Monday, June 14, 2010

Not back just yet, but.......


You guys! Today it's one year exactly that I started blogging! Now I can't just let this Blog anniversary pass right!! So a quick doodle for you guys:

*sigh* this is such a crappy scan...-_-''

There are enough baked goodies to go around. So help yourself! Thanks so much for strolling along with me on this interesting journey. There is more on its way once I get back. I'm busy with rewriting and proofreading thesis stuff....booorrriiinnnggg *sigh*. I'm counting the days that I can return to blogging again and share new observations and rambles with you guys. You know...the usual stuff haha.

Oh before I go, I would like to pass a HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely ladies Elisa, Dita & Ianne for giving me the awards below. I really appreciate it and I'm honoured! Thank you!!

Hope you are all well & Take care.
Ciao Xoxo

PS.: Ooh you guys, check out the first couple of posts I did. Seriously the drawing style has changed quite a bit haha.


  1. Congradubloodylations on your first year of blogging!

    /takes a cake :)

    Time flies by in the world of blogging and as the years go by things change a lot, but I hope that you will always come back to it :)

  2. Congrats TJ!! But i feel a little upset about smtg. And you know the reason..

  3. @ Claire:
    Ciaooooo Claire! *gives napkin* Thank you ^_^. As for now I have no intention to stop, too much fun stuff happened (you are one of them hehe). Xxx

    @ Kuday: Thank you!! Hahaha I know I know! But you had enough time! I even edited the post ;). Better luck next time okay ^_^! *waves*

  4. Congrats!!! Internet miss you a lot!!!
    It´s true that your drawings have evolved (forgive my english) that´s why I want to recommend you a very useful and funny, funny book, "Drawing for the artistically undiscovered" (Quentin Blake and John Cassidy) I am gonna start it right now!!
    Take Care and rest in between.

  5. WOOOOHOOOO! Congrats! You're sooooo much better than me! ;)

    You've done great so far and I know there's no stopping you yet! After such a long stretch, you'll really appreciate this break, even if it is for that boooorrrrriiiing stubborn thesis!!

    I'm totally revamping mine now (didnt tell you that, did I?! Well I kinda did...) Dunno whether to delete my past posts or not yet... hmmm, we'll discuss!
    MWAH! xx

  6. Awh! Congratulation!! We miss you TJ :'D I've check the drawing on the 3rd post, yeah, it changed a bit, and the coloring is muuucchhhh better hahah~ :)

  7. Congratulations... & Happy Blogoversary


    *takes top tier* Hey. I'm HUNGRY! lol

    We should save up our money and for your fifth blogoversary we should have an in-person party and day of fun and celebration.

    Just saying. ;)

  9. Congrats! gal. Nice to see ya after a long time. Hope to see you soon on blogosphere on a regular basis.
    Wish your blog a long n a happy life and an interesting journey ahead.

  10. awwwwww!!!! congrats Pretty TJ! :))
    how have you been???
    those cakes are pretty, hmmmm...delicious, but ooohhh im on a diet :D heheh....

  11. Muchas felicidades TJ! I hope everything goes smoothly with the thesis thingy so we can have your awesome doodles back!

    Pass me a chocolate croissant, will you? :-D

  12. very nice your characters .... your style is interesting. good!!!


  13. @ Encaracolada:
    Thank you! Aww I miss blogging and all of you guys too :(. Ooh don't worry about your English, I understand exactly what you mean ^_^. Thank you for the tip I will have a look at it. I'll do my best to have a break every now and then haha. Ciaoo Xoxo!

    @ MsGJ:
    Heeeeeeeeey Jones!!! Thank youuuu!! I know this is also a good time to put things in perspective and see what I will do with my blog in the second year. Too bad this borriiiinngggg thesis *shakes fist & rolls around* taking up a bunch of my time!!!

    THAT was especially for you ^_^ hehe.

    We shall discuss your blog asap again. Prepare please....

    *waves* Love ya!! XOXO
    @ Bakkanekko: Hi Zadia

    @ Doson:
    Hey Doson, how cool to see you here! Thank you!! *waves*

    @ Elisa:
    Ciaooooooooo Elisa!!! Hahah you can have the top tier ^_^ hehe.
    But that sounds really good! So for the 5th blogoversary we shall party *shakes hand* DEAL!! Thanks for strolling by!! Xoxox

  14. @ Shas:
    Heeey Shas! Thanks so much! How have you been? It has been a long time indeed. I think I will be gone for a few more weeks tho :(. I do my best to come back soon! Take care Xx

    @ Laksmita Indira:
    Ooooh Pretty Mita! How lovely to see you here! Hahaha you can have a tiny cake? xoxo *travels to her blog*

    @ Deray:
    Gracias Deray!!! Thesis is going okay, but too sloooow for me. Ah well, I can only do so much on a day *sigh*. Thanks so so much! I'll do my best to come back soon!! Cyaa on twitter ;). *gives chocolate croissant* Xx

    @ Ned:
    Welcome & thanks for stopping by Ned :)!

  15. I didn't sleep much last night (if at all?) and I read your xoxox at the end of your comment to me as "xanax" which is a tranquilizer.

    I didn't know why you were stuffing me with cookies, cakes and tranquilizers.

    Although....I'm IN! LOL

  16. @ Elisa:
    Hahahahaha Noooooo tranquilizers!! Well it sounds like fun heheh ;D/ I shall put it on our party list haha!

    Aww hope you have a good day tho! And you won't read stuff different all the time hehe. Did Abigail wake you up a lot? How is your fabulous hair?! Where is the picture.....hehehe


    @ Bakkannekko:
    Zadia!! I totally didn't realize that your comment was unfinished *sigh*!!

    Aww sorry! But yes, the style has changed a bit...the colors improved A LOT hahaha! I switched up brand and brushes and paper and yeah practicing works a lot! Thanks soo much for stopping by girl!! Hope all is well and keep up creating your cool drawings too! Xxx

  17. You sound busy. I look forward to your return to the blogging world. Good luck with finishing up school!!

    We're coming up on a year too. Pretty cool!

  18. HAPPIEST BLOGGY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU!!!! OH BOY! Great work! Hey these days any blog that makes it over a year should be celebrated. This is wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by too! Have a wonderful day and heres to hundreds and hundreds of post and comments and followers
    he he he

  19. Congrats & happy blogoversary, hon! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have so far. Keep up the good work!

  20. @ One of the Guys: Ciaoo Sai! Yeah pretty busy indeed :(. The last phase is quite difficult, mainly because I'm so tired -_-. Oooh when is The Guys blog one year?? Aah time flies doesn't it!! Have a great weekend and chat later!

    @ Vanesse B.N.: Heeey V!! Thank you!!!! Hahaha you're so sweet ^_^! Have a lovely weekend and till next time! *waves*

    @ Lana: Ciao Lana!! Thank you so much!! Blogging has been lots of fun, even tho I don't post as much now, I will be back with lots of goodies!! Have a great weekend!!

  21. Hi! girlie,
    Do check out my blog there is a surprise waiting for you. Herez the link just in case if you miss out the post.

  22. @ Shas: Heeey there!! I replied on your blog! You're really sweet! Thanks so much ^_^ xoxo

  23. Happy belated blogoversary my lovely friend TJ!!!!^-^And thank you fot mentioned meeeee. I want those cake!!! hahah.
    So your blog is one year old now and WOW I don't even have so many followers and comments on my blog as in yours. Congrats for that!!!^^ I've read ur first post and its reminds me to my first post- it was pictures of dresses that I made at work and pictures I snapped with my youngest brother- there was no greeting post at all hahaha coz I was so blank about blogging.My reason of blogging was quite an accident- I bought a new mobile phone back in 2008 that automatically connected to a blog account in Blogger so I post what ever I snapped with my mobile to my blog since. in the first year my blog has no name at all till I got my very first follower from Turkey hahah and I was like OMG! later on I joined blog catalog and the rest of story is like you can see on my blog now hehehe. All the best for your blog and for the art work you do, always.I am glad to know such a sweet lovely and creative person like you. XOXO

  24. Hello TJ, are you back? Congras on one year! Happy blog versary to you, happy blog versary to you! Happy blog versary, happy blog versary, happy blog versary to you!

  25. @ Mignonesia:
    Ciaoo Dita! You're most welcome. Thank you for giving that award! It's a small effort to mention you hehe. Ooh I'm grateful for every follower! It's lovely to know that people read your blog haha! Yes my first post was rambling in the purest form hahaha! Thank you soooo much for your fun comments and little stories too! Big hugs & kisses!

    @ Andrew Finnie:
    Bonjour Mr. Finnie! Ca va? (oh I don't know how to do those little thingies under the c on this laptop...) Aww thank you so much!! That was a lovely tune ^_^!! I'm not back just yet I'm afraid! Soon I will be!! Take care

  26. Sorry I'm a bit late, but here goes: Happy First Year Bloggiversary to You!

  27. @ Theresa111: Ciaoo Theresa! Thank soo much! And do not worry at all, better late than never right ;). Take care Xx

  28. TJ! Sorry it has taken me a while to check in here! CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful that you have been blogging a year. I remember when you first showed up on BC last summer. It's been wonderful to see your blog blossom and grow.

    I've been thinking of you, my friend--and hoping whatever family problems that are troubling you are now working themselves out. We all hope you will be back soon!

    Congrats again on your great accomplishment!


  29. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  30. lol yaaaay! Congrats on the one year TJ!!!! may you have many more to come!

  31. Congratulations on reaching the 1 year mark and congratulations on your awesome blog, I‘m a first time visitor but I will definitely not be a stranger as I think your writing and drawings are great..

  32. Congratulations on your blog anniversary...wohoooo.

    Oh and to answer your question about Munny. I consider it and I'll definitely post about it if I decide to do it ^^

  33. @ Melinda: Ciaoooo Melinda!! Don't worry at all! I was late to your party too remember ^_^? Ooh it has been much fun so far and BC is starting to be alive again too haha. It was difficult, but I'm doing much better now and I still owe you an email! Till next time! Hugs to you!! Xx

    @ Tagskie: Thanks for dropping by! Cya

    @ Wayne B.M.: Holaaaa Wayne!! Thank you, thank you *bows* hehe. Hope you're doing good!!

    @ Andrew G.C: Heey Andrew! Thanks so much!! You can stop by whenever you like haha! Usually there are cupcakes around hehe ;)

    @ Heidi A.: Woohoo! Thank you!! Oh definitely keep me updated ^_^! Have a lovely week ahead! Xoxo!

  34. @ Michelle-Anne Q.: Thank you!!! I love your name ^_^

  35. smiles. It's a little bit to late, but ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥ *•* ♥ ♥♥ ♥♥GRATZ!♥♥ ♥♥ ♥ *•* ♥ ♥♥ ♥♥
    ..the next years will be more "harder" :)) (I'm joking!)

    Take care and all The Best!

  36. @ Dyeve: Awww thank you :D. Well all I want is that it stays as fun as it is now haha! Thanks for stopping by!! Take care Xoxo

  37. Congratulations... & Happy Blogoversary you have really done a good job with your blog so keep up the good work oh i read some of your old post and your drawing have really changed since last year but in a good way and your introduction to the blog was awsome so engaging so aging keep up the good work and HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY

  38. Congratulations... & Happy Blogoversary you have really done a good job with your blog so keep up the good work oh i read some of your old post and your drawing have really changed since last year but in a good way and your introduction to the blog was awsome so engaging so aging keep up the good work and HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY

  39. @ Shonda: Heeey there Shonda! Thank you, thank you ^_^!! They have changed quite a lot haven't they! I didn't realize it until I looked back and I was like 'wow. :|'. Thanks a bunch for reading the first ramble post too haha. I really appreciate that! Keep up the awesome work on your blog too!! Take care Xx


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