Friday, October 15, 2010

Raise the Rainbow Flag.


My next post would be about my new Zazzle Store, but I put it on hold for now. Sure making money is fun, but for me not important in life. I want to ramble about something else, something that I find more important at the moment.

I came across a note on Facebook from my friend Diana, that October 20th, is the day where everyone wears purple for the suicides due to gay abuse. Why purple? The color purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag aka The Rainbow Flag (the flag has many more names, visit the link to read more about it).

You know, it just makes me really sad that there is still this hidden, but then again not so hidden, hatred out there against homo sexuals. All I can think of is why? Why would you want to hurt and abuse someone mentally and physically, just because he/she is different?

I have friends who are gay and they are the sweetest & caring people I know. I even attended a wedding of two of them. And you know what, it was the same as any other wedding out there. They are just human beings and having a different interest in sexuality does not change that.

I know that Holland is a country with a high tolerance towards this matter and was the first country that accepted same sex weddings in 2001. Den Mark was the first country who accepted same sex unions (registered partnerships) in 1989. But that doesn't mean that there are no cases of gay abuse. I can recall an accident at the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam two years ago, where a gay model got punched in the face for walking the cat walk. Seriously.

There is this deceiving nature hidden in society. There is this message in society that everyone is equal & the same, but in the end people are still categorized and judged. It's deceiving, because in the end where do people really believe in? Of course this doesn't apply to a lot of other people out there. There are a lot of open minded people out there who accept others just the way they are. But when you think about it, the worst enemy of humans, are humans themselves. With words and actions they can destroy themselves or make someone choose to end their lives...I don't have the words to describe how that makes me feel. Not being able to be yourself and live in fear of being judged by everyone around you, must be one of the worst feelings in the world.

Well I just wanted to get this of my chest. Feel free to share your thoughts & stories on this matter. It's something that needs to be stopped and the more people who support this the better ^_^. Oh! I know that I usually don't post this quick, so in case you've missed it. Please read my previous post for awareness on...boobies and more hehe.

Thanks for reading everyone & have a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. So many people live hidden lives, afraid to show their true selves, because of the absurd prejudices of society. If only honesty rather than hypocrisy were the norm, we'd all be happier, freer, more compassionate individuals.

  2. I get really sad as to why hatred for gay people is still around. We're in a much more open and accepting sociaty than ever before but still some people are so narrow minded.

    This post is awesome. :) If people keep talking about how wrong it is, they will be forced to change!

    I'm currently in the middle of doing a radio documentary for university and my chosen subject is homophobic related attacks.

    I don't understand why people are STILL discriminated against.

  3. I just wish people would stop being so intolerant. I mean, welcome to the 21st century, people!!!

    BTW, I love the Halloween header you created. Lovely & whimsical. :)

  4. A great, spirited post. Love your rainbow painting as well:)

  5. Yeah it's very sad that people have to bully others just because of their sexual preference. Being picked on is rough, and does a lot of emotional damage to someone's character. They become reclusive and don't want to face the world. This definitely needs to be stopped. Discrimination and prejudices are awful. I am very hopeful that we will evolve and people will be more accepting just as long we learn to love and understand one another. We all have our differences, but in the end, we are all human like you said. Great post! It's such a good thing that you're using your "voice" to share concerns that mean a lot to you!

    Lovely illustration btw! I'm sure you already know this by now, but my favorite is the little boy sleeping, haha! Take care TJ! <3

  6. What a beautiful post and drawing TJ! I'm glad I inspired you to do it. I have been very muse-like lately, except for my own stuff :-p

  7. I never witnessed any homosexual hatred events in my country. But usual reaction of people here is to run away :)) If they see any gays or transexuals they stay away or the best they could is running away.

    I must also say the most successful artists are gays in my country but they never mention about it. I think this is right. Bcs i also hate people telling everyone they are homosexuals. Ok, so what? Why do you need to tell everyone?? I don't know. Maybe i don't understand them.

  8. I remember a while back some girl won a beauty pagent because of her answer during the Q&A on homosexuals.

    She was obviously against

    That got me pretty pissed off. I do not have any gay or lesbian friends but to me they are just like what you say, humans. I don't look down on them for there is no reason to. I consider everyone equal. If this is "wrong" in the eyes of God, then who are we to judge, Leave it to God.

  9. Beautiful rainbow! The colours are lovely and such an important statement to make.

    I still can't believe people are so intolerant of anything different from what they think of as normal.

    Who wants to be bloody normal anyways.

    I have lots of friends now that are gay, but even when I didn't, or didn't know they were gay) I still didn't hate gay people.

    Doodle power! :)

  10. @ NP: Yeah, sometimes the solution towards certain situations is rather simple, but unfortunately humans always make things harder than it really is.

    @ Manda's Opinions: Hi there & welcome ^_^! You know what I find ironic, the fact that almost everyone says that we're living in a more open society. If this was really the case, things would be different. But most people hold on to old believes & values. It's very difficult to change a certain mindset and it takes a long time for even a small change. I guess the main element is fear. Fear of that people are different, fear of change. It's really silly in the end. If more people spread the word, the more we can make a difference ^_^. I wish you all the luck with your radio documentary!! Will you blog about it? Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @ Lana G.: Ciao Lana!! Thanks so much! I do love my header as well haha. Especially Sleeping Pumpkin Girl ^_^. The 21st century! If only people would act to what they preach, things would be much easier!

  11. @ Juliana: Thanks so much Juliana! have a lovely Sunday! Ciaoo Xx

    @ Ollie: Thanks muchly Ollie! Yeah, I just had to get it out of my system after I read Diana's note. Lives are ended because people aren't being accepted in a society that claims to be tolerant. Haha yeah little dude tried to hide, but his feet are still to be seen ^_^. Thanks for your comment mister!

    @ Deray: Gracias Diana for strolling by & indeed inspiring me to write this :D! Now use your muse abilities for yourself hehe ;). Xoxox!

  12. @ Kuday: Hey Sinan! Thanks for your comment mister! Yeah you see, I don't understand why people want to run away. I mean, there's nothing contagious to it. So the lack of knowledge or not want to make the effort to learn more about it plays a big part. Oh! These artists, You say they don't talk about it, can you still see in their actions that they are gay? Or do they also conceal this to the outside world?

    @ Hevn: Oooh really?! Oh my gosh, I would be so irritated as well! Everyone is equal indeed. If only people would act towards it and stop being so judgmental! Hope you're well Bella!

    @ Claire: Thank so much! People live in a modern society, but still hold on to older values & believes. It's easier to hold on to what's been there for years than to change I think. Less effort & confrontation perhaps? Well this doesn't go not everyone of course. Oh I definitely don't want to be normal ^_^. Oooh Doodle Power :D!! That's a definite pop ms. Pumpkin!!!!

  13. Wonderful post! I think you nailed it on the head when you said, "But when you think about it, the worst enemy of humans, are humans themselves."

    Luckily, humans are also in the position to be allies as well.

    Happy Spirit Day!

  14. I have never understood why people hate others who are different than them. Fortunately, I was exposed to homosexuals at a very early age with neighbors who were just like every other couple on the block.

    Also, I believe it was a movie - of all things - where I first saw two people of the same sex kiss. I was 10. My mother took me to see this movie and felt like she had to explain it to me. But no explanation was required. I got it.

    Many of my friends are gay and happily married with children and jobs and great contributors to the community. Their sexual orientation shouldn't make a difference.

    Great post, TJ!

  15. @ Jen: Ciao Jen! Lovely to see you here. It's such a sad thing that this is still happening though, but you're absolutely right. Humans can be allies as well! *waves*

    @ ToP: Heey Katy! It's probably fear, fear of the difference and not being to understand it. In the end everyone is different, it makes the world that more interesting. Thanks so much for stopping by :D Ciao!


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