Thursday, May 20, 2010

Packing up my blog for a while

My lovely readers,

I think you might have noticed a lack of posts for a while now. My apologies! I tried to schedule some time for posting, but I kept postponing it and the drawings I wanted to show you related to the project were bugging me and I didn’t want to post that just yet. For a few weeks now things got a bit hectic and it got to me physically; leaving me very tired. The end of my thesis is in sight and I will focus the upcoming weeks only on this. I need to check this adventure off my list for once and for all!

So my blog will be sleeping for a few weeks, I do hope you guys stop by, read, comment, send an email….I love to hear from you guys and reading your notes makes my day and probably makes me work faster to get back to blogging hehe ^_^. And I will reply to you, maybe not as quick as usually, but a response shall await you!

Before I go, I do have some things to show you. They are related to the 12WC project and one was a commission. Enlarge them for better view!!

First a few Dudettes & Pets. I can't seem to find the sketch I did on them on my laptop...hmm...either way, this is the final version of three small characters. I owe you guys their background story! Do you remember the Dudes & Pets? I will do a similar thing for them too.

A preview of the theme Clogism! This theme came to live during a conversation with ms. Claire and Jenn (do check out their awesome blogs!). A conversation about a 'religion' named Clogism (for the ones who don't know it yet...I live in the Netherlands.). A fun theme haha. I have a more sketches waiting to be inked & colored. It will be a line for cards and shirts. A fun twist to the traditional elements in Holland. Oh don't worry, cheese, windmills & tulips shall be featured on it as well hehe.

The commission I did was for a lovely lady who send me such a fun email with lots of elements to choose from to be featured on a drawing. I tried to combine most of the elements in one drawing and...tadaaa... this is the result:

I hope you liked it and do not worry! I won’t stop doodling, so when I get back to blogging I will have lots to show you. Fun times ahead my friends! For my 12WC challengers, I won’t stop with the project either, I will do things a bit more slow without the pressure of posting things.

Do take care everyone and see you all when I get back!
Ciao Xoxo


  1. Aah, die klompjeschibi's zijn schattig! :D
    Sterkte en succes met je scriptie en hurry up, zodat je snel weer in blogland te vinden bent. ;) hihi...

  2. such beautiful Art, TJ!
    you continue to conjure world-class characters, totally imaginative settings... such richness!

    yes.. unplug for a while and recharge! we'll be watching for you.

    all good things are coming to you.

  3. Great drawings...Can't wait to see what you have in store for us when you get back.

  4. @ Nicole: Heey Nicole! Dank je wel ^_^!! Haha ja ik vind die klompje ook heel leuk! Ik doe mijn best en rond alles zo snel mogelijk af! Groetjes & knuffels! Xx

    @ Chuck: Ciao Chuck! Thanks so much for strolling by and your sweet comment! It's lovely to see you here again ^_^. Yes. I do need to finish my thesis and recharge and then I'll be back with lots of goodies! Take care Xoxo!

    @ Bo: Hello Bo! Thank you for stopping by! Ooh I hope I will surprise you all when I get back haha! take care & keep on cooking! All the recipes I see are just divine!

  5. you know that you inspire with with your works. i can't wait to hear from you again:) i know you have lots of treats for us. im looking forward for your new posts again.

  6. nice nice, keep the drawings up TJ!
    Good luck for life! xD

  7. TJ- Yay, the "clogism" drawing (and the others of course) is adorable. I need to be wary with you-- a passing joke suddenly comes to life in ink and watercolor! :)

    Best of luck to you with your thesis!!!

  8. I miss you already.

    Hope to see you soon. Take care.

  9. Good luck on getting that thesis done! 12WC will be here when you get back :)

    LOVE Clogism. :)

  10. Learned new word today. Cheers!

  11. Best of luck finishing up your Thesis! At the moment that's priority number one and as much as we love your posts your making the right choice. We'll miss you in the meantime. On that note fantastic post Tj. Love the drawings. So pleasing to the eye. Take care see you in a couple.

  12. Finish that thesis! One thing less to care about and then... bloging freedom!!! I was like that two months ago, I understand. Take your time and draw some doodles even in the bathroom (hehe). We will waiting for you

    I send you good energy from here

  13. Yes I do think you should get done ur thesis, recharge then back blogging when you ready and WOW us again and again like u always do with you drawing.
    Many will miss you already and me included.
    All the best for you my sweet and warm friend! ^^

  14. Good decision TJ, sometimes the internet can become a MAJOR distraction. I have found myself stepping away for a couple weeks here and there just to keep my sanity. It is so nice out now it is even harder to spend my time online. Good luck with your thesis and hope everything goes well. These drawings are wonderful as always! cheers

  15. wishing you all the best TJ ;))
    hope you're doing good, heheh!

    ps: what a fun theme Clogism :D

  16. Goof luck on your thesis, gorgeous! Concentrate on your thesis and once you're done, then start partying like it's 1999! Lol kidding but anyway one thing at a time. Don't worry, we'll all still be around when you come back, that I promise. I know I will be.

    I couldn't help but scroll up and down your blog and look at the pictures. One thing that I really love is the colours used. It's all still so pretty to me.. and I can see the love you have behind all the pictures. I LOVE them.

    Take care and keep us updated once your thesis is done

    Lots of love gorgeous!

  17. Goof?!?!?!?
    LOL.. I mean Good*

    sorry about the "goof" up XDDD

  18. Ohh no... I'll miss ya!
    Don't forget our meeting June 17th.... If you have the time! :) Love the latest sketches! xoxox - Kim

  19. Waovv!! I forgot what to say when i was reading above comments. Take care though I'm the last commenter...

  20. @Ianne:
    Thanks soo much for the lovely words Ianne! I'm humbled by your words. You're lovely! Ooh thank you for the award too! I will post it when I will blog again. At first I wanted to edit this post, but it wouldn't get the attention it deserves. So I won't forget about it! I highly appreciate the blog award! Take care & till next time!

    @Bakkanekko: Heey Zadia! Haha! Thanks so much!!! You too, all the luck and talk to ya soon! Xx

    @ Jenn T.:
    Heeeey Jenn! Thanks so much ^_^! Hahaha yes be careful...I already have two sketches waiting to be inked and colored; remember flying through the air in the rain a la Mary Poppins and walking in a store, holding a chicken asking for help? Something like that hehe. Thanks for stopping by & glad you liked the preview of Clogism!!

    @ Elisa: Hellooo Elisa! Awww you're really sweet! I haven't had the time to check your newest posts yet! I will soon! Don't worry, I shall still stalk you ;D. Take care xoxo!

  21. @Kristine: Heey Kristine! Thank you, thank you ^_^! Haha I love Clogism too! All the best of luck with the 12WC project! Keep on creating your lovely pieces! Take care!

    @Pete: Haha you're welcome! Thanks for stopping by! Cyaa

    @Pablo: Ciaoooo Pablo! How are you dude?! Thanks for your lovely words! Gosh! I'm gonna miss you guys too! Till next time & take care!!

    @ Encaracolda: Yes Ma'am! I will finish the thesis ^_^. Thanks for the positive energy! You're so sweet! You draw in the bathroom huh? I see.....hehehe. Thanks for waiting till I come back!!! Big Hugs!!

  22. @Migonesia: Ciaaooo Dita! I haven't forgotten the email, will send a reply asap! Thanks so much for commenting! I shall finish it asap, recharge and be back with new stuff! I promise! Take care Xoxox!

    @Brad: Heey Brad! Very true. Internet became a huge distraction and I kept struggling to keep on posting, so a I had to make a choice. Posting drawings I wasn't comfortable with OR put it aside for a while and work on the thesis and post cool stuff when I get back! So I made my choice, it wasn't easy tho. Glad you liked what you saw! Keep on posting your awesome work too! Ciao!

    @Lakshmita: Heeey pretty Mita! Aww thank you! hahah yeah I really like Clogism! I wonder what else I will come up with! I shall travel to your blog again soon! Take care Xoxo!

  23. @Hevn: Ciaooo Bella! Hahaha you're so funny! Goof hehehe. Thanks so much for stopping by!! It's always fun to see you here and read your comments! I was postponing this for some time now, but I'm at a point now that it was bugging me that I couldn't keep up with posting and school work. So had to make a decision *sigh*. Hope all is well with you Bella!! Take care and write you soon XOXO!

    @SoggyDog: Heeeeeeeeeey Kim! How lovely to see you here again! Oh I haven't forgot about our date ^_^! So far I can still make it! *fingers crossed* So excited! Thanks so much!! Xoxox!

    @sinan: Hey Kuday! How are you? Ehm...right...I forgot about it again! Sorry! Thanks for leaving a comment tho ^_^. Much appreciated! Hope you're well!

  24. @ EVERYONE (so far):

    Wow! You guys...are AWESOME! Really you are! I didn't expect this many comments. I will surely miss blogging and all of you guys for the upcoming weeks, but as I said...I'll be back and I will hopefully surprise you all again haha.

  25. Aww no way! The blogosphere will miss you!

    Best of luck with everything though. I hope you get it all sorted out. Loving the drawings, so fun and cute, looking forward to plenty more on your return!

    At which I will get those pom poms out :D

  26. @ Ken:
    Heeeey Ken! Thank you so much! It sure wasn't easy, but now I have another reason to be back asap! I wanna see how you will cheer and throw the pom poms when I get back hahah! Make sure to record it okay...

  27. Greetings TJ I hope you are fine and your situation is improving. Come back soon eh? :)


  28. @ Andrew Finnie: Greetings Mr. Finnie. How are you? I'm fine thank you ^_^. All is going okay and I will do my best to come back sooooon!!! Take care & Ciao ;)

  29. Yo,
    Just saying hi. Hope you're doing well.

  30. Me die admiring all the art work TJ... looking at them, life suddenly appear to be so beautiful and worth living for another day..

    Keep them coming darl, can't wait to see what you have in store, coz I want to get some of them hehehe...

    *hugs & kisses*

  31. ziet er allemaal weer uitermate schattig uit :)

  32. Hey TJ

    I'm still loving your drawing that you made especially for me! I was just wondering how the thesis is coming along?

    Good luck!



    p.s. Love the Dutch ladies btw, they would make a great line of porcelain (mugs, plates, everything!)

  33. I love these, TJ. Sometimes your work reminds me of Beatrix Potter. There's such innocence and jollity.

  34. @ One of the Guys:
    Ciaoooo Sai! I'm doing fine thanks! How are you? I was already thinking to send you a short update email haha! I might do that this week! So stay tuned! Have a great week ahead! *waves*

    @ Makeupholics: Elyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnn!! *hugs* Thank you so much ^_^! That is such a lovely thing to say! I hope all is well with you and you're feeling a bit better too! Oooh you wanna have some of it huh....heheheh ;)

    Ciaooo XOXO!

    @ Sjan W.:
    Heey dank je wel!!

    @ Nina:
    Hey Nina! How cool to see you here :D. I'm happy you still like your drawing haha! Thesis is coming along good, it's pretty tiring now, but just a little longer I hope then I am done!! Ooh I have a lot in mind with the Dutch ladies ^_^! Have a lovely holiday!! Xoxo!!!

    @ Nothingprofound:
    Ciaoooo NP!! I will stalk you soon again! Thanks so much for stopping by and your lovely compliment. Oh wow! Beatrix Potter is kind of an icon in the illustration world, most people know these illustrations. Thank you NP ^_^. Take care!!

  35. Thanks TJ! I was starting to wonder where you were- but I'm sure you're just caught up with life...

    Thanks for the continued support! ;)

  36. @ Abz: Haha yeah got a bit too busy to keep on blogging regularly on the side. I will be back tho! Thanks for always stopping by too and keep up the cool work ^_^

  37. We ALL need blog-breaks from time to time. I hope you're feeling better.

  38. @ Lana G.: Heeey Lana, I'm feeling better thank you ^_^. Tho I'm still running around haha, but the fog in my mind has been cleared up a bit! The blog break is definitely necessary to think what my next steps are going to be!

  39. I love your artwork...very unique. I hope you post more soon!

  40. omg!
    these sketches you made yourself?!?!
    why didnt you tell meee! :P
    they are absolutely amazing, and super cuteeee!!! :D

  41. @ Jazz: Ciao!! Aww thanks so much! Yes I will post very soon! Stay tuned! Xx

    @ Michelle-Anna Q.: Hahaha you're funny ^_^. Yes, all made by me ;). Thank you, thank you!! You're too kind! Stay tuned for new stuff! *waves*


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