Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and the winner is...


Now behold. The time has come for me to announce the winners of the give away! Are you all ready? Got your snacks?

Hmm I wonder who shall win...

*drum rolls & a touch of an electric violin*

Winner no. 1 for the personalized mug is: Gonzalexx
Winner no. 2 for the Halloween print is: Love is colder than Death

Congratulations!!! I have both your email addresses, so expect an email from me soon ^_^.

To all the others who entered, but didn't not worry! The Magic Hat bestowed me with powers and I predict more "Doodly Giveaways" in the near future!

 BOO to You!

My Halloween Zazzle shop will be here for just a few more days, then I'll close it up until I got the Christmas designs ready! So browse around, you can find a sneak peek in the side bar and get what you like before it's gone ;).

Enjoy this Spooky day and till next time.



  1. TJ-hope you had a merry Halloween! I had a quiet one-dinner out with my wife and then a mini-concert to listen to some folk music.

  2. Happy Halloween gorgeous!!!

    Ad congrats to the winner, woot!

  3. Yay! That was fun! I love the touch of the electric violin ^_^!

  4. @ NP: Happy (belated) Halloween to you too NP! It was fun, didn't do a lot, but it's always fun to watch movies ^_^. Till next time!

    @ Hevn: Ciaooo Bella! I read your post! You won hehe!! Very cool! I loved the hat! I probably should comment on your blog now haha. Xoxoxo

    @ Sympathy for the Devil: Awww big hugs pretty Mita! I'll let you know when I ship the poster! Xoxoxo

    @ Ollie: Haha yeah I thought I should switch it up and add a bit of violin!

  5. TJ,

    I just love your art. It's so beautiful, whimsical and fun. I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  6. I like how you draw... totally awesome. That is all.

  7. Congrats to the winners. I love the black cat & skulls, btw. Very cool!

  8. Hey Tj

    well hi, sorry to be so far away (I am on holidays) well your new header is crazy good - and you are so kind to your readers - Heaven must be full of wonderful artists like yourself .

    Me? I think I am going to the other place.


    see you when I get back from Hols

  9. Wish you too a Spooky Spooky Happy Halloween :)

  10. How did I miss a giveaway????

    ARGH *head desk*

  11. Hi TJ! Just stopped by to see how you were doing. I absolutely love the new autumn header (I like how you keep changing it--keeps things interesting) and love the new drawings. Good luck on Zazzle--but I know you are going to be outstandingly successful!


  12. @ JaneneMurphy: Hello JM! Thanks so much for stopping by & the lovely words! Hope you had fun as well. I didn't do too much, except watching a few movies haha. Ciao!

    @ Daniel: Welcome & thank you for saying so haha! Very cool to hear and hopefully you'll be back again! Take care ^_^

    @ Lana G.: Hi Lana! Thank you :D. The cat isn't afraid, but then again, the skulls are kinda silly hehe.

    @ Andrew Finnie: Hi mr. Finnie! Thanks for taking a break and visit me! You going to the other place huh?! I doubt it hehe. Your work is too good for that! Till next time!

    @ Shas: Ciaoo Shas! Why thank you ^_^. Hope you did something fun too!

    @ Elisa: Hehe...I think you were so amazed by the fact it was my bday, while it still was Oct.20 for you ;). There will be more soon!!! Xoxoxox

    @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda! I shall add a new header soon, perfect for Winter ^_^. Zazzle is a good start for now I think, will do other things in the near future. Thanks so much!! Take care!


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