Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flying postcards and more doodles.

Helloooo everyone!

How is it going? I know it has been a while since I posted, but I had to focus on a few pieces for my thesis and prepare for a meeting with my professors. The end is coming closer, so I'm quite excited and a bit scared at the same time. But I will be so happy when it's finally finished! Before I start with showing a few things I did lately, I want to address something else.

Postcards for Satori

I stumbled across a tweet from a very sweet mom, Melissa Lewis, who collects postcards for her little girl, Satori. Satori will be having a spinal surgery and as a surprise for her, her mom asks everyone who wants to join, to send a postcard. Well to bring a smile on a little girls face is just a postcard away! I created this small drawing for her:
It's a Fruit Fairy! I really hope she likes it! I saw so many tweets passing by of people who sent a card. I wonder how many she'll eventually get. I think it's an awesome project! If you would like to join, there's still some time left. Address can be found here. I wish Satori and her family all the strength for this surgery and that the recovery goes smooth!

Another 'Get well soon' drawing was for the daughter of 'One of the Guys'. I drew this for no reason and when I heard that his little girl was sick, I had the perfect reason to use this illustration!
I'm very happy they all liked it!
Next two, are mug designs for my uncle and aunt. Man! Let me tell you. The design for my uncle was difficult. I couldn't transform my uncle into a chibi. He doesn't have a feature that I could use, so people could recognize him. It didn't matter what I did, he kept having a 'standard boy' head -_-'. Well I eventually created a design, only to hear that mom really wanted something else...*sigh* I created something else and here the chibi does look a bit more like my uncle. My uncle loves to read things and write stuff down, my aunt loves to shop and drink coffee. I kept the designs simple, have a look and enlarge it for better view!

When I get the mugs, I will show you how it looks! I have a few more designs waiting, but can't show them just yet! Also I'm turning several friends into characters hehe. I already started this with the birthday posts in October, but eventually I want to create complete character sheets of everyone of them! Here is another one. Sensi aka Turtle Girl.
This is a quick doodle of how I see her now. So Turtle girl can change in the near future (and I think she will..). I'm just penciling and watercoloring all my ideas on paper...catching all those images in my mind, before I slap myself when I think 'Ooh I will remember it later on...' and I don't remember them. Which usually happens, because my mind is working over time lately.

So I shall leave it at this for now. I do hope you liked the drawings. Oh yeah. Warning: Next post will be a wee bit longer, because someone asked me what inspires me to draw. Hehe, I'm just warning before hand ^_^. So you have enough time to get something to drink and eat...

Take care & Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh thats its realy nice of you drawing those card to make people u care happy. I like those color u use, the ideas and draw lines. Owesome, very creative like always and u melange it with kindness. Superb!^_^

  2. lookin fwd to the next post! lol

  3. NO!!!!!!!! Sensi IS EMU GIRL!! EMUUUUUU GIRL

  4. Why thank you TJ I love it :) and don't listen to DB, he's just jealous ^-^.

    I really like the Get Well picture and I can't wait til the next post. Oh and it's looking like I might be taking a drawing class next semester, I think I will draw DB as an angry jealous Emu bird that gets defeated by my turtle friends lol

  5. You couldn't transform your uncle into a chibi?? Hahahah :))) Well, i think everytime you should find their chibi characters inside of people. That's very hard. But as far as i see, you succeed it very much.

  6. Tj! Great to see you back and blogging again. Wonderful illustrations. I always enjoy all your drawings you post. Keep em coming and glad to see you back.

  7. Hey TJ! Its been a while eh? Ive missed checking out your blog :) How are ya? Lovely post, I dig your fruit fairy, Im sure Satori will love it. You are very prolific, wish I drew as much as you haha. And I know what you mean about drawing stuff while its fresh in the mind... sometimes I procrastinate and then I do forget and its gone, lost in my mind forever...! Have a great weekend too! ken :D

  8. man those are awesome! it's really cool that you did the postcard thing and, making mug designs for your aunt and uncle they are so cute!
    anyways, see ya!

  9. @ Mignosia: Heeey Dita! Merci beaucoup ;D!! I love to do this, so creating this small illustrations are such a small effort. I’m just glad that people like them haha. Ooh I saw your comment! I can’t wait to read next post ^_^! Take care XOXO!

    @ Abz: Haha! I hope you like it...remember something to eat or drink or both. Have a nice weekend!

    @ Derek B.: Hey Derek! Please stop screaming and running around…. I sketched Sensi as a Turtle Girl before we talked about the comic. I will create an Emu pet. How about that?

    @ Sensi: Heey! I’m really glad you like it! Sometimes by adding color...a certain feeling gets lost. But keep in mind...I’ll edit her. Ooh cool! Drawing lessons! Haha! I can’t wait to see how DB is getting attacked by the turtle’s. Emu’s are interesting birds though...

  10. Hey TJ!
    It's been a while! ^^
    You already boost out drawing many cute arts while I'm moving soooo slooowww lol.
    Good to see your sketches again, and you're drawing many arts for the others, how kind of you ^^

  11. @ Kuday: Hi! Haha! Yes, quite difficult and frustrating. I managed in the end though, so I'm happy and more mom is happy too! Cya!!

    @ Pablo: Hi Pablo! How nice to you see you again! It's great to see you back and blogging again too haha! I love to see your sketches, very often I just stare at them and study your line work hehe. I’m glad you like the things you see so far here and stay tuned for more! Enjoy your weekend!

    @ Ken: Heeey Ken!!! It sure has been a while, but I’m glad your back ^_^! I'm doing good. How are you? Aww thanks so much for your compliment mister! Oooh doodle ideas lost forever…I’m pretty sure that is a doodle idea in itself haha! Yes. I know how to procrastinate hehe. But if all goes well my thesis is done soon and then…even more drawings! Prepare….Take care & enjoy your weekend!

    @ Suzannah: Heey girl! How are you? Thanks so much for stopping by and that you liked what you saw ^_^. Have a lovely weekend and till next time! Ciao!

    @ Bakkanekko: Heey Zadia! How are you? I saw a bunch of updates from you yesterday I believe...I didn't had the time to check it out yet. Aaw thanks so much! If you can make a person happy with a doodle and you can create one, what's stopping you ^_^?! For me it's a small effort and I love to draw. Haha I'm keeping myself way too busy though, but I can't put the pencil down! I'm afraid I'll lose my ideas just like Ken said. Have a fun weekend! Ciao Xx!

  12. Sweet TJ, it was very thoughtful of you to do these wonderful drawings!

    Ohhh and i LOVE the mug designs too!
    Your aunt sounds like me, heheh...

    and im looking forward to your next post! ;))
    dont worry, i'll grab something to eat and my cup of coffee of course... :D

    Wishing you a happy saturday!!!

  13. ive been wondering how come this blog just slipped away from my view.

    its like looking into one of those old childrens book that i once lost..
    you've got a great way of staying away from complications...

    congrats for a beautiful mind..
    lovely more


  14. Yes, you are so sweet!! My daughter was so thrilled to get the drawing from you. And her dad was touched. Thanks! :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Thanks for your detailed comments. Love getting insight into the Creative Mind of TJ!

  15. @ Lakhsmita:
    Hello Hello! I will stroll to your blog in a sec ^_^! Ciao XOXO!

    @ Manoj a Menon: Ciao Manoj! Better late than never right ;D! Welcome!

    Oh wow! That is a lovely compliment! Thank you so much ^_^. I try to do my best to keep a positive outlook, not always easy, but it can be less dark and moody. Not that I can't be dark and moody haha. thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you again! Take care.

    @ One of the Guys:
    Heey Sai! You're very welcome :D.

    Hahaha I'm glad you like the comments...I can tend to ramble on and on...without having my coffee! I was quite amazed by that hehe. Stay tuned for more comments and rambles and drawings! Oh and you're very welcome about the props too! Ciao!

  16. I'm totally loving all the colours in your art. The cheerful colours are so lovely! Whee, you go girl!

  17. @ Hevn: Heeey Ashley!! Haha your comments always make me smile ^_^! Thanks so much!! Ooh shoot! I totally forgot that I promised to send you some pictures :|. I will do that as soon as I can! Ciao *waves* Xx

  18. Wish you all the best in your meeting with your professor!

  19. @ Pete: Hi Pete, Thank you! I do hope it goes okay too :D! Take care!

  20. great stuff as always TJ! I especially enjoy your piece about the coffee, and shopping. it is a wonderful layout/composition!

  21. he he he he these are about the cutes illustrations. Mom, Turtle girl, and all the rest. You have been very busy!! I love them all. They are so happy! Great job once again! Lovely work.

  22. @ Brad: Hey Brad! Ooh thanks! I actually just started drawing for my aunt and that's what came out haha. My mom was happy with the final illustration too...very, very important ;D! Thanks for strolling by & Take care!

    @ Vanessa: Helloo! Aww thank you so much haha! Yeah, I try to put all the ideas I have on paper, before I smack myself because I can't recall certain ideas hehe. Thanks so much for stopping by! Ciao!!

  23. hey Tj. havent been around in a while. been really busy lately. I took some time to catch up n read up on the post ive missed. brightened my day. take care!

  24. Hi TJ! I first saw your profile over at the 12WC clubhouse, I'm also doing the challenge. Then I saw you at the little witch's blog and now I see V - this blogosphere is a mighty small world! It's going to take me forever to check out everyone's blog but I'm starting with yours - what adorable work you do, I love it and am now your new follower! Your characters are adorable, love your postcards and your mug designs. I heard about Satori from some other friends, but I have so much to do with my Mom I just didn't make the deadline. I'm following the Mom's blog, so I hope there's something I can do to help out, maybe send something when the flood of mail slows down.

    Looking forward to your mega post next time, cheers! Susan

  25. @ Liquid&Tunsie:
    Hi there!! It has been a long time indeed. But don't worry, my blog won't run away anytime soon hehe. Oh...a blog on legs! Now there's an idea! It's good to see you here again though! Do take care and drop by whenever you feel like it! It brought a smile to my face when you said the posts brightened you up! Mission accomplished! Ciao!

    @ Susan!
    Hi Susan! Ooh I'm honored that you started with my blog!! Yes it's going to a mission to go through all the other blogs! Via Twitter I checked a few blogs already, it's a bit easier if the other members tweet about their post. It's a small blogworld indeed! I think sooner or later, other artists end up on each other blogs. Which is a very good thing haha!

    I'm also very, very glad that you like the stuff I posted so far. I'm so curious at the total amount of cards she eventually gets! Maybe they will arrange something for people who wanted to join but missed the deadline?

    I shall hop over to your blog now! Hope all is well with your Mom too.

    And yes. Stay tuned for the next post hehe. Take care!

  26. Hi Tahira! (see? not "Tahina" anymore! I'm not hungry anymore!) These are just lovely — the Turtle Girl is especially interesting. Hope you post your character sheets when you get 'em done. Fun fun fun!

  27. TJ--I absolutely love the new drawings and I can so see them on coffee mugs! I might actually be emailing you with a job. My husband and I need new coffee cups for our house in Maine and it is our tradition to have cups with our names on them. I'll be checking with you on this. I'd love one of your drawings with my name and Les's name under. We'll also need some for our guests. I'll be contacting you about this--but I'll hold off because I know you are very busy with finishing up your studies (HUGE CONGRATS!!).


  28. You have a kind heart. I just knew that. You make use of your endowed talent to make other people happy. I am so glad:)))

  29. ahahahah :D you're so funny!
    just dont eat too much ok! ;D

    xxxxxooooo, have a lovely weekend!

  30. @ Justin Segal: I see it! Not hungry anymore indeed hehe! Yeah the turtle girl was a lot of fun to draw, but it's still a concept, so need to alter things! Yes. Keep an eye out on this blog, sooner or later you will see character sheets floating by hehe. Take care!

    @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda! Oooh you want mugs!! How cool is that! I do have a few pictures of the final product, so I will post it, so you can see. I will let you know asap when I have more free time and then we can work something out!! Ohh that would be so cool if you have a 'TJ mug' haha ^_^! The end is almost near! I'm so happy :D! Take care!

    @ Alina: Heey Alina! Thank you sooo much for stopping by! Take care!

    @ Ianne: Hi there! Aww thanks! It's fun to see all the happy faces or hear the lovely words from people! It's motivating an inspiring for me! Take care Xx!

    @ Lakhsmita: "travels to her blog"

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  33. @ Roofing Contractors: Hola! Thank you! I appreciate it!

    @ Leather & Sports: Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  34. great stuff as always TJ! I especially enjoy your piece about the coffee, and shopping. it is a wonderful layout/composition!

  35. @ Sewa Mobil: Heey there! Thanks so much for strolling by ^_^. My aunt is very happy with it haha. Take care and hopefully...till next time!


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