Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't forget to examine your...

~ Proceed with caution my friends, nudity is to be found in this post ~

Okay, I would like to ask you to gain your concentration and stay focused on this post. Try not to wander away with your mind...(and stare at e.g. nude things like boobies...)

Many of you may know that October is the month of Breast Cancer, symbolized by the pink ribbon. My lovely friend, Ms. Claire, illustrated how to do a breast exam two years back and these illustration got the attention from several awareness projects. Now how cool is that!

Personally, I think it's really awesome that she uses her creative skills to create fun & color illustrations. Most of the exams you find online are pretty straight forward and well I find them quite formal and serious (may I say...boring?). Most things in life are already way too serious, what harm can you do if you add a touch of color & humor to it? It is so important to be aware of your own health and act preventive. The exams don't require money nor a visit to the doctor, plus you can do them at the comfort of your own home! What more can you ask?

Getting curious now aren't you?! Well click on the link below and you shall magically get transported to her wonderful site where you can see the illustrations and read more about her intentions with it, because she won't stop at the breast exam alone...
Click me! Click me!
The exams are translated in Spanish, done by another friend Ms. Diana & Dutch (done by me) so far. If you are interested in providing your translation services to this good cause, feel free to contact Claire & read more about it on her page Universal Language of Doodle.

To get to know more about Ms. Claire, you can visit her other awesome blog, called A Little Piece of Me. It's filled with personal stories and doodles. A Must See and Read, my friends.

Spread the word lovely readers & hope you weren't too shocked at the nudey drawing haha. I know my sister was, which was funny. HA!

Have a great week ahead & thanks so much for your time so far.


  1. This is a very very good post TJ. Will check, will check Ms. Claire's blog later tonite with wider screen- am on my mob and just arrived at work here hihih
    I have post related to cancer already on my blog last week.
    I have cancer gen so really want to be well informed about it. Btw, cool ilustration there!^-^

  2. Aaaah my eyes! o_o

    lol, j/k!

    Great work! ^_^ That's awesome you collaborated on work for an important cause! Around my area, I have friends who run in races to raise money for breast cancer research. Always spreading the word is great! But more importantly it's great that you and Ms. Claire are making it fun with illustrations! Awesome too you are having it different languages!

    Skin tones are great! I think you've easily mastered it hehe. I like the highlights in her hair and how you have the ribbon wrapping around her arms. Great job once again TJ! Love it! <3

  3. i have cancer gen too.
    i really really like this post Pretty TJ and your drawing of course!!
    and nononono, i werent shocked at all at the nudey drawing, on the contrary, i was fascinated!

    you are truly one creative person!

    kisses hugs
    ~mita :))

  4. Hi TJ,

    My grandmother was so poor that she had to work in a tobacco fabric to be able to look after her children in 1940s. Then she raised her children and they became doctors and she got breast cancer. Her children (my uncles) made everything to save her life, they took her two breasts after several operations. But her cancer had spread other organs. They started a heavy chemotherapy then she lost her basic abilities. She died almost 15 years ago. One of my uncle has retired early after her loss. Thanks for taking attention to breast cancer.

  5. Look at you two girly doodlers!!

    How fantastic is this?

    Smiles and blessings.

  6. I knew eventually you'd get around to drawing boobies! :)

  7. Yay for your post and doodles - We can all do more for breast cancer

  8. Nice efforts to raise concerns about a serious issue. Nice collaborative effort. Well-done.

  9. Ahhh pink october, I'm glad someone even remembered it! In our workplace we remind everyone by wearing pink to work on Fridays and Sundays.

    Love the pic btw, lol! It's great to have people reminding others the importance of breast examination
    *thumbs up*

  10. TJ-when I saw your nudity warning I proceeded with extreme haste, and was not disappointed. Your little witch is quite alluring. I love the work Claire is doing, and I'm delighted you gave her this plug. Great work by the both of you.

  11. @ It's Dita: Ciaooo Dita! How are you doing lady! Hope you liked Claire's site! Yes informing others is the so important! Thanks so much ^_^ Xoxo!!

    @ Ollie: Yo Mister! You still peeked hahaha! All the luck to your friends! I hope they raise a good deal of money! Adding fun & colors can change so much! And in the end it's just a small effort! Thanks for strolling by ^_^!

    @ Love is Colder than Death: Ciaooo pretty Mita! Ooh I didn't know this! Raising awareness is so important and Claire did such an awesome job on this. Hahaha! I'm glad you weren't shocked about the doodle ;). I'll be visiting your blog soon! have a great weekend ahead! Xoxoxoxoxo

    @ Kuday: Heey Sinan! Thanks so much for sharing this story with me...with us! I really appreciate it. I think this subject is so important, especially since you can get cured when you find out on it on time! Have a lovely weekend ahead.

  12. @ Juliana: Hello hello Juliana! How lovely to see you here :D It turned out as a fun nudey doodle huh hehe. Xx *waves*

    @ ELisa: Hahahaha! You knew it huh! You think there will be more in the future?? hehe Love ya! Xoxoxo

    @ Barry: Hello mr. Barry! Welcome! Nice to see you here. yes, little steps can make a big change eventually! Take care.

  13. @ Shas: Hello Shas! How are you doing lately? Thanks so much :D. Take care!

    @ Hevn: Ciaooo Bella! Ooh your workplace must look very...pinky hehehe. It's all for a good cause in the end ^_^. Thanks so much!! Chat soon Bella Xoxoxo

    @ NP: Hahaha too funny. The warning only made you go faster ;). I loooove Claire's work too and really proud of what she has done with the site so far. It can only grow bigger! Take care!

  14. I LOVE this post and the reaction of people to it :)

    The self exam doodles site is very new, but you will be happy to know that the first ever google serach term to find it was......

    "Holland Doodles" hehe

    Over 500 views in less than two weeks so far for the whole site. I think next year for breast cancer awareness month, it will be even easier for people to find and have a whole lot more information and doodles! Hopefully more collaborations too :)

  15. @ Claire: No way!! Holland doodles! Hahahah how cool.

    500 views in less than 2 weeks! That's really cool! I can only imagine how it will be next year.

    Yes! Here's to more collaborations!!! *raises beer glass*



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