Sunday, September 5, 2010

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes *ahem*

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? Here all is going well. I'm busy with painting and editing a bunch of illustrations so next post will be all about these. This post is to point out a new tab in my header....

You guys....did noticed the tabs under the header right? Hehe ^_^. I have added a new tab! *looks at the amazed stares from the crowd* I know, it's a pretty cool tab...and it is the 'Work in Progress' tab, also called WIP. Maybe you knew this, but maybe you didn´t. If you didn´ you do!

But okay, I digress! I decided to keep track of a pretty large illustration that I did a few days ago. Reason for this that I was telling myself for a while now, that I would keep track on how an illustration transforms while I painted. By keeping track I mean taking pictures of every step. For some reason, it always slipped my mind. Well okay, I do know the reason and it is that whenever I start painting, I forget the time. And that's also why a fridge next to my desk would be...simply awesome *sigh*

It´s an illustration for a charity calendar for the organization Diva Day. Diva Day is an organization that showcase new artists in benefit of women's advocacy groups. They address issues like domestic violence. Please visit the website for more information. I was sold immediately to do a piece. It combines music & art in one. Two of my favorite things. Here´s a sneak preview of what I did. the image and you shall magically get transported to the page with the WIP pictures! Too bad you guys can't see the painting for real, because the intensity and depth is pretty cool in real life (if I do say so myself). I got asked several times what I used to make it look like that...I replied 'Ehm...I painted'. I kid you not. Just brushes and paint and this is what I came out with. Personally, I like to see how a drawing comes to life and to see the little 'secret' steps in between. So I hope you will like it too. For once the post is on the 'short' side (ahem), but...beware when you go to the WIP page hehe.

Have fun reading and/or staring at the pictures!

Enjoy your Sunday as well.


  1. It's a very cool tab! In fact I think it's cool you have tabs at all. (I'll have to dig into my blog one of these days to see how you did it??) Lovely work TJ, and great to see it come alive like this.

  2. very very cool! thanks for showing your process that is amazing! i love the piece as well! Your blog is so fancy it makes me want to sit and mess around with mine. I want some tabs! any way. Love it and keep them coming1

  3. Well you already know I didn't know what WIP stood for! Haha. It such a great idea, as it shows people just some of the hard work that goes into a piece and it also informs newbies about the process.

    I hope you do a LOT more WIP posts :)

  4. Tabs? What Tabs? I am lucky just to publish a post!

    You rock, Girl!

  5. Oh yay! Glad to see someone else's calendar piece! And I love the WIP tab. Seeing someone's process is always inspiring!

    Now.. if only I could get my piece finished. Ahem. ;)


  6. Wow TJ your work is so amazing i just love it you never fail to impress. Good job and this is a great organization and maybe i should keep track of my drawing too i know what you mean when you say you just get lost in the time when you are painting same here LOL...Keep up the good work and always keep posting

    your friend Shonda :)

  7. *grins from ear to ear* So I finally know how you do your paintings!! TJ, YOU'RE FANTASTIC! I super love the pumpkin lady! I've always wondered what you use to colour your drawings, now I know..

    Thank you for the step by step on how you did it, me so loving it. Keep up the great job TJ!

    and.. errr.. more pls :P

  8. Kudos on the piece for Diva Day--it's lovely & goes to a good cause. :) Kudos, as well, on feeling confident enough to share your WIPs! I'm never comfortable with that, I have to say!

  9. @ Arjan W.: Hello Arjan! Why thank you ^_^! It’s very easy to create tabs. It’s the option ‘add pages’ in your dashboard. Well that is if your Blogger is in English. If it’s in Dutch...I’m not sooo sure how it’s called hehe. Thanks for stopping by & ‘Tot de volgende keer’ ;)

    @ Justin R.: Hey there! You’re most welcome! Haha luckily it’s very easy to create tabs, so when you have some text…create them and they are there! Stay tuned for more!! Take care!

    @ Claire: Ciaoooo Claire....are you encouraging me to do even more work??? You know I’m up for it hehe. I shall think of something for you as well now. But you’re absolutely right! There are many layers hidden in an illustration, but a lot of people tend to forget that. I hope people can learn a bit from me and I hope people can teach me tips & tricks as well ^_^. Xxx

    @ Judie: Hello Ms. Judie! Haha I’m looking forward to your new post! Thanks so much for stopping by! *waves*

  10. @ Kristine: Hi Kristine! Oooh I saw your piece too! It’s really cool! Love the orchestra! I totally agree, it’s really inspiring to see other WIP. Like a glimpse in their minds haha. I shall keep an eye on your piece as well! Cya!

    @ Shonda: Hello Shonda! Aww thank you! It’s fun to keep track when you draw, because you tend to keep track of things you like, things that go wrong etc. Well I do that anyway haha. I shall do my best to entertain you all with new stuff! Take care lady!

    @ Hevn: Ciaooooo Bella!! Hahaha you’re funny ^_^! Yes, now you know. The paint is really nice! It’s such a small tin with little half pans of paint, but I have it for a year now and still have quite a lot left! That’s good, because don’t have the money to get a new tin soon haha. Ooh stay tuned for more! I will post new WIP every once in a while, but need to think about a way to keep the other WIP haha. Big hugs!! Xxx

    @ Lana: Heeeey Lana! Oh wow thank you! I just wanted to share the steps with all of you and I know lots of good illustrators visit my blog, so tips/feedback are always welcome. I know for a fact that you are an awesome painter and I would love to see WIPs from you ^_^! Thanks so much again and till next time!!

  11. TJ, this is just AWESOME! My favorite thing in life is the creative process, so I REALLY enjoyed this post and I'm looking forword to more WIP! Beautiful artwork!!

  12. Another enchanting piece, TJ. I love the cellist's long, flowing hair. There's a tender magic in everything you draw-a blithe spirit.

  13. @ Chris Sabatino: Hello Chris! It has been a while! How cool to see you here again and thanks so much :D. I also love to see WIP from artists and I'm planning to do stay tuned! Take care

    @ NP: Ciao NP! I love her hair as well! You know I just started painting and when I saw Claire's picture I noticed I used her hair color! So for me Claire is the Pumpkin Lady ^_^. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    @ Alina Chau: Thanks so much!

  14. Beautiful painting TJ! You're a talented lady that's for sure. Soon, more and more people will discover this.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. @ One of the Guys: Ciaoooo Sai! It has been a while! Thanks so much for strolling by ^_^. Oh I do hope more people will discover this! I just have to make it happen ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend yourself! It was little bro's birthday. I'll email you soon!

  16. seeing work in progress is always interesting!!!!!


    ps: what kind of music is the lady playing under the moon? ^__^

  17. T.J., you must be working VERY hard!

  18. TJ--I think it is so awesme that you are doing this charity work for Diva Day--it sounds like a wonderful organization. How fun to see your progress on the pictures--I love the preview. Your work truly does keep getting better and better!

    Take care,


  19. @ Sympathy for the Devil: Ciaoo Mita! How are you?! Hmm what she's playing is soft, mysterious and elegant at the same time. Listen to your heart and you shall hear it ;).

    @ Judie: Hello Judie! Haha yes! Working hard, but it's so much fun! Thank you for strolling by ^_^!

    @ Rico Swaff: Thank you sir :D!

    @ Melina: Ciao Melinda!! Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me ^_^! I had to remind myself to keep making pictures between every phase though haha! But it also helps me to really think things through and to see what I find difficult! Till next time & Take care!

  20. Hey look at me! I sparked up the ole delorean and did some time traveling of my own. I really like this post because I can see the time lapse. Well done, TJ. Lovely illos.

  21. @ Tanoshiboy: Look at you indeed! Haha! Very cool and welcome!

    Thanks so much for checking the blog out and that you like this post! I will do more WIP in the future.



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