Thursday, October 21, 2010


Heeey everyone!

Another year has passed and it's my...birthday again! So get your party outfits out of the closet and get your drinks ready. For the ones who didn't know, but who are dying to know my age (I know it's such an important fact about myself...hehe). I am 25 now!


It's not only my birthday today. It's also the birthday of lovely fellow friend and illustrator ms. Kimberly from Soggy Dog Studios! Happy Birthday Kim!! I know you love mermaids, so thought it would be fun to give you a mermaid drawing. Either way, I hope you're having a lovely day as well. Big hugs & kisses to you!
To celebrate my day with all of you I'm having a give away! Yes. you've heard it correctly. It is:

A Doodly Give Away

The prices are a personally designed mug and a Halloween poster illustration! This means there are two winners. The first winner can design his/hers own mug. The mugs you see in this little slide show are only examples. I made these for family & friends.

The second winner can choose one of the Halloween Illustrations below as a poster print.

You like what you see? The rules are as follow:

1. You need to be a lovely reader of my blog and by this I mean follow publicly with Google Friend Connect.

2. Leave a comment on this post. Otherwise you won't be thrown in the Magic Hat, because I won't know you want to participate. Yes. I have a Magic Hat.

3. Eat a cookie. Okay just kidding with number 3.

Just follow 1 and 2 and you're done. I shall announce the winner in my next post on October 31st, 2010. Make sure to check back in a week or so. Thanks for participating & Have an awesome day everyone!!



  1. Happy Birthday, to you!
    Happy Birthday, to you!
    Happy Birthday, dear TJ!
    Happy Birthday, to you!!!!!!!
    May you have many many happy returns!

  2. It's still Wednesday here!

    Happy birthday, my beautiful, sweet, charming, caring and wonderfully talented friend!!

    <3 Elisa, Matt and Abby

  3. Happy birthday (& many more!) *big hugs* (It was my birthday last week, so it seems we're in good company...Even though I turned 43. ;)

  4. Happy Merry Feliz Birthday!!! XOXO

  5. Happy Birthday. Wow, only 25. When I was 25, I went to Paris and met up with this girl I used to know. We did a side trip to Amsterdam that week as well. Four months later we were married and that was 13 years ago.

    Hope you at LOTS of cake.

  6. I just woke up here and read your post and awwww today is your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In bahasa I would say SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN!!! haha
    and I read your post about your zazzle shop, its very cool!- I checked the site.
    btw, am trying to finish the designs I told you on my email this week ok. ^-*

  7. Happy birthday and enjoy your 20's! How wonderful to be 25. You're so young!

  8. Wow these new pieces are exotic! Good job!! The water
    is pretty sweet on the mermaid pic!


    1.) I'm following!
    2.) I didn't know you have a magic hat!!
    3.) Mmm is chocolate chip okay? ;)

    Oh and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^_^

  9. aawwwww PRETTY TJ!!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i dont eat cookies im on a diet but
    please count me in!!!

  10. oh by the way, 25?????????

    gosh im so old x((

  11. Awwww... Thank you for that special birthday wish TJ!!! I LOVE my mermaid!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a thousand Happy Birthdays! ... Wishing I was 25 again! :) Have a super super day!!!! xoxoxox - Kim

  12. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Hmmmm I thought you were already 25! whoops! So congratulations you are a year younger lol :)

    LOVE the aquamarine background on the mermaid, it is simply lovely.

    I am just saying happy birthday because you are a lovely friend, don't include me in the magic hat :)

  13. @ Gonzalez: You sang it wonderfully!! Gracias José ^_^! hehe.

    @ Elisa: Hahaha yes. I wanted to include a message that it would be Oct. 20th, when this post would go live ( I scheduled it), but I forgot hehe. Thanks so much :D Xoxox & waves to Matt & Abby!

    @ Lana: Yes! I wished you a happy birthday on BC :D!! October is filled with fun birthdays ^_^! Thank you *big hugs*

    @ Deray: Yay!!! Thanks so much Diana!! *hugs*

  14. @ Beer Drinker Rob: Hello! Wow. That's so cool! How lovely :D!! And thank you!! I did ate a lot of cake, had to roll around in the end hehe.

    @ Dita: Ciaoo Sweet Dita! Thanks so much! Ooh good luck with the designs! I shall reply to your email soon okay! Take care & take breaks okay! Xoxoxoxo!!

    @ Bo: Thanks muchly!!

    @ Heather F.: Ciao Heather! Aww thank you! It was a lovely day ^_^. Take care!!

  15. @ Ollie: Hello hello! Thank you hahah! Yes, you shall be thrown in the Magic Hat! I have a lot of magical stuff lying around...Take care!!

    @ Love is colder than death: Ciaoooooooo Pretty Mita!! Awww you are not old! Thanks so much!!! Hugs & kisses back!

    @ Soggy Dog Studios: You're most welcome Kim :D! I'll post the mermaid soon to you! Hope you had an AWESOME day!! Xoxoxoxo!!

    @ Claire: Ooooh you thought I was 25 already hahaha! You're funny ^_^. Thank you, thank you!! Now you must wait by your mailbox please hehe. Xxxxxx

  16. Happy belated birthday - can't wait for the stuff I ordered to get here! It looks great. :)

  17. I'm so sorry I am late with my birthday greetings. May your 25th year be richly blessed with love, laughter and passion. And may you have many happy returns.
    Love, TiTi

  18. @ Zack: Thank you!! Yes! I hope you get them BEFORE Halloween haha! Can't wait to see the picture!

    @ Titi: Aww thanks so much :D!! Don't worry! You weren't that late. Hope all is well Xx!

  19. I just love your drawings - your birthday drawing is extra cute!

  20. Congrats again TJ! Of course I have wished you a HB already, so you can guess the real reason of this post hee hee. I was so lucky on Mooks blog, thought I'd try it again ... Anyway, great idea. Good luck everyone!

  21. @ Tricia: Ciao Lady! You shall be thrown in the Magic Hat *throws* Hope you're feeling better soon!!

    @ Arjan: Awww dank je wel ;)!!! Ooh you never know indeed!! Very cool that I can throw you in the Magic Hat as well ^_^!

  22. oh my, I missed this one >_> happy belated birthday TJ!! *hugs* XD
    seeing your watercolor makes me want to do oneeee awwh!! Keep improving! Best of luck on everything <33

  23. Happy Belated birthday to you my friend!!! I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. The banner is Fabulous!!! I really like it a lot and this wonderful illustration. Great work. Thanks so much for stopping by

  24. @ Bakkanekko: Ciaooo Zadia! Aww thank you!!Oooh do something with watercolors!!! I bet you do awesome!! Thanks again & big hugs to you too!

    @ Vanessa B.N.: Hello Vanessa! Always a pleasure to see you on my blog! Thanks so much for your lovely words & stopping by as well! Take care!


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