Monday, March 8, 2010

Just be Happy!

Good day my dear readers,

The weather has been soo lovely lately! An instant boost of happiness. I kid you not. It's really nice to see how the world outside my window is slowly being warmed up by the sun. I do hope it stays this way and that the Spring has come a bit early. (You see Sensi...the sun does like me haha!)

But on to drawings! Yes, this post is all about staring at pictures! Okay the first one, I created this one for my friend Cathy and her husband Rory. Cathy is a sweet lady who embraces positivity in life. I created something a while back, but I never got around to finish it. It's so easy to create smaller sketches amongst all my paperwork *sigh*. But it's done and I'm really glad she liked it!
Enlarge it for better view and Claire, relax! These aren't bubbles hehe!

I thought working with a lot color would be nice and I even came up with a slogan to fit it all. Main idea was to create a colorful, happy illustration. So being happy: I do think, that you have to start at yourself by being positive and this will be noticed by others. So in other words Start with your own sunshine to illuminate the world around you. Of course this can be strengthened if you surround yourself with things that make you happy.

On to....mystical creatures ha! Another friend of mine mr. Lonewolfrepose, asked me if I could draw unicorns for email buttons. Say hello to...oh shoot! LWR...what are their names?

The blue one is inspired by Disney's Pegasus from Hercules.

On to the next one! When I still had classes last year, I drew something with a cupcake and birdies and girls. My friend asked if she could have this as a bigger drawing. How can I refuse an opportunity to draw :D. So I created what you can see below:

The next one is a stamp design that I created for Nicx. This time a chibi boy. Up till now I only created chibi girls. I think I need to start drawing more chibi boys...

Last but not least, I received the 'Happy Blog' Award from Mystique Earth. Many Thanks Mystique Earth ^_^! I do have to apologize that I won't answer the questionnaire that came with it properly. I had to state 10 things that made me happy. Well, there are a bunch of things that make me happy. Drawing!! And of course a sunny day, a good book, music, cookies, doing something unexpected for a friend etc. My list can go on and on. I also had to pass it on to 10 other bloggers, but I can't choose -_-'...

But! I would love to know what makes you happy?

So this concludes this week's post! Hope you liked all the drawings! Believe me, there are a bunch more that I can show you guys. If there's something you would like to see or know, just...let me know.

Wish you all a wonderful week & take care everyone!


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  1. I'm experiencing a sunny day too where I'm at. I think the entire globe is experiencing a nice, sunny day today.. weird..

    Anyway, those unicorn drawings are AWESOME. I've seen the one with the mohawk on LWR's webpage before, but I'm digging the angry red one spiking the mail with his horn ;p those are some badass unicorns.

  2. Our weather has improved lately, too. Good thing...I was starting to go stir crazy!
    Love your art--the unicorn e-mail buttons are just darling. Do you work in watercolor?

  3. Tj these are some fantastic peices. I love all the color and the unicorns are pretty damn cute. Great stuff!

  4. Ha!!!!! I was SO going to say they were bubbles! hahahaha

    I absolutely love the colours you used in that one, I am thinking of doing a quest map for the sisters hen weekend and would love to create a map and use colours like that for it!

    Love colours and love the sentiment behind it.

    Unicorns are super cute!

  5. Oh boy have you been hard at work. There is so much deliciousness here he he he he! My, my, my all this wonderful work. It's awesome! thanks so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate it!

  6. Hello Pretty, yes of course you can call me Mita :))

    And what should i call you??
    I think that aside from talented, you are also very charming!
    Glad we're friends now (i hope?)

    Actually, it's rainy day here in Indonesia, and lots of thunder, but i love the smell of rain, dont you?

    i completely agree with you about being happy as im trying myself to be happy everyday :))

    i like this chiby boy, he seems so happy ^_____^

    btw, congrats on your award, ok!!!

    wishing you a happpppppy day, Pretty TJLubrano!


  7. i certainly agree that happiness comes from within. well of course, external factors may let you feel otherwise. but in the end though, it will always be a matter of choice:)

  8. @ Kaja: Ahooy Kaja! Sunny days, all over the world. Pretty strange indeed...We need to investigate this!

    Haha! Glad you liked the unicorns! I think the angry one was for his LWR site, the Mohawk is on, if I'm not mistaken that is. They turned out pretty well ^_^. Cya!

    @ Lana G.: Hello Lana! Thank you :D! Yeah, it really influences how one feels huh?! The sun makes it all a bit more cheery haha. Yes, I use watercolors, Winsor & Newton to be exact. In the beginning, I used Talens, but when I switched (got a W&N palette for a very good price!)I truly noticed a difference in pigmentation! Thanks for strolling by!

    @ Justin R.: Hey Justin! Long time man! How are you? Thank you, thank you haha :D! I love the unicorns too! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Claire:
    Hahahah I knew it! But no, bubbles have this little mark on it, like a shimmer? Don't know, I would have to draw some bubbles for that...heheheh. I love the colors too! Oh oh I do want to see the map if you're going to create it that is! I'm sure it's going to be very cool!

    @ Vanessa:
    Hello again! haha well I can say that I have more drawings waiting patiently to be edited and scanned in hehe. Thank you also for stopping by and for your lovely words ^_^! Have a lovely week & Take care!

  9. @ Mita: Hello Mita! Yes, of course we are friends! Glad we are ^_^. Thank you soo much for your lovely comment! You are so sweet! I shall reply further on your blog hehe. Have a nice day yourself! Ciao Xx.

    @ Ianne: Heey Ianne! How are you? Yes, I fully agree with you ^_^. It's a matter of choice. You decide how much external factors influence you and how much they can bring you down. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but you can always try right!? Thanks for strolling by! Take care!

  10. Love the new illos, the first one is my favourite with the cute cats.
    I think that being happy is very cheap, well more than cheap, is almost free, so I do all what I can.
    Have a great week!!

  11. @ Encaracolada: Holaa!! How nice to see you again? I bet you're very busy lately. Have enough breaks okay!
    The cats are pretty cute indeed :D.

    And you're right! happiness doesn't have a price! Have a great week too!! Ciao Xx

  12. I'm utterly shocked that the sun would flip flop on decision to not like you. The sun usually doesn't change his mind like this...something is amiss

    nice concept with the picture for Cathy and I like the meaner unicorn...cause it's mean.

    All these pictures are nice. But, I'd like to see a sexy character of me with big boobs and butt. but-ya-knoooow...I won't hold my breathe haha.

    You have a nice collection of sites on your faves pages! I forget how but a while ago I stumbled onto your DeviantArt page and I loved it!

  13. @ Sensico: Don't be shocked Sensi, it was only a matter of time before the would Sun realize that she was wrong about me hehehe.

    Thank you :D! I like the paws of the mean unicorn haha. And don't worry, I'm working on busted Sensi with a big booty ;D! and turtles too.

    Oh cool! You found the DA page! Yeah, I'm a member there for almost a year...but I hardly used it. You don't get a note if you get messages or things like that, so I easily forgot about it. And so far it hasn't benefited me enough to spend money on it. But I do try to update it every once in a while! I can always do more with it in the future! Cyaaaaa *waves*

  14. Lovely drawings, especially the first one and the one of the girls and cupcakes; probably the colors that make them even more appealing and happy.

    I love the slogan you have on the first drawing. Indeed, we do need to start within ourselves to be happy.

  15. @ BK: Hello and welcome BK! Thanks so much for you nice comment. I think, the use of colors is really important. It sets the tone for the entire illustration. Haha, I like the slogan too, it was a sudden brainwave and I quickly wrote it down. Thanks again and Take care!

  16. I LOVE the first drawing. The colors are wonderful! It really makes you feel better when you look at it.

    The Unicorns.. of course are wonderful! Thanks again! :) Love them!!

    I like the Cibi boy a lot... if you ever want to do a one of me... let me know. I need a diff. profile picture ;)

  17. @ LWR: Helloo! Thank you!!! Haha cool! Mission accomplished! I really love the colors too!

    Haha. Yeah your unicorns are quite popular ^_^. Glad you're happy with them! And stay tuned...a chibi LWR will be coming your way sooner or later hehe! Ciao!

  18. Hi TJ,
    When you mentioned how nice it was to have the sunny days again, i was already smiling. Here, in my town, it has not been raining for almost 2 months & it is grilling hot over here. Sometimes, i wished, if it was possible, i'd like to trade some of our hot weather with the snow for just an hour.

    About the award, nah.., no need to apologise. It's nothing really.

    BTW, i liked the cute, goody-goody unicorn.

  19. hey, been reading through your blog, and I love your art work! Good job on being TOTALLY AWESOME :D

  20. also, your chibi boy is sooo cute!!
    *sigh* I wish I could draw/paint well.

  21. @ Mystique Earth: Hello Mystique! Yeah, it's quite difficult to imagine that it is so warm on your side of the world! It would be cool to be able to trade a bit of weather huh hehe. Many thanks for always stopping by and leaving cool comments! Take care!

    @ Suzanna: Heey Suzanna! Welcome and glad you stopped by here...and that you liked what you saw haha! Well, I saw a few of your's not that you can't draw...just practice, practice, practice and study other will become better ^_^! Cyaa!

  22. Sweet-pretty TJ!!!!
    You know what? im glad you replied directly on my blog, because i will never know if you reply anything unless i visit your blog :D hahah thats me!!!!

    wishing you a lovely rainy day ok! ;))

    talk yo you later!!!!
    big hugs and sweet kisses to you!

  23. The Unicorns are so damn cute!!!

    Thanks again for thinking of my daughter the other day. She's feeling much better and back in school.

    Thank god for her dad! I was going stir crazy being home for days. :)

  24. wow great post. I tend to only read the blogs that I find interesting .
    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

  25. @ Mita: Awww hahaha you're so sweet! Will message you later!! XOXO!

    @ One of the Guys: Heey S! You're very welcome! I'm just happy she liked it! Oh she's feeling better!! Just in time before you were running around in circles heehhe. Take care!!!

    @ Sewa Mobil: Hi! Thanks so much! Also glad you found it interesting ^_^. Sometimes I wonder if people would like what I write, but so far so good!! I shall keep on posting!

  26. Hey TJ! I love the drawings--particularly the one you did for Cathy and Rory (that was so sweet of you!).

    The weather here on the E. Coast of the U.S. has been beautiful lately too. We've been given a tantalizing little sample of spring--and I am so ready for that!

    Keep up the lovely artwork. I so enjoy seeing it.


  27. Thanks for spreading the joy my friend. Hugs

  28. @ Melinda: Hello Melinda!! I'm so glad Cathy & Rory liked it ^_^. Yes, let the Spring begin!! I can't wait till the days are brighter and sunnier, for some reason this year I can't wait! Thanks so much for stopping, as always :D! Ciao!!

    @ Vanessa: Anytime!! Do take care okay? Hugs back!!

  29. The stamp with your chibi boy worked out perfect! :) The receiver also liked it very much! :) You can read about it on my blog, if you'd like. ;)

  30. @ Nicollie: Heey Nicole! Glad to hear the stamp was a success! I will head over to your blog in a sec!! Cyaa!

  31. ohhh so sorry for the late reply, Pretty TJ, ive been very busy :(

    hey, i just got an email 'jacketflap invitation' from you, im so sorry but im no longer on jacketflap (plus my silliness is: i forgot my password).
    I dont like this jacketflap (dont tell them ok or they'll spam me, heheh...) it's too hectic with too many people so i just leave my account like that.
    I wish i could delete it, i just dont know how.

    Best wishes for your thesis!
    (im worried about you, i hope everything's fine)


  32. I love your art! Those pegasuses (is that the correct plural? lol) are so adorable! Wonderful post :)

  33. Woww.

    This is my first time visiting here and I must say, I'm blown away. I had no idea you were so crazy talented 0_o. Keep it up eh.

  34. @ Mita: I shall wander over to your blog in a minute ^_^! Ciao XOXO!

    @ Raphnexx: Thank you :D!

    @ Dawn: Hello and welcome!! Aww thank you! I'm glad you stopped by! You got me wondering now...pegasuses...hmm. Take care and hope to see you again!

    @ The Boo: Booooo! How cool to see you here. Thanks for strolling by and you're right on the crazy part ;D hehe. I'll keep on doodling! I know I'm not on BC lately, got very busy with school =_=. So need to choose where I spend my it's my blog and twitter. I do hope to see you again! Cyaa!!

  35. TJ-love the freedom and childlike quality of your drawings. I suspect, like me, you will never completely grow up, but continue to spread your sunbeams of joy everywhere.

  36. @ NP: Ciao NP! How lovely to see you here. I think, you're right about never completely growing up ^_^. I like creating a fantasy world and characters a bit too much haha. You're really a inspiration to many of us and I would be very happy to gain just a bit of your logic, wisdom and insights of the world. I think for this, I shall stalk you just a bit longer hehe. Take care!!

  37. Hope you're having a great weekend. Weather's still been great here! Sunny and warm.
    Thanks for your great comments.

    Next set of drawings soon??

  38. @ One of the Guys: Hello! How are you? You're welcome for the comments ^_^. My weekend is pretty nice. The weather here has been pretty good. Yesterday it was rainy, but not cold. Today it's sunny again! Now, I'm thinking of something to bake, maybe a cake.

    Yes new post will be up soon! I've been working on several pieces last week (besides school of course hehe). I will post it as soon as I can. A few are birthday presents and they read my blog every now and then. So the risk of them finding out too soon is too big! Stay tuned!!

  39. Hey Pretty Girl!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such beautiful and encouraging words. They are priceless just like you he he he he! Have a creative and wonderful week!

  40. @ Vanessa: Ciao Vanessa! Awww your comment is so sweet ^_^. Thanks so much! Have a lovely and creative week yourself! Take care Xoxo!

  41. TJ:

    Swubird here, all the way from Orange County California.

    I love you work. Well done.

    Happy trails.

  42. TJ--I have to say, I always feel so happy whenever I visit your blog! I loved the new drawings--you really are so talented. But I also enjoy your attitude--it's uplifting. So often, people are cranky, whiny, and tend to seek out the darker parts of life. You always seem to focus on the positive and that is such a wonderful gift to have. So, thank you for being you!


  43. @ Swubird: Helloo Swubird! Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by here :). I'm glad you liked it. Have a lovely weekend and maybe till next time?! Take care!

    @ Melinda: Hello Melinda! Awww thank you sooo much ^_^! I can't describe how much it means to me hearing that from you. You're such an inspiration for me! So thank you ^_^! I do try to stay as positive as possible. There is already too much negativity around us and it can really bring you down so easily.

    Till next post/comment! Ciao!!

  44. The first picture of this post just became my favourite! it's so colourful and happy. I Love it!!!!!

    I'm still a fan of your other works of course :D

  45. @ Hevn: Ciao Bella! Aww thank you :D! Yes, it did turned out pretty good haha. I was kinda scared at the use of colors, because I had no clue how it would turn out, but it did pretty good ^_^!! Take care XOXO!


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