Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Inspire & To be Inspired

Hello there!!

What do you guys think of the new layout? Feel free to give tips on what I can change etc. Oh! You like the header? I'm not sure if I find it a tad too big...I shall think about it a bit longer.

Finally the post is here and remember my warning? It's okay, I shall wait till you get something to drink/eat ^_^!

This post is more observational, because a while ago someone asked me what exactly inspired me to draw or to keep drawing. It got me thinking because drawing has always been a part of my life, so I never really considered the ‘why’ part. Drawing is something that runs in both sides of the family. So this got me also wondering, because having the talent running in the family doesn't automatically mean that you will inherit the ability to draw. I do believe that hard work, putting in lots of hours (which I don't really have right now -_-') and having the will to get better, plays a big role in how good you can get in whatever you love to do. But this is probably a discussion for another post hehe.
I've always been interested in creating stuff on paper. Armed with a piece of paper and a pencil, I started doodling stuff, which was probably unrecognizable for my surroundings, but they told a story in my mind. When I was little the youngest brother of my mom was in my eyes the best drawer in the world! He's still included in my list of amazing talented artists ^_^. His style is greatly influenced by Japanese Anime and he can whip up a super cool sketch in no time. I was always fascinated to see how he did that and I wished I could do that as well. Another sister of my mom, her style leaned more towards fashion designing and my mom always told stories about how accurate her portraits were. So feeling inspired by him and my aunt, I started to draw from a young age. By pausing Disney tapes, I studied e.g. Bambi. I would have loved to show you how it looked like, but the strange part is...I can't find a single Bambi drawing! I honestly don't know where they went or what I did with them. I drew it countless of times! Very strange indeed…I also can’t seem to find other old drawings. I wonder what I did to them…
It seems like I've written 'Inspiratione'...I didn't.
That weird thing I did at the end got a life of its own...

Either way! What keeps me inspired? For me, inspiration can be found in the smallest and plainest things in life. Maybe you see dust twirling in a sun beam and it sparks a feeling, an image or an idea. I can't really explain how it is in my case, but it feels like it sparks forgotten memories or maybe even memories that haven't be created yet. And it's not that these memories suddenly flash before your eyes, but what I eventually grasp is this feeling that will be translated in a drawing or story piece. It's quite difficult to put it in words though, but I hope you understand what I mean ^_^. Also, just talking to people or hearing others talk, can inspire me to draw something. There are so many interesting things in the world, that I often find myself just daydreaming and creating new worlds in my mind. So I try to capture all this in words or quick sketches and I will work on this as soon as I'm finished with school (I seriously can't wait!!).

What I’m really grateful for is hearing from others that I inspire them. I never considered this at all, but it is kinda logic in the end. To be inspired by others, you improve your own skills and you inspire others to get better. It’s a vicious circle, but I got kinda stuck at the part where I only get inspired by others hehe.

Oh! This one time I scared a dude when he pulled out his sketchbook and I blurted out “Wow! Your style looks a lot like my uncle’s!”…he grabbed his inhalator several moments later...Yeah. I felt kinda bad, but he was a cool dude and sketched some cool stuff while we traveled together. Watching others draw is something I love to do, but the other way around, when people watch me draw…that doesn’t go to well yet haha. I get a bit self conscious and I create something totally different! Need to work on that hehe.

I would love to hear what inspires you in what you love to do, or more general life!

Take care and have a lovely week!


  1. Love the new layout! Those fairies are soooo cute! And the inspiration drawing is fraking-tastic!

  2. I love the layout, even down to the little details of the wings in one of the fairies matching in with the overall background colour.

    Normally I would say that the header image is too big, but I think it fits this blog too nicely to mess with it.

    I think what inspires me to doodle, is too capture something that either cant be put into words or something that will be enhanced by the doodle. Usually a funny story, but lately when I have done doodles to go with my counselling thoughts and ideas, the doodles seem to have a life of their own and people seem to identify with them, which is cool!

    I try to practice practice practice as much as possible and then try and turn what I am doodling into my own style. If I was doodling a fish for example, I would sketch a real fish and they try to turn it into a doodle, that seems to work when I doodle things.

    I think you have to love it a lot, because if you didn't, you would soon get disheartened by other people that just seem to have out of control talent, so I try to be happy doing my own thing and hopefully improving as I go.

    I am also a BIG daydreamer :)

  3. Congrats for your new look!! And also thank you for inspiring me to draw. But i immediately recognized myself in your last drawing. So i won't show you my drawings!! =P

  4. I like ur new layout TJ.:-) but am thinking u should draw something that represent u you and ur blog and use it as background on ur blog instead a plain white background as it is now. I think ur blog will looks really cool if you can do that but I dont know if it doable with google layout.. It just a thought that crossed on my mind hee.:-)
    Oh yea,I like drawing myself- drawing clothes I mean. Anything can inspires me. I feel more inspired by kids and I enjoy making kids wear coz I can play with colors and adding cute elements and accessories into it. It just fun!
    I dont draw all my designs on the paper coz I have no time and way to exited when I got the ideas so most of the time I just draw it on my mind, make the pattern, cut the fabric and sewing it and violĂ ! Hahah
    I save them on my mind and also I snape them coz my memory only 2 gigabytes. I happen to be very visual so images,drawings really helps my memory etc.:-)

  5. LoL!! as usual, I really like this post. It's interesting to see what inspires you, I especially loved the two new drawings today, the sunbeam showing thru the window is very very nice!

    keep it up, love!

  6. I love that "Inspirations" drawing. Very sweet. I think I need to treat myself like that about now. I've been working too hard at the business side of art lately (not that it hasn't paid off, but it's hard work.)

  7. Good to read all of this! :D
    My dad side have art blood too. My granpa, uncle, dad, they're all an awesome artist. My dad was my inspiration to draw, he sketch many things, but now he doesn't have the time anymore. Now I'm the one who draw in family, though, I don't know what inspire me to draw, I mean, I never take something as an inspiration, I draw what I like, everything/everyone I like (now.. is that making any sense? xD)
    But mostly, I draw to boost my mood, and stay awake in class hahaha~ xD

    I can't wait to finish highschool too T__T

  8. great little sketches!

    i am inspired by books. i have tons of books and i spend as much time studying my books as i do drawing and painting.

  9. Your work is just really adorable. Even if I'm feeling a little stressed or blue, I see what you're working on and suddenly find myself smiling over its innate joy.

    In terms of inspiration, I guess I'm most inspired by the surprises-- the contrasts-- we run across in life during the day. Something which happens in a way it shouldn't, an item completely out of place, and unexpected bit of whimsy in a world that seems it should be void of it.

  10. @ Deray:
    Hola Deray!! Thank you :D!! I just love it when you say 'Frak' hahaha! Oh I do have more fairy drawings! So stay tuned!

    @ Claire:
    Hey Claire!
    Yeah, I really thought that the header was too big too! I still do, but resizing it alters the entire image and it doesn't look good anymore. So for now I'll leave it like this and need to find a solution for my next header!

    Ooh I have the same thing! Doodles get a life of their own and it's strange you would think that you can determine this, but you can't really. It's this magic moment that happens once pencil touches paper!

    Personally I think, that even tho you posses mad skills for a certain thing, if you can't add this 'feeling' in it. People will only see the skills, but get easily bored, because in the end...they don't feel it. Ehmm I hope you know what I mean hehe. So being happy with what you have and having the passion for it...this is what attract people! I definitely think that because you love to do certain things, it motivates you to practice and to get better.

    I haven't tried that method before, sketching out 'real' things. I usually use other illustrations as references and these references are already altered in a way...I shall try this out. Thank you!!!

    YAY for daydreamers ^_^!!

  11. @ Kuday:
    Hey Sinan! Hehe that isn't you my friend...I wouldn't draw your hair like that ha! But thank you for your lovely words! I still want to see your drawings hehe!

    @ Dita:
    Ciao Dita! Oh you're definitely right about that! I'm experimenting with this new feature of blogger, I do think the header is too big and I would love to have a watermark image at the back ground of one my doodles as a logo...but I think I need to design my own layout for that...I shall think this through!

    Yes! You can go a lot of ways with children clothing and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future ;D. Take care!! XOXO!

    @ Hevn: Ciao Bella!! Thanks so much! Hope you're feeling a bit rested! I stalked you a tiny bit on your blog with my mixed comments haha! Do take care XOXO!

    @ Lana G.: Hi Lana! Yeah if you need a break you should take one ^_^! As long as you're doing what you love to do, it makes it all worthwhile I think? Take care and have a nice week ahead!

  12. @ Bakkanekko:
    Heey Zadia! Glad you liked this read ^_^! And I really liked to get to know that part of information from your family! How cool that your dad, uncle & grandpa draws too! Hey...are you the only girl in the family that draws now?

    Hang in there! Before you know it you wished you were still in highschool! And I know what you mean, I guess you get inspired everything you see & hear! You know, sometimes you don't even know that things inspire you, only when you look back you realize what inspired you to do something. The mind can work in the strangest of ways haha! Thanks for sharing! Ciao Xx

    @ Brad:
    Hello Brad! Nice to see you again. Yes! books! I love books! Totally forgot to mention that! Give me a few illustration books and you won't see me for hours hehe. Take care!

    @ Jenn T.:
    Ooh Jenn! You don't know how happy that makes me! That my little doodles cheer you up, means a lot! Thank you!! I totally see how your inspiration comes from surprises in life! Your posts are written proof! The way you can give a twist on daily observations is really cool! Thanks you for strolling by! Greetings to King Cabbage!

  13. Oh I just love your new header!!! It's just wonderful and soooooo much fun!!! Great illustrations too. I am always inspired by children's books and vintage or retro style illustrations. I love the colors and characters of the old children's books. I also love going to visit other peoples blogs and sites and looking at what inspires them. Then I get even more inspired. You inspire me too. You really do!
    Have a good one!

  14. dont worry Lovely TJ, i have never had any formal training in art :D lol

    there are two things in this world who inspire me: Audrey Hepburn and my lover.


    sweet kisses and hugs to TJ!

  15. the layout is ok and so is the header! :)))

  16. @ Vanessa B.N.:
    Hello Vanessa! Oh I can see the influence of those retro and vintage style in your work! Amazing! Thank you for inspiring me as well and I'm humbled to hear that I inspire you too! Thank you so much ^_^. Ciao!!

    @ Lakhsmita I.:
    Helloo! Thank you!! No official training either ^_^!!You're work is simply amazing!! *travels to your blog*

  17. Lovely TJ--I LOVE the new look and feel of the place. Love the new header (and also the new drawings).

    I also can find inspiration in the smallest thing sometimes--and often out of nowhere. This is why I always keep a small notebook tucked into whatever bag I am using at the moment (and also keep one by my bed) in case inspiration hits out of the blue!

    And of course, people like YOU inspire me! :-)


  18. Nice to meet you Tahira...love your cute pieces!!!

  19. TJ,
    What a great, AND inspiring post!

    I love the new header! It's so very you!

    Anyway, what inspires me? Ideas. Talking about ideas with other people. Reading about ideas. Hearing musical ideas.

    But for me the key to doing anything well, is to be able to do it without being inspired.
    So I write when I don't feel like writing and often the actual process of putting pen to paper inspires me.

    Have a great day!

  20. Love the new look! Really nice :) Don't worry about the big header,its in fact so different and catchy. Keep it up! :)


  21. Hi TJ! I'm so glad to meet you on the 12WC boards. Your work is adorable! I enjoyed your post also. Yes, big daydreamer here too :)

  22. TJ you are such a fun chickie full of life! I just love your enthusiasm it's catching - and love your new header too, I wouldn't change it until you get tired of it, it's adorable! I love your sweet characters, and what an artistic pedigree you have, wow!

    Like Vee, I'm inspired by lots of the old & new masters of chidren's illustration: Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter, NC Wyeth, Trina Schart Hyman, and Jan Brett just to name a few. Nature and old legends also inspire me. Just like you too, I see little worlds in the grass, old tree trunks, amongst the rocks - there's a story just about everywhere you turn.

    Good luck with school and I hope you're feelin' much better!

    Thanks for all your kind words too, I really appreciate it - Happy Sunday!

  23. Hi Tahira! The new layout looks great -- very clean and clear, so you can jump right to the art and start looking inside your creative mind!

    That was a great post this week on 12wc, asking what inspires us all to create art.

    I'm inspired just seeing what you come up with! More more!

  24. love the new logo TJ. Great post also. really inspirational!

  25. Hello Pretty Lady, thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving that nice message!! You made my day. I am sending you a great big hug today!!
    Have a good one!

  26. Hya TJ, the layout is good I think. Your work is a lot of fun, you know :) and the pink border goes with that.

  27. @ Melinda:
    Helloo Melinda! Oooh thank you soo much ^_^! I also keep a notebook nearby, I had to many occasions in the past where I smacked myself because I didn’t had something with me haha!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments! You also already know that YOU inspire me too, more than you maybe realize ^_^. Thanks for being you and sharing your amazing story with the world!

    @ Diana E.:
    Hi Diana! Thanks so much & very nice to meet you too!

    @ One of the Guys:
    Heeey Sai! Haha, thank you!! I kinda have to admit I wanna switch it up again, but lack of time prevents it hehe. Very glad you liked the post! And I loved to read what inspires you ^_^. You're so multitalented and that inspires me to stay in touch with all the others things I love to do too! It's very interesting that the actual writing part inspires you to write and that it’s not always an influence from outside. Have a lovely day yourself!!

  28. @ Prakteek S.:
    Hey again! Lovely to see you here! Thanks so much for dropping by! Yeah, I shall not worry anymore; the positive response on it was unexpected haha! Take care and post more when you have the time ;D! Cya!

    @ Loni E.:
    Hey Loni! It’s also lovely to see you on the 12WC site!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and that you liked what you read! Let’s daydream together haha! Take care!

    @ Susan:
    Hello hello Susan!! Ooh thank you so much for your supersweet comment haha! You know I will ask my uncle if I can post some of his older work. But since it’s older work, not sure if he would want that haha! I love the way you said this: “there's a story just about everywhere you turn.” That’s exactly the way to describe it! You’re very welcome for the kind words, I meant every word of it ^_^! Take care and talk to ya soon!

  29. @ Justin S.:
    Heey Justin! Haha yeah you can’t deny art on this blog hehe. Yeah, it’s always kinda scary to post your first discussion…will people get what you’re trying to say? Are they willing to reply etc. Luckily they did!! And to read the responses was so much fun!! Hahah it inspires me to draw more when people are so positive about it!! Sooo...stay tuned!!!! Ciao!

    @ Liquid &Tunsie:
    Heey there! Thanks so much for strolling by! I know how busy you are lately, so it’s really appreciated! Glad you liked what you saw! Take care and have a break once in a while!

    @ Vanessa B.N.:
    Heeeey Vanessa! *big hugs* back!! You’re most welcome; it was such a happy post and lovely to see all those kids too! Have a great day!! Ciao!!

    @ Andrew Finnie:
    Hey Andrew! Haha it’s great to see you here! Thanks so much ^_^! Still feeling the urge to talk like a pirate? Take care!

  30. Happy Friday. Just stopping by to say hey. Hope you've had a good week.

    Happy Drawing AND writing!

  31. Beautiful work! I can't read through all of it right now (sneaking peeks at work), but I'm sending this to my niece... she would so love your style. I'll catch it later.

  32. @ One of the Guys: Heeey Sai! How cool that you rolled by ^_^! The week was very busy, but all good in the end. Lots and lots of typing! Have a meeting with my professors on Monday! Have a great weekend!!

    @ Gonzalexx: Heey there! Thanks so much and I can't wait to see what your niece will think of it ^_^! Be careful tho *looks around* what if your coworkers caught you looking at blogs :|...hehe. Take care!

  33. O_O that sounds EXACTLY like MY uncle, in fact, he's the one that brought me here (he also kinda forced me to leave a comment) lolz.
    annyways, i draw too. but i seem to be more into Manga. i have a blog too, (but i have a couple of drawings there. <.< >.> now that i looked through your comments, i'm Gonzalexx's neice. pretty creppy XD

  34. Hahahahah!!! I love my niece, Patsuki. Now that I finally get to read this post, I see exactly why it initially interested me. Your story about family influencing family art-wise, is very much like our family art story. Most of us have it in our genes, and it comes out differently. I get a kick watching what my nieces, and sisters do, knowing that my father and mother had it in them.
    About sketching in public... I'm getting to love it... not just for the attention, but for the communication at a different non-every-day level. People either ignore in shyness, or open up like you wouldn't believe. Art and music are universal languages, and that type of conversation is awesome at so many levels. The heart and mind express themselves without restriction.
    Great post, I say.
    And yes... my niece rocks!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  35. @ Patsuki: Heeeeeeeey Patsuki! I love your name! Hahaha your Uncle is funny! Thank you for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment tho. I really, really appreciate it ^_^. I would LOVE to see your blog!! I will head over in a minute! I think that's wonderful that you have an Uncle that draws and that you draw! Really cool!! Cyaa!

    @Gonzalexx: Hello!! Sooo...you forced her to comment huh?! Hehehe.
    Thanks for stopping by again!! I'm thrilled to meet another family of artists ^_^. Woohoo! I will try draw more in public and get over this whole 'people are watching me...' feeling hehe. Thanks so much for your comment. I will visit your blog later too! Have a lovely weekend, Ciao!

  36. The banner is big, but its a nice introduction to your blog :)

    Seems like you get inspiration from everywhere - thats the way to be really. Everything tells a story, inspires a thought... and I know what you mean, I cant stand people watching me draw... I seize up lol.

    Ken :D

  37. This comment/reply is for Ken.
    I just had a little example of that happen to a friend that was drawing on ustream, and apparently has been used to drawing alone. Drawing is a personal thing, and I totally understand that. One can concentrate and do their best work. In my friends case, I log on, and watch what he is doing... his Marylin Monroe drawing was pretty good. He's talking to the stream, although there's no one there. When he noticed me online, he kind of started making little mistakes, and I noticed it was my fault for distracting him. He got a bit nervous, he told me. I talked him down a bit, but the slight damage was done. Of course, he draws like a mad man (meaning, a lot). Anyway, he confessed that this is what he wants to conquer.
    Now, on the other hand, there's the drawing in public situation. Not many people will approach you, and talk to you, but they will look. I think that's a middle ground that can help anyone get used to that.
    So, that's my prespcription (which I'm taking! LOL). Drawing with an audience, you have to balance your calm art mood, with the social aspect... that is hard to do, but lots of fun. I will broadcast one day to see how that goes. Maybe even draw people posing for me... I'd love to do that.
    So... there you go.. I hope this puts a little perspective in this (even if you didn't ask for an opinion... but I thought I had to give it, given that little event today with my friend).
    Just draw draw draw, and don't worry what people thing.. in the end, you are your own critic, and you should draw for yourself. The good stuff comes out on its own!
    Enjoy your art... and I appologize for the babble today! LOL.
    Hope this is good with you too, Tahira!

  38. @ Ken: Heeey Ken! Hahah I totally agree with you! But since so many liked it, I just stick with it for now...I already have something else in my mind hehe. I think we just need to practice it a bit more and eventually we can learn to be comfortable to draw wherever we want! Keep an eye on your inbox todaaaay! Ciao *waves*

    @ Gonzalexx: Hello! It's totally fine with me! Don't worry ^_^!

    I found it interesting to read, because I tend to do the same. Even if it's my little niece watching, my drawing doesn't go the same as it normally would go. So since I want to be able to draw everywhere, I will have to practice a lot! Thank so much and ramble all you want!! Enjoy your Sunday!

  39. Hey how are you!! I´ve been very, very busy.
    It´s never ending. This year is full of work. I can´t complaint but don´t have enough time for bloggin.

    I like your new layout and the fairies but maybe it´s too big. Great misterious around inspiration...
    That´s why it is so atractive, I guess. It´s a mix of different things for me: a word someone say, and image, a memory, but the only thing that it is always there for me it is for sure, for sure, for sure: a feeling.

    Big hug to you. Enjoy drawing!

  40. Hope your meeting with your professors goes well.

    See ya.

  41. @ Encaracolda:
    Ciao!! How nice to hear from you again!! Yeah I already though you were very busy Hope all is well and have the needed breaks every now and then okay ^_^.
    I already have new ideas for when I switch from header again hehe. For now I'll leave it like this. I don't have time to play around with the layout now. Big hugs back!! And you too, stay creative!

    @ One of the Guys:
    Hello Sai! Meeting went pretty good! I'll send you an email! Take care!

  42. new work up!!!

  43. Hello Sweetie, I have an award for you at my blog, come on by when you can!

  44. I love your new layout, I think it looks perfect:D And cute drawings too!!

  45. @ Andre Medina: Hey dude! Awesome work you got there! Loved what I saw! Thanks for the heads up!

    @ Susan: Hello Susan! Thank you sooo much for the Award! I truly appreciate it and I'm honored that you've given that to me! I post the rest of my comment on your blog ^_^! Thanks soo much XOXO!

    @ Ancilla: Yooo Kiks...why thank you so much hehehe ^_^! Je weet zelf...we moeten even jou blog gaan op pimpen enzo!! Byebye XOXO

  46. Hey TJ! I haven't been here in a while, but it was sooooo cool to see so much new stuff here! A buffet of creativity!!! I LOVE your new header, looks great just as it is and I enjoyed your insights on inspiration! It was a joy to visit here this morning!!

  47. @ Chris S.: Heeeeeeeeey Chris!! It sure has been awhile! How nice to see you again ^_^. Hahaha a buffet of creativity! That sounds awesome. I'm really glad that you liked what you saw!! You didn't post new stuff did you? I can't recall...times are oretty busy for me *sigh* I will check!! Hope to see you again soon! Take care! Ciao!

  48. I love your new lay-out! :D
    You've won an award, take a look on my blog. ;)

  49. @ Nicollie: Heeey Nicole Thanks so much! I do have new ideas already haha! Ooh an award!! I'm curious! I will check later ^_^! Big thanks Xxx!!


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