Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rainy days & National Doodle Day

Staring outside the window; she sees the dark and grey sky. The days are dark and moody. Raindrops are being smashed against the windows and the wind howls around the house. It feels like it wants to start a fight, but then again it seems that it keeps changing its mind. It's probably much more fun to howl and scare the people inside the houses. Just to see and hear the restless weather outside, makes her wish that the sun would show her beams again and warm up the dark sky with soft yellow shades...

I'm afraid that this is not the beginning of a story, my dear readers, this is how my days are lately. Snow has been replaced by stormy, rainy and windy days. Not much fun actually, but at least I have no excuse to go outside for no reason every time. So I can type a lot for my thesis *cheers weakly*. Besides me and an umbrella...not a good match at all. I guess that little princess knows it too!

I actually would love to fly around for a while hehe.
For some reason the colors aren't that nice here.

Another thing I did is this:
Are you eyeing me?

One of the first things I do, when my mind drifts away is, I start doodling eyes. It's fun and you can create a wide range of emotions with just one feature of the face. A while ago ago my eye caught the tweet of @DoodleDay. Well, National Doodle Day is an organization located in the UK and they encourage people to put pen to paper while raising money to help people affected by epilepsy and neurofibromatosis. Whenever I have the change, I try to support a good cause. I can't give much, but I can help! Also, combining doodling with a good cause, is something more organizations must do! Just my humble (not biased at all) opinion. If you have the chance, make a doodle!

About the doodle, I wanted to create something else, but then it wouldn't be really doodling anymore haha. Either way, I hope they like it and that they raise a good amount of money for the people who need it!

Well I just wanted to see how you're all doing and let you know how it is at my place! I guess that little princess is trying to keep her dress dry! Hopefully the weather is a bit better where you are ^_^.

Take care everyone!


  1. you have to go outside to type your thesis??! Someone is making excuses lol jk.

    I'm not good with umbrella either :( the metal part either gets stuck in my hair or it gets blown away. I bought my friend this ninja umbrella and he says he never had issues with it. Maybe we need to get that type of umbrella.

    I love the eye doodles. My fav is the one right above your signature.

    It's getting sunny by me, can't wait til summer!!! lol

  2. @ Sensico: What? Who? Me? Noooo no excuses at all hehehe.

    Oh I want a ninja umbrella! Sounds cool! Yeah, I always break the umbrella -_-'. You mean the 'yellow' eye? or the one below the 'yellow eye? Yeah, I wanted to create a 'chibi doodle', but that would be more like a 'drawing' and not some random doodling.

    Send some sun please ^_^!!

  3. I meant the one below the yellow eye. Though the yellow eye looks like it should be on a scary anime character or something lol

    and sorry, can't send you sun, cause it likes us better. I cannot change the sun's preferences haha.

  4. @ Sensico: Haha! Yeah you're right. It has a creepy feeling over it. But the one you like is cool indeed (says the one who doodled it hehe)

    Aah no sun :|...well that's just mean. I shall make some adjustment to your illustration hehehe ^_^.

  5. Ahhh man!! It's raining now where your at. Not cool. Not cool at all. Well just like when it's cold outside you get to be in your warm home and staying dry while sipping some hot tea or coco and doodling for a great cause. Can't get much better then that. Great illustrations Tj! Very nice variety of eyes and really like the top illustrations as well.

  6. @ Pablo: Heey Pablo! Thanks so much :D!!

    How are you lately? Yes. It really sucks, because it isn't some minor rain's storming! And I will fly away, not gracefully though. But you're right, some hot coco and doodling is the best ^_^!! Cya!

  7. Hey TJ, in our culture talented ones has at least one pimple in their hands or a dimple on their body. It's ridiculous but i just wondered.LOL, do you have any??

  8. hello... how are you today?
    im here now now yes.
    sorry for yesterday, heheh...

    i use many different kinds of paper.
    sometimes i use 3-4 kinds of paper to do 1 illustration... yes thats true. but my fave one is recycled papers because they have rich and natural textures.
    And what about you? what paper do you use?
    you seem to like watercolor?
    sorry if im mistaken :D lol

    you are a sociology student who illustrates? you are so very talented you know...

  9. @ Kuday: Hahaha Sinan! That is the most unusual question so far! Well ehm no, no pimple on my hand or dimples on my body/face. Sooo now what ^_^?

    @ Lakhsmita Indira: Hello! You're back ^_^. Hahaha don't worry about yesterday though hehe. I'm doing fine! How are you? Thanks so much do for stopping by again, it's something that can be easily forgotten.

    Yeah I did think you used many types of paper, but man the end results are amazing! I kid you not! I use Canson and Fabriano paper and regular paper for sketching. You're right about recycled paper, they have such a cool structure!

    Haha you're correct! I love watercolor and gouache. I still need to practice a lot though ^_^. But practice is what makes us better in the end! Aww really thanks so much for your compliment! I do my best to get better in what I love to do. And yes, I'm a Sociology student and working on my thesis, illustrating is in the end what I love to do the most ^_^.

    Thank you for strolling by Lakhsmita! I appreciate it a lot!

  10. Hi TJ,
    Well no rain where I am yet, still dead winter. It hasn't been so bad though and the sun is getting stronger everyday. Great illustrations as always, and your eye doodles are really fun. I like to do the same too...

  11. @ Brad: Hello Brad! Aah I see, well I can send some rain towards you...if you like ^_^....heheh.

    Ooh you should do some eye doodles! I would love to see them! Many thanks for your kind words!!

  12. @ Abz: Hey Dude! That is one amazing sketch! And again you are FAST! Hahaha thanks so much ^_^! I love it!

    @ Dominic P.: Thank you :D!!

  13. @TJ, I'm sure there is at least ONE. Lol, are you trying to destroy our 2 thousand year-old tradition?? Search carefully and call out your sisters&brothers if they can help you to find it. Otherwise i have to come to find it. :)))

  14. @ Kuday: Hahaha! No not trying to destroy a two thousand year old tradition. I'm sure there are people who are an exception hehe. Nooo need to call out a search group :|. I can tell you, no pimples on hand and no dimples on face/body. So there ^_^.

  15. Hey TJ,
    Sorry the weather is so dreary. Here too, although at least there isn't much snow left. (Knock on wood)

    I love your "eye doodles!"

    Your site was one of the sites we gave some props to today. Enjoy!

    Have a good one.

  16. @ One of the Guys: Hello!! Yeah the weather is quite annoying lately, but we'll survive!!

    Oh I will have a look at your post! Didn't realize you already posted the final of your series! Cool! Thanks so much for always stopping by ^_^! It makes my day!

    Have a nice evening!

  17. hey tj, you have here such a COOOL art blog!! am glad you dropped by mine so i could get a chance to see and enjoy yours, thanks!! and its even more interesting that you're not an art student(at least professionally), just creating art for the pure love of it... super!

    will be back soon, all the best, take care and God bless you and your work :)

  18. @ Dintoons: Hey there! How nice to see you here too. Thanks for you lovely comment ^_^! Glad you liked what you saw. I think doing what you love to do, is the best thing in the world :D!

    You too take care and have a lovely rest of the week! Till next time!

  19. Nice article,
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    God Bless you.

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  21. Hello!!
    you are so very nice to me! :))
    im so sorry, yes sometimes i dont check back people's comments because i dont do that myself because i seem to have somekinda monologue on my blog if i do that :D LOL
    i reply people's comments (directly) on their blogs.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, ok!


    ps: oh yes you're so talented! ;)

  22. Hey TJ, great post! Love the writing and the illustrations. It was raining here constantly in Massachusetts, USA but lots of sun today...feels great!!! I too doodles eyes constantly...on my desk...while I'm on the phone...on anything I can find...weird! Eyes are cool to draw, every set is different, they hold the soul. Love your eye doodles and reaing about Doodle Day!!!! Love umbrella girl, the colors are moody & perfect!

  23. Just stopping by to say hey. The weekend was unbelievable. I'm hoping spring is finally here. And early!!

    Except my daughter is sick. It's always something! :(

    Hope all is well.

  24. @ Sewa Mobil: Hi and thanks so much for stopping by ^_^!

    @ Marry: Thanks.

    @ Lakhsmita Indira:
    Hello! Haha you make a good point though! But since I don't always have the time to browse through blogs, I reply back on my own blog too. Also sometimes people ask question, which may be interesting for other readers as well. But I will comment further on your own blog ;D! Ciao!

    @ Chris Sabatino:
    Hey Chris! merci, merci :D! The sun makes it all a bit better doesn't it! Here the sun was shining and I was feeling cheery and happy all day, even though staring at the big pile of paperwork, could easily bring me down hehe.

    Yes! Eyes hold the soul indeed! I would love to see eye doodles by you! Take care!

    @ One of the Guys:
    Hello! Just send you an email ^_^. Hope you like it and that your daughter feels better soon!

    Here all is well, lots of typing and staring out of windows hehe. The weather is so lovely here too! Thanks so much for stopping by! A big helloooo back to you! Ciao!!

  25. you know, I really like the darker colors here, Tahira! It think it makes a really nice contrast!

  26. @ Justin S.: Heey Justin! Thanks so much! It was a bit of an experiment, because I automatically grab earthy colors with a touch of a more vibrant color. I'm planning to create more in this colorscheme ^_^

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  28. @ Dissertation Writing service: Hey there! Thanks so much! I'm glad you found it useful and you stopped by the blog! Take care ^_^


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