Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall has arrived and a touch of colour

It is official. Summer has ended and Fall has arrived! This means...a new header!

EDIT: The people who already read this post, were staring at the Summer Party header. Well it has been changed to a header with a touch of Fall & a touch of Halloween. It is a Witches Playground, where young witches practice their magic skills. Hope you like it!

Also, my apologies for the lack of posting! Lately, I've been staying away from my laptop quite often and picked up reading and (unfortunately) cleaning around the house and my room.That's why I didn't post sooner.

The thing is that I'm just kinda annoyed by sitting so long behind the laptop every day. So I need a break and I used most of my time to create a bunch of illustrations and I experimented with several things.

One of them is adding an extra touch of colour on the drawings. I experimented with skin tones! Here you see a few of them, but I got a lot more ideas for future illustrations! Yes. my brain is working non stop these days...I kid you not. Even when I go to sleep I see little characters dancing in front of me...

You know, there's no reason behind the fact that the characters are always with out skin colour. They just turned out that way and I used other elements, like eye shape, hair colour, hair type & clothing, to give a specific feeling to a character. 

I do think that adding a skin tone can change the entire vibe of an illustration. It's a nice change and good to know that I didn't find it difficult to do so haha. You won't know how things will turn out, unless you try it! I won't be adding skin tone on every character now though, but it's good to know that I can do it if I want to.

Do you prefer the characters with or without skin tone? Or doesn't it really matter to you? Feel free to give tips/feedback. It's always lovely to hear from you all!

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


  1. I really enjoyed your drawing, it seems this time you are curious about fashion thing. Skin color doesn't matter for me. Sorry i should write all of these fast for one specific reason :))

  2. Nice work!

    I love that you did more than your chibi's this time. I like the skin tones very much. Great to see the different variations you tried out on your characters.

    The 1920's Flapper (Lady in Grey)looks great! She looks very sophisticated and very "high class" haha. I love the touch of freckles on her cheeks. The dress on the red headed girl looks very vibrant! Excellent gradation from the deep reds to mustard yellow. The girl that's bundled up looks great, too! But why is she eating Ice Cream on a cold day? Hehe j/k! :)

    The "princesses" look great too! Great expressions through body language in their eyes. And the one in purple, I see you put fingers! I think that's the first time I've ever seen fingers on your characters! :D

    Good job! <3

    I'm sure your laptop misses you. lol! Take care TJ!

  3. I'm kinda used to the colorless characters. However, I think the new ones with skin color are FANTASTIC! It gives them a lot more personality. That red-haired one is adorable and the one in the teal costume looks like a hot-latina! jajajaja

    Great job TJ!

  4. Great work! Can't wait to see your new banner.... Come clean my house!!! xoxo - Kim

  5. I love the skin tones! I think it adds even more personality and vibrancy to the characters. So for me I prefer them with skin tones. Which is just more work for you, sorry!

    I think I like it because you can add quirks like freckles and blushes, but also a green pallet if the character was feeling ill etc.

    Although it isn't necessary all the time, I do think it adds something special.

    I can't wait to see the new header!!!!!

  6. Yeah ditto what Claire said, she sounds awesome!

    oh wait that's me!

    LOVE the new header. I think pumpkins have infected your mind since the charity project. Which is a good thing because they are bloody cool.

    Also love the skintones on the witches.

    Word verification: mangloo

    How yucky!!

  7. I don't know what you did with the coloring effects with the second picture, but whatever you did it really does like, bring out the life in them. I dunno how to describe it.. but it's cool. I'm inept at drawing so I have no clue what you did to it.

    I'm also diggin' the 1920's, cig smokin' girl you got there hah

    Anyway, great additions ;p

    + the new Halloween banner is kickass

  8. TJ This is beautiful!
    Color makes it pop out even more than before! Congratulations!
    And your new designs are excellent.
    That lady looks great!
    Awesome way to start the season!

  9. I doesn't bother me, characters without skintones but it would be nice to see a different variety.

    AHHHH the shadings looks fantastic!

    and welcome back gorgeous, you were missed

  10. I love the new may have the best blog headers of all time! That's why your Konway-approved!

  11. TJ! I love that flapper girl up top. Great stuff. I dig the skin tones you did on these. i think it gives them all some warmth. Love the new header BTW and good luck with the experimentation! Until next time!

  12. @ Kuday: Hahah Sinan! You're too funny!! Thank you & I'm really glad you like the drawings! For me fashion is always fun, but more in the sense how they use colors and structure in it. Cyaaa!!!

    @ Ollie: Hey there! Thanks so much for your comment & compliments! She's very high class indeed! I think she's waiting for her friends hehe ;). Glad you like the skintones! Awww but she looooves ice cream! I had to draw one hehe. Oh next step is practicing hands for me :D. Again, thank you!!! And talk soon!

    @ Claire: Ciaooo! Thanks so much :D!! It's true with a skin tone palette you can add more details to them & other effects. I really liked to add a bit of blush on the little chibi girls. It does give them more warmth. I only need to get the shading right. You just want to give me more work huh hehehe!? I still have the urge to add skin tones on every character I need to paint now. It does save me time cleaning it up in PS. So that's a plus too.

    Aah yeah! The charity project really did infect me with Halloweeny things :D. Hahaha mangloo doesn't sound good at all! A big blob of ewness I think.

    *tries to erase mental image*

  13. @ Elisa: Hahaha yeah Claire is awesome! Do check out her blog as well! It's really cool! Thank you & waves to Abby.

    @ Kaja: Ciao Kaja! Thanks so much! You meant the Ice cream girl & Fire Girl right? I didn't do much different, but I did use a different brand of paint. It's from tubes and not those little cubes, which are called pans. The colors are more vibrant. For ice cream girl I added a darker color along the edges to create more depth. That's all I did ^_^. Thanks for strolling by mister!

    @ Deray: Aww Muchas Gracias Diana!! I think most people are used by the colorless characters by now. It's good to know that I can switch it up every now and then :D. Xoxox!

    @ Gonzalez: Ciao Jose! Gracias senor! That makes me very happy to hear :D. Take care!

  14. @ Hevn: Ciaooooo Bella! Aww thank you! Yes, for me the variation is what matters the most. That way I can surprise you all from time to time with new stuff haha! Check your email ^_^! Xoxo!

    @ Konway East: Mr. Konnie, nice to see you here and thanks a lot for your compliment :D! I'm very proud to be Konway approved! Have you seen your badge on the Awards page? Take care!

    @ Liquid & Tunsie: Hello! Thank you! It has been a while! Hope all is well with you.

    @ Justin R.: Justin!! how cool to see you again! Thanks so much!! Until next time indeed!

  15. @ Soggy Dog Studios: Aww I almost overlooked your lovely comment Kim! If I can stroll see where you work, I would love to clean your house. I will dress up as a witch tho. I think it will add something extra hehehe. Talk soon Xoxoxo!!

  16. TJ-It's wonderful you've been so full of ideas and creative lately. And if ever there was a time to stay away from your laptop, it's now, with BC acting so wacky and being so inaccessible. Took me twenty minutes to get into your blog today with all the endless loading and re-loading and time outs. I love your work. The fall header is fabulous-your witches just get cuter and cuter. I think I've fallen in love with one of them-how's about an introduction? Love the way you combine humor with beauty and enchantment. "Doodling" seems a very inadequate word for the magic you create.

  17. I now what you mean about getting away from the computer and actually doing some DRAWING. The computer steals so much time...
    I like skin tone! Actually I didn't notice that your other drawings didn't have skin tone until you pointed it out. I thought they just got bleached out in the scanning process the way mine do.

  18. Wonderful sketches. The different skin tones adds character and some drama to the portraits.
    Keep it up!
    How are you?
    Take care :)

  19. I love your header!! and I love the skin tones, too. Glad to have you back! You've been missed.

  20. @ Nothingprofound: Ciao NP! well BC has changed now, so I wonder how it will go! It's going a bit slow for me still. I guess they are working on it! Oooh you've fallen in love with one of them!? Which one? I shall see what I can do ^_^! Thanks so much for your lovely words and I'm so glad you like my work! Well I just love the word doodle. It's a cute word haha! But I understand what you mean though. Be careful when you go for a stroll never know what you might encounter hehe. Take care!

    @ Heather F.: Hi Heather! Exactly! the computer steals a lot of time and you don't realize it until it's too late! I'm definitely trying to stay away more from my computer, especially since I only use traditional mediums. haha no I kept the characters without skin tone until now. No specific reason why I did that though. Enjoy your weekend!

    @ Shas: Helloo Shas! How are you? I'm doing fine thanks! Experimenting quite a lot with colors and line work! I do like adding skin tone, it adds indeed a bit of drama haha! Take care lady!

    @ Judie: Ciao Ms. Judie! Thanks so much for strolling by! I will do my best to post weekly again ^_^. Hope all is well & Enjoy your weekend!

  21. The new header is just awesome - so original Tara.

    I like the skin-tones, adds even more uniqueness to each little character. these halloween and witch characters are just gorgeous

  22. Hi TJ,
    I like your new header. I don't know about the technical drawing stuff about skin colors but they are just nice and pretty looking.

    Guess, i can say the same about myself after having spent much time with my laptop in past, i am trying to vary the activities and lesser internet exposure to balance my time well. Till then, TC. Thanks for droppin by.


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