Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random doodles & a short update

Hello again!
A quick note: First a big thanks to the ones who read and commented on the previous post! I didn't think I would get that many responses on it, but it's good to know that there are more people out there who are going through or went through the same thing and who shared their stories with me. Many thanks ^_^!
Man. She looks so sophisticated!

Okay, I'm in a small process of rearranging my blog. Nothing really big, but I will add a few pages. Thanks for pointing this out Claire! So you may think...what kind of pages?

Well, let's see, there will an 'About me' page. Here, I will also link to older posts e.g. the questionnaires I answered.

Second, a 'Want an illustration?' page...and ehm...*mind goes blank*...not sure what else. But you will see the pages magically appear under my header.

Why the change? Well, I just have the feeling that all the stuff on the side is getting a bit too crowded. I already added all the lovely awards I got from fellow bloggers under the 'Awards' page.

That cool French lady (well I think she's cool) is part of a bunch of faces & hair I did a while back. I will upload more drawings from this later. I do think, that in the near future, I will make a bigger change; an entire new look. Getting curious? Well I'm curious as well hehe. I'm brainstorming about a cool design and a logo. So I wonder what I come up with.

Enjoy the doodles and till next post!

This was actually for the New Years post, but ehm... I kinda forgot about it hehe


  1. wonderful doodles! i love the birds on the branch, and of course the sophisticated ladies are lovely!

  2. @ Brad: Heey Brad! Thanks so much :D. Yes, I love the birds too. Even the one that is kinda naughty hehe. I will check out your blog soon! Ciao!

  3. The French lady is so Chiq!! I love the new years eve lady! She is so talented - 2 glasses in one hand!

  4. your logo should be a friggin' turtle!

    btw, I like the sophisticated drawing.

    Will the blog have a different design or are you just adding pages to this design?

  5. @ LWR: I know right ^_^. I'm a walking disaster with one glass...I don't want to know what will happen with three glasses.

    Thanks for rolling by!

    @ Sensico: Thank you :D! Hahaha *recalls something* Oh! I do have sketches with a turtle! yes, I will see in the near future hehe ^_^.

    For now I will add a few pages. But I do want to have an overall new design. But I will keep you posted of course! Cya!

  6. lovely indeed. its all amazing. you're endowed with such great great talent. keep doodling, I am your fan:)

  7. @ Ianne: Hey Ianne! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely words. I appreciate it a lot. I'm sure that I can keep my promise to keep doodling hehe ^_^. Take care!

  8. Hello, what a beautiful birds! I am sending you all the inspiration vibes...

  9. @ Encaracolada: Heey! How are you? I really like the birds ^_^ (and I drew them heheh). Gracias for sending all the inspiration vibes! I know can use them! Abrazos y Besos!!

  10. TJ, I'm happy your stopped by my blog, not just because I enjoyed your kind comments, but because it led me to your wonderful blog! Some amazing stuff here, beautiful artwork! I especially LOVE the very cool French girl, your Jean Grey Illustrations (I'm a big Phoenix fan) and the Mission: Impossible parody!!! Great stuff!

  11. These are wonderful! I love your style. It's beautiful! Keep doing your wonderful thing cause I adore it.
    Great work.

  12. (pssst. I got to say hi to that french girl. So aloof. So remote. so beautiful. Man, I wish I knew the right way to pronounce Sartre without sounding like an idiot. Well, here goes nothin' . . .")

  13. @ Chris Sabatino: Hello Chris, you're very welcome! I meant every word, I really like your work! And I don't what else to say then: A BIG thank you for your awesome comment! I love the Phoenix too! I'll let you know when will post the final result. Haha, the Mission Impossible drawing, that one is one of my faves. And the French girl...I simply love her ^_^. Thanks again!

    @ Vanessa B.N.: Hello Vanessa! I'm really flattered by your words! Really, many many thanks! Yes! I'll keep on working on this, it's what I love to do the most ^_^. Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Mykal: Hi Mykal Haha! She says Hi back! She is a friendly lady :). Sartre, I love his quotes! For example: 'The best work is not what is most difficult for you; it is what you do best.' - his quotes are simply awesome!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely words!

    @ Alina Chau: Hi! Thanks so much Alina! I really appreciate it you stopping by ^_^! Your work is simply gorgeous!

  14. Hi TJ Lubrano, your blog has so much to explore and I enjoy reading your sharing :D Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog btw! ;)

  15. Ur first doodle on this post with birds is soooooooooooo cuttteee..!!!
    So is ur tweet button. Waiting for the new look n all those links.

    Take care

  16. @ Gavin Goo: Hi Gavin! You can call me TJ ;D. Thanks so much for stopping by mine too! Haha, yes I try to keep it interesting and so far it's going pretty good ^_^. Keep on creating your cool work too! Till next time!

    @ Shas: Heeey Shas! It has been such a long time! Thanks sooo much :D! I will check out your blog as soon as I can!! Do take care yourself lady ^_^! Ciao Xx

  17. fun stuff, cheers to the chic girl with the champagne

  18. Hi TJ, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

    Your sketches are so cool! Keep it up!

  19. Thanks for visiting as now I get to enjoy your work! You have a lot of whimsically sweet illustrations here. I am off to peruse your posts. Thanks TJ!

  20. Your art work is incredible, TJ! I wish I had your talent.

    If you want to know about some outstanding Blogger templates that not many people have, please let me know. I don't want to spam your blog by link dropping :)

  21. @ Amy C: Hi! Cheers back Amy!! Thanks a lot for stopping by :D

    @ Julissa: Hi Julissa! Pleasure is all mine ^_^! And thanks so much for stopping by mine too.

    @ Shirley: Hello! You're very welcome! And thank you ^_^!! Hope you like the other stuff you find on my blog! Now I wonder what I posted in the past *thinks* Take care!

    @ Paul: Hi Paul, thanks so much for you compliment! Yes. I will definitely keep you in mind if I'm on the search for templates! Very kind that you didn't link drop hehe ^_^. Till next time!

  22. I love the New Year's drawing, TJ--it was fun seeing it now.

    My blog is going to have a slight makeover soon too. My friend Eddie (yes, that one) is drawing a new header for me! I am so excited to show it to you when it is completed. He said he should have it done by this weekend.

    Anyway--just thought I'd drop by to say "Hi!"


  23. hi ..i love your drawing ,really cute and nice.hope to see more

  24. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  25. Hi! Nice blog, I really mean it! I have been reading your prior posts and sympathize with the 'struggles'. I have also studied social sciences (in my case psychology) while all I really wanted to do is to draw. Now that I have my diploma and safety net, my career opportunities in the artistic field are way better than those of the academic field O_o
    I financed my education by selling my art :)

    So follow your heart, because eventually it's a much better way to live doing something you like to do, instead of doing something other people say you should do.

    you have the talent, keep it up :)

  26. @ Melinda: Helloooo Melinda! How lovely from you to stop by ^_^. Yes. I found the sketch last week and gave it some color. Oooh a new header! I can't wait to see it! And since it comes from Eddie, I'm sure it's simply wonderful. Aah I'm soo curious! I'll stop by your blog soon!! Take care :D

    @ Adyna: Hello Adyna! Thank you for stopping by! Just stop by whenever you have the chance ^_^!

    @ Alexiev: Thanks for stopping by. No link dropping though.

    @ Hapi: Thank you! Happy Blogging to you as well.

    @ Sjan W: Hello Sjan! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and lovely words! Following my heart is indeed what I'm going to do and in the end it can work out even better. But I won't know this until I've tried ^_^. Thank you for stopping by! Take care and keep up your good work!

  27. I love the last picture especially. The woman holding the wine/cocktail glasses. Very sexy! :)

    I'm sure you'll come up with something cool for your new look.

    Happy Friday!

  28. @ One of the Guys: Hello! How nice to see you again! How are you?

    Haha! Yeah she is pretty cool ^_^! I do wonder what I'll come up with! Thanks for strolling by. It's always fun to see you here!

    Happy Friday to you too!

  29. Hello TJ, thank you for your visit. Good luck with rearranging your blog. I do mine all the time. I cahnge headers sometimes every day or several ties a day when I am bored! Have a great weekend,

  30. @ Ces: Hi Ces, you're very welcome! Thanks for stopping by mine! Haha, yeah I love to add changes and keep it nice and unexpected on my blog! Have a lovely weekend yourself!

  31. TJ?
    are you here?
    what was your Q?
    eh.. i forgot... lol :D
    let me re-read on my comments.
    in a min ok.

  32. @ Lakhsmita Indira: Helloo! Haha you're funny ^_^! I'm here, but I guess you're rereading your comments!

    My question...ehm...what was it exactly? What I can recall is that I wanted to know what material you used. Your work is amazing!!

    But...I shall wait patiently!

  33. Something about the colours I enjoy...theyre soft and...deep. I dont know, I like them! Keep it up, and thats for always stopping by!

    I will draw more and post wait and see!! lol

  34. @ Abz: Hey! Thanks so much, Abz! really appreciated! I do love the colors as well, don't know what I do to them, I just paint ^_^.

    Haha! A big thank you to you for rolling by my blog as well :D. I'll be staying tuned! Get sketching hehe. Ciao!

  35. I love the moods you are able to depict in each painting- credit it to the choice of colors or your style of drawing characters. Each painting is simply a pleasure to look at. Cheers :)

  36. @ Sami: Hi Sami. Thank you stopping by and your lovely words ^_^!! I do my best to capture different moods in each painting. As for the colors, I simply pick the ones that feels right at the time haha.

  37. You continue to surprise me with your talent TJ. I'm so impressed, every one of your art pieces, from the "doodle" on down is fantastic!

  38. @ Surveygirl46: Hi Lisaaaa! How cool to see you here again ^_^. Aww thanks so much! I'm really happy you (still) like it haha! I do my best to entertain you guys with the doodles. Until next poke my friend hehe!! Take care & Big hugs!

  39. @ Miss Carole: Hi there! Thank you ^_^!


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