Monday, October 18, 2010

Shopping Spree!

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen: Finally it is here!

First of all! A big - Thank You - to all the readers who commented on my previous post and shared their thoughts. I thought it was really cool!

Now the topic of today!! I have opened...a Zazzle shop! The theme is Halloween for now. It's not that big, but I've got a few pieces up. Remember Halloween will be here soon, so browse around & feel the Halloween spirit! Do let me know if you like it and if you have suggestions/questions.

Reason for working with Zazzle, is that I heard lots of great stories from it and the quality is good as well. I can't work with a big stock just yet and since I can't sit still, I decided to make the first start with Zazzle. An Etsy will here pretty soon too and here I will also put up original illustrations. This way everyone who likes my art can purchase it in an easy way. You can already see some examples in the sidebar and in the slide show below. I shall work in themes, because I don't want to put random products in my shop.

Create a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Tada!!  So so soooo what do you think? I'm really curious.

Well let's see, what else. Oh I shall make some changes to my 'Open for Business' page. You can always email me at for personal commissions or other designs. The information on that page shall change as well, but you shall get a proper post about it. Yes. There will be some changes on this blog again soon.

Please tell everyone who might be interested in it & Happy Shopping!

Heads up notice: There will be an interesting post up this Thursday...well I do hope it's interesting to you haha. So stay tuned lovely readers!



  1. Leuk! Gefeli! :D
    Ik ben ook benieuwd naar je Etsy! :D
    Verkoop ze! ;)

  2. Yay! So awesome you have your own Zazzle shop! I loooooove it all! <3

    Now what to buy..hmmm

    Ooh can't wait for thursday's post! :D

  3. Great news, TJ! Sounds like you're setting your future in motion. You know you have all my best wishes.

  4. Oh interesting. I've never heard of zazzle. Please keep us updated on how well it works for you. I keep thinking about opening an Etsy store for my drawings too, but I'm not quite ready yet.

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  6. @ Nicollie: Heeey Nicole! Dat is een tijd geleden! Hoe gaat het? Thank you :D!! Ik ben benieuwd hoe dit gaat lopen, tot nu toe gaat het goed haha! Groetjes!

    @ Oburr: Hahahah you're funny ^_^. Thanks so much!! Yes. Thursday is almost, almost here!!

    @ NothingProfound: Ciaooo NP! Thank you! I know I have your best wishes! I truly appreciate it :D! Take care!

    @ Heather F.: Hi Heather! I shall keep you all posted for sure! Oooh do open an Etsy when you're ready! I'm going to do that soon as well, but need to create more pieces for it! Thanks for strolling by.

    @ Multi Blogging: Thanks muchly. Sorry. I only follow when I want to follow a blog and not because you ask me too.

  7. AHHHHHHHH CONGRATS my love on your new shop!

    I'm so excited for you!!! Ahhh I need to smother you in a BIG BIG hug (yet again)

    I'll go take a look at them, wheeee

  8. Good luck with the Zazzle & impending Etsy stores. I've never had much luck with such things, but I probably haven't pushed them as much as I should've.

  9. Go 'head with your Hope the zazzle shop does well for you! =)

  10. @ Hevn: Ciao Bella! Thank you :D!!! Hahaha I think when we do finally meet it will consist of ONE HUGE HUG! Not that I mind tho hehe ;). Talk soon! Xxx

    @ Lana G.: Thank you! I'll see how it goes. Eventually I want to have my own online store with own stock and wrapping paper and ribbons haha. This is just a start ^_^. Have a lovely week ahead!

    @ Tim Rodgers: Yo Tim!! Thanks so much! I always think you'll burst out in not ask me why please! Ciao!

  11. @ Andji: Heheh thank you, thank you :D! Xxx

  12. Will there be a Christmas or other collection comming soon? :D

  13. @ Andji: Oooh stay tuned :D. Soon I shall add new things! Xx


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