Friday, April 30, 2010

Zero2illo week 4 & Award time!

Hi there!

I did say in my previous post that I would blog about the Zero2illo projct every 2 weeks and that I would combine the tasks...well this isn't going to happen haha. Part of the task of week 4 was to blog about the two portfolio pieces we had to do this week. I will focus on characters that easily can be transformed into character for books, future greeting card lines, t-shirt designs, mug designs etc. So for this week I sketched two pieces which you can see below.

The Princesses Tea Party! This is a two spread piece and have to say I'm kinda happy with it. Please don't mind the sloppy cut&paste (you can see 'line' in the middle), but photoshop kept crashing on me (I need a Mac!!). This piece took a bit longer than expected to draw it on paper. The thing was, that I didn't know if I should add a landscape behind the girls. I tried it several times and it just got too crowded. So I'm going for a clean, colorful image, that would look lovely framed and in a children room ^_^. As soon as I have this one finished, I'll show you guys. Please enlarge both pieces to see it in more detail.

Character sheet Dudes with pets
: With this piece I'm kinda cheating...I already sketched out characters for friends a while back. One is Pirate Kaja with his pet Pirate Penguin. Also Pirate Penguin nemesis Ninja Penguin. The other one is Mr.Unicorn with his pet...unicorn hehe. I do also have a Ninja character to go with the Ninja penguin. I'm going to make a sheet per character (I think I mentioned this before...). I just made a few sketches to capture them on paper and I gave them a quick wash of colors, to see which I liked best.

Feel free to give feedback/tips on the pieces. For my fellow 12WC members: I will try to keep up with all the comments & critiques for the upcoming weeks! I'm also very glad that we get an extra week after three weeks of creating portfolio pieces, because I'm really going to need that to finish up the 6 pieces and coloring them haha.

Now on to the Awards. I'm very honored to say that I received two awards!!

The first one is the Deborah Award. I got this lovely award from Susan. I haven't known Susan for that long. I met her since I started the 12WC project, but I can already tell that she is a wonderful, caring and sweet lady! I'm happy to have met her and it's like the award says: "friendship isn't about who you haven known the longest, but who came and never left your side". Thanks so much Susan *hugs*!
The second award is the Sunshine Award! I got this from ms. Nicollie aka the Stamp Lady (yes the lady for who I created a few stamp designs). Thanks a lot Nicole!!

I will place them on my Awards page! Sorry I won't be passing them out to other blogger friends (again). I'm cramming so much things to do in the little time I have and it would be pretty difficult to choose among the lovely blogs I follow *sigh*. Next 2 pieces I will show you guys are...Honeymoon in Africa and a Character sheet with girls and pets.

Stay tuned & have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Tj!! All these drawings are fabulous. Really love the character sheet and the colors. Man such detail. Oh and of course a big congrats on your Awards. You def. deserve them. Oh and one more note I really like the setup of your blog. Really nice. Now looking at mine I never realized that it looks so drab. sigh.

  2. Hi TJ! Great characters on both pieces! Love the little girl peeking out of the teapot. This will be a very nice 2 page spread.

    The character sheet is great! Love the "Argh! Argh!" one with the skull. And the little ninja penguin is oh so cute, even though I know he is menacing ;)

    Nice work!

  3. These are great, TJ! The dudes with pets is a great idea. The dude curled up with the unicorn is my favorite. The teapot illo is adorable - can't wait to see the finished ones! (I still haven't posted any of mine, yet - I gotta get on that!)

  4. Hi TJ, these illustrations are great! I love the tea pot composition and how you have worked all the characters around it. Sweet expressions too! Cant wait to see the colour final!
    Your characters are adorable! My favorite is the pirate penguin - especially the one where he's playing look out at the front of the boat - Im intrigued by his little nose - wonder what he looks like side on?
    Great work!

  5. WOW nice layout! I like it and I like the header also, no its not too big, its looks great for me. Ur blog is soo u now! its original and no wonder you got two awards! ^-^The two spread are awesome TJ!I like Mr. Unicorn- I remember I use to watch a cartoon- I forgot the title ,well there was a unicorn in one of the episode and I always wonder where's the unicorn lives when I was a little coz I wanted to ride it hahaha
    Cool work u done!XOXO

    PS:and oh happy belated queenday.^^

  6. Love the princesses tea party!

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. Morning... What a nice scene. The party seems very funny! I hope you manage to do everything.

  8. @ Pablo:
    Heey Pablo!! Aww thanks so much for your sweet comment!! Dude, I love your blog! Seriously. Don’t feel pressured to change it, only if you want to.

    @ Loni:
    Hi Loni! Thank you ^_^!! Yes. That little girls is secretly eating more cookies! Need to keep an eye on her hehe. Haha the ninja penguin is up to know good, but looking pretty cute indeed. Probably that’s why he gets away with things.

    @Redheaded Stepchild:
    Hello! Thanks muchly for your lovely words! I think I will post the finals in week 7 and maybe add WIP pictures in upcoming posts. Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Angela Keoghan:
    Hi Angela! Thank you, thank you :D. Yes I was pondering about the expressions, because the eye shape is usually the same, but I change the mouth or head shape. But so far it works. I did try to switch up the eye shape, but for some reason those characters look more mature. I think these characters can be like the Bigger sisters haha. Oh! You know, I never drawn the character from the side! I will get to that and show it on the next time! Thank you!!

  9. @ Danny Araya: Thanks dude!

    @ Dita:
    Thanks so much Dita! Haha, I’m always honored to get awards. Hahaha yeah, where do unicorns come from huh ^_^?! I wonder that too. Ooh you knew about Queensday! Haha how cool is that! Thank you! I didn’t do much that day tho, but the weather was lovely! Ciao XOXO

    @ One of The Guys:
    Heey Sai! Thanks so much! I’m doing okay. Meeting for school got postponed, so I’m catching up on commissions etc. Hope all is well with you too! Have a lovely week!

    Morning! Gracias ^_^!! I wonder how the tea party will look like when is finished haha. Luckily, so far, it’s going okay! Take care *hugs*

  10. awww congrats for the awards!!!
    btw what is Zero2illo?

  11. @Lakhsmita: Thanks Pretty Mita ^_^!! *travels to your blog*

  12. heheh, yes still busy here, in prison :D LOL

    it sounds interesting TJ, good luck for the lovely project Zero2illo!!!

    have a nice day!!!


  13. Just checking in. Have a great day.

  14. @ Mita: Hehehehe already commented on your blog!

    @One of the Guys: Heeeeeeey Sai! I'm doing fine! How are you? I'll send you an email ^_^. Have a lovely day! Ciaooo!

  15. How's the week going TJ?

    Our new site is finally up. Podcast should be up later tomorrow. Lots of craziness.

    What's new?

  16. yYEAA! Pirate penguin rules! I know this bc he is my pet. Argg

    Ninja penguin may have skills in regards to martial arts and being sneaky, but Pirate penguin is still a formidable rival for him as he matches NinjaPenguin's ninja skills with his pirate wit.

    ...cept when he is drunk on Rum... he needs to lay off the stuff, ima send him to Penguin Drunks Anonymous (PDA)

  17. Great illustrations as always TJ. Hope everything is going well with you. and Congrats on all the awards. Until next time.

  18. Nice work Tj. the characters on your sheet are really admirably cute :) Like your 'new' avatar as well.

    Thanks for all your comments on my site in the past. They are much appreciated! I have them turned off at the mo, but they are still there. see you at zero2illo :)

  19. Congrats on the awards. I LOVE the Princess Tea Party piece. So sweet!

  20. some cute stuffs in here!
    will be back for more :)

  21. In love with your color palette :) And love your sense of design too- they somehow have a childlike rawness in them which makes them very appealing :)

  22. TJ--I have to say, your work keeps getting better and better! I wouldn't no where to begin to give you any tips because you are a FAR more talented artist than I could ever dream of being.

    Congratulations on the awards too, my friend! I am not at all surprised you got them! :-)


  23. looking good TJ! your pieces are so cute and charming! very well done with the composition of the drawing. flows very well! *hi fives* congrats on the awards too ^_^

  24. @ One of the Guys:
    Heey Sai! Hope all worked out with the site! Well see my latest post, I will stop for a few weeks with blogging. Best thing to do now.

    @ Kaja:
    Ciaoooo Kajaaaaaa! Yes, your pet is awesome aarrgh! I will add one character, the ninja one!!
    Did you already made an appointment with PDA? I think it’s getting out of control…every drawing of him has bubbles…hehehe. Thanks for rolling by mister!

    @ Chris: Thanks dude!

    @ Justin Rodrigues:
    Heey Justin! Nice to see you again! I’m doing okay, very busy lately. Thanks for stopping by and till next time indeed! Oh! Good luck with your challenge! I saw some cool character passing by in Google Reader, keep it up!

  25. @ Andrew Finnie:
    Hey Andrew! Thank you so much for stopping! How did your tax work go! Probably good hehe. Thank you, I thought it was time for a new avatar haha. I probably change it soon again hehe. You’re most welcome for my comments, your work is awesome and highly detailed. I would post them again if you didn’t have it anymore hehe. My rambling comments must be saved hehe. Ciao mister!

    @ Lana Gramlich: Heeey Lana! How are you? Thanks so much!!! I need to color this piece very soon! Take care!

    @ Gulzar: Hi there & thanks for stopping by! Feel free to come back whenever you want!

  26. @ Sami:
    Hello Sami, how lovely that you stopped by and for your lovely comment ^_^. Glad you liked the colors! I don't really put much thought in it, just use the colors that appeal to me when I paint haha. Take care!

    @ Melinda:
    Heey Melinda, thank you soo much for your lovely comment!!! It’s always a joy to see you here! All the luck with your writing, can’t wait to have a copy! Take care xoxo

    @ Wayne:
    Hola Wayne!!!! How lovely to see you here. Thanks soo much! I need to ink it and put some washes of colors. Hope all is well with you! Ciao!

  27. Congrats on the awards, hon. Well deserved!

  28. @ Lana: Thanks sooo much Lana!! Xx


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