Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun stuff: Project Zero2illo & some doodles!

Well hello there!

Before I start I want to pass a big (okay now it's belated) Happy Birthday to my friend. I created this lovely doodle for him. Why this image? Well my friend is called Lord Hats and he has lots of sheep...hehe (and no he's not case some of you were wondering that...).

So next thing! Maybe some of you saw a little logo to your left...maybe some of you didn't, that's why I'm writing this post haha! Oh and I have 2 mug designs for you again.

A few weeks ago I came across a tweet, post or ehm...something else. I can't recall, but it was some information about a blog Zero2illo and a 12 week challenge. I got interested and it did cross my mind though, if it was the right decision for me to make.
You know sometimes you want to do something, but you have this annoying voice at the back of your mind telling you "Ehmmm you sure you should eat that?" or "Are you want to do that?" ....well this annoying voice wasn't there and I only kept thinking that this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I guess if you really want something you can make it work even though you keep on struggling with time and less energy!

So I wanna say a HUGE thank you to Jonathan and Lea Woodward for creating this awesome challenge! I'm so happy to be part of it! I'll try to blog about it every two weeks and give you lovely readers an update on what I've done and learned so far. I'll give a short update about the first three weeks.

Week one: Here we had to choose a focus point. What do we want to illustrate? Well in short, when I sit back and think about my work, I see the characters I create dancing around in children rooms and books. The characters are part of larger Fantasy world and the colors can be either soft and barely there or they are vibrant. Either way, it's filled with adventure! At the moment, I prefer taking the time and create pieces for books, posters, cards, stationary gifts and freelancing to illustrate paintings for e.g. a children room. So my main focus will be on this, until I know what my next steps are.

Week two: We had to create an business plan! It's a one page plan with our objectives, goals, strategies and measures. Ooh exciting hehe. Well surprisingly I didn't found it a very difficult task. Okay, not that I got the perfect OGSM, not at all, but I have a start and I will perfect it over the weeks to come. To get a glimpse, click the image below ^_^. Tips/Feedback/advice are always welcome. Ooh the doodle I have on it is also a mug design print for another friend. You can see it at the end of the post.

I added motivation words for myself on it.
For me, one word can carry so much strength and can remind you of a simple message.

Week three: Now we have to find 10 publishers/companies/art directors etc, that we want to get in contact with. Also we need to think of 6 pieces to include in our portfolio. Fun stuff! I'm still pondering about it, but I already have a few ideas. I just need to see if it's in tune with the OGSM.

This is in short what I've done so far. I didn't focus on how much I want to earn by the end of 2010 or how many commissions I want to have. Honestly, at this point, I wouldn't know what to expect. I just take it step by step and learn about the lovely world of illustrating as I go along.

As promised!! The 2 mug designs for my friends who had her birthday a while back, but I guess everyone is happy with a belated Birthday gift ^_^.


Hope you liked this little update! Oh, are you guys interested in how the designs look on the mug itself? Let me know and I'll put some pictures together for you.

Take care & Till next time.


  1. okay- so you're NOT dead. Phew!

  2. @ Abz: Heeey Abz! Haha! you missed my comments huh? I shall ramble on your blog! Ciao!

  3. Heheheh =)
    As you can see, i'm desperate about being the first commenter =))

  4. @ Kuday: Heey Sinan! hahaha! I know!! But Abz beat you hehe ^_^

  5. Ha ha! And to think, I thought Lord Hats was sitting in a hot tub at first and the sheep were bubbles! (yes, time to clean my glasses). Very cute. Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow you have been very busy with making wounderful illustrations and designs. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Great Stuff!!

  7. Ooh! Nice drawing! The first one! So colorful and cute <3
    And also the last picture, your mug design, the teapot drawing xDD

    Anyway, it's good for you to having the project! After I read the week 3, I get myself excited too! LOL! xD It must be fun <33

  8. Love the characters in your illustrations. They are the cutest things..

  9. @ Justin S.: Hahaha! What kind of glasses are you wearing? They sound cool! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great weekend too!

    @ Vanessa B.N.: Heey Vanessa! Thank you, thank you ^_^. Yes, I can't sit still haha. *waves*

    @ Bakkanekk: Heey Zadia! How are you? Aww thank you!! Hahah The teapot is having a lot of fun I think! The project is soo much fun! It really is! Lots and lots of cool people! Have a lovely weekend girl! Ciao!!

  10. @ Maria S.: Ciao Maria! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and visit ^_^

  11. @ Jonanthan: Hey dude, thanks for the follow, but I removed your comment. I don't approve link dropping.

  12. These are great! :) I like them a lot - nice job!

  13. really nice. Oh and I hate hats. Can I be the destroyer of hats? Is your friend a farmer?

    this 12 week project sounds interesting, I'm happy you're enjoying it. I don't see how you find the time for half the things you do lol

  14. @ radiogeekzack:
    Heeey Zack! How lovely to see you here haha! Thanks so much ^_^ *waves*

    @ Sensico:
    Haha thank you!! Hmm you hate hats huh. I've a feeling that a hat will look cute on you tho haha. The destroyer of hats...that sounds like another character again hehe!

    Haha no he's not a farmer, but we had conversations about sheep and not being able to sleep and a bunch of other his nickname Lord Hats was born. Yes. It makes sense indeed.

    Ooh the project is so cool! Haha, I probably find the time, well sort of finding the time, since I don't go out a lot lately and I have no classes, so I try to use my time wisely *ahem*. This doesn't include staring at the walls of course. Cya!

  15. great stuff as always TJ! I wish you the best of luck with the 12 week challenge!!

  16. @ Brad: Helloo Brad!! Thanks muchly! Glad you still like it ^_^.

  17. You have a friend called "Lord Hats"???

    I am now officially jealous. I have a friend called "Dave" though...

    Interesting post! Maybe I should check that site out... never too late to think about those things eh??

    Ken :D

  18. I love that you're going for it!! And it's a cool program/plan you're participating in with actual concrete steps and goals. Good for you.

    The "Mug o Faces" picture is great. The women/girls you draw are alluring and innocent at the same time. A potent combination!

  19. @ Ken:
    Ciao Ken! Hahah don't be jealous!! But now you made me curious about this 'Dave'...

    It's never too late indeed! Do check it out when you have the time! Cyaa!

    @ One of the Guys:
    Hi Sai! Thanks soo much!! Yes, that exactly what I like about this project, I'm actually taking steps instead of thinking about and postponing it. I'm curious what the future will bring!

    I'm planning to do a different line with these type of girls ^_^ Stay tuned! Take care!

  20. Hey! great illus and what an interesting challenge! It is more or less what I´ve been trying to do since.. one year?? But sometimes I relax... He he,
    Big Hug to you

  21. ah! still busy?????
    heheh, gooooooood stuffs here, i like it! :))

    btw, i love your new picture, so pretty TJ ;))

    have a nice day,

  22. @ Encaracolada: Ciao! The challenge is really interesting and fun, only it goes in a superfast speed! Which is only good for me, no excuses to procrastinate or postpone things hehehe ^_^. *hugs* Cya!

    @ Lakhsmita Indira: Heey Mita! Thank you so much! I thought it was time to switch up my profile picture again hahah ^_^. I'll go to your blog in a minute! Xoxo

  23. Yes. it's a great piccie. And the art is good too :)

    And there I was thinking Lord Hats was a figment :)

    Love how much movement you have achieved.

    And your motivational layout is very inspiring.


  24. @ Andrew Finnie: Merci merci Andrew ^_^!! Hahah noo Lord Hats is very much alive. Thanks so much for stopping by! Ciaoo ;)


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