard at making all of this happen. Good for you TJ. You seem so much happier.

    I love the mermaids!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. I'm glad you're adjusting to life w/o college. The mermaids are cute, the Halloween scenes are really cool & the tattoo is awesome! Keep rockin', hon.

  23. @ One of the Guys: Ciaooo Sai! Yes working hard, but it is fun :D. Hope all is well with you! I'll update you soon!! Take care & enjoy the Sunday!

    @ Lana Gramlich: Heeeey Lana! How are you? Yes, it's pretty strange sometimes, bit everything is much better now! I shall keep on rockin' ^_^. Thanks for strolling by, as always!!

  24. I think it's great that you want to open an online shop i think your work would sell great you are an amazing artist and i love you work I love the MERMAID!!! and how cool is that tattoo. Well i hope your doing well and i hope you are able to fill that emptiness in your life.

    Your friend Shonda :)

  25. hey TJ thanx for stopping by my blog...I really like your style, I am also a huge fan of halloween and those little illustrations you have there are great. I love the color on both comps....I hope you have a chance to post some of the other. I will definitely be back :).

  26. Hi TJ! I love your drawings. I loved to draw too, but lacking practice now since I haven't been able to draw nowadays, plus instead of becoming an artist, I chose to become something else. But still, I would love to take an art class again, it has been a long time since I last took an art class. Anyway, you're a great artist. keep up the good work! Hmm.. I think I'm going to start to draw again. Thanks for the inspiration! take care

  27. you are just great as ever! im happy you're back. its been a while. i missed your site a lot:)

  28. @ Shonda: Hi Shonda! Awww thank you! Yeah I hope it will be a big hit as well haha! But we shall see, it's a fun & cool adventure indeed! The tattoo is pretty cool as well! Take care & I shall stop by your blog one of these days!

    @ Zayne Y.: Hello Zayne, you're most welcome! Your drawing style is really cool! I shall post more soon, I've been working on several other things, but there will be more ^_^. Till next time.

    @ Janz: Hi there Janz! What a cool comment! Thanks so much! I'm always very happy to hear that people get inspired to pick up their pencils/brushes again! Now I'm very curious at how you draw. I hope you will add some examples on your blog ^_^. Thanks for stopping by & take care!

    @ Ianne: Hellooo Ianne! Ooh it really has been a long time! Hope you're doing well! Thanks so much for strolling by here & your sweet comment! I'll stop by your blog soon! Take care Xxx


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