Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you eyeing me?

And hello again!

After a few sunny days, the sun decided to hide again and to give the rain a chance to grace the pavements with its drops. Yeah as if the rain doesn't have enough chances during the rest of the year...and I don't like the rain...it makes my hair frizz haha (and I don't know why I'm laughing...it's NOT a pretty sight).

Hey, have you guys been noticing that it is already getting darker around 10pm or something? The fall is approaching! Not that I mind though, my birthday is in the fall and I love the colors of the leaves and the idea of Halloween is also very fun! Okay wait, not that Halloween is a big hype in The Netherlands and I have to say that whatever we in The Netherlands call Halloween...well it's just waay to commercial for me...

But yeah Halloween, I like the image they portray of it in the movies haha. I wonder what I would choose as an outfit (you are never too old to dress up my friends!). Sometimes I think it's just because you have the opportunity to buy lots of orange and black things. It's not that you see lots of dressed up kids walking through the streets, yelling trick or treat at the doors (yes in Dutch we say 'snoep of je leven', freely translated it means 'candy or your life'...yeah that doesn't sound too happy now does it heheheh). And this is also the case with other holidays, like Sinterklaas (Anybody know about this holiday? If not just yell and I shall put on my glasses and explain!) and Christmas.
The products related with these holidays are already on the shelves at the beginning of September! Helloooo people!! Summer isn't really over yet, you need time to adjust to the fact that it soon will be over and the products related with the winter are already hitting your face! Yeah, that's not so funny. You need to make a mental switch from summer (bright and light) to winter (well ehm...cold and dark), rather quickley. So I have the feeling that this is done, just to make some extra profits, because you will get attempted to buy the chocolate goodies or cookies...

Ah well, you can't control everything now, can we ^_^?

One feature that I draw a lot are eyes...just to practice and to keep myself busy.

The eyes *please imagine a mysterious background tune* can instantly brighten up a drawing or make it more expressive...but to draw these can also be a huge pain in the 'you know what'' area (please excuse me for the dramatic twist)!! For me it's because I can't seem to get two identical eyes. Okay it's not that that eyes in general are always the same (because one can a bit bigger than the other and so on...just take a look in the mirror), but I mean you do have a general pattern to follow right? Usually, I draw the eyes as last in my drawings.

But sometimes I just don't get the right vibe or feeling from a sketch and I draw the eyes a bit sooner. I think, it can help you to determine how the character should stand/pose (remember the Bond Lady...her eyes had a soft expression, while I was going for a bold sassy lady...yeah I drew the eyes first here...). Anyway, when I'm somewhere waiting or sitting in the library, during lessons (hehehe) or in the subway I draw...you guys get the picture right? It can be almost anywhere ^_^!

Oh the next pair of eyes, I made with a Nintendo DS, with a program named Colors! A nice program, I don't use it anymore though, but I made this on a first attempt. Whahaha I impressed myself when I did that *applauds for herself*.

The eyes I make are in an anime style. Whaha my whole drawing technique is based on anime. I never tried drawing realistic though. But at the moment I feel more comfortable when I draw in this style. So I stick to this for now ^_^! But the features I really need to take a look at and start practicing are the....hands!! I just can't draw normal fingers and it annoys me sometimes! Luckily with chibi's you don't have this problem, but yeah, I need to take a look at this soon!

To the reader who draws as well, do you have a feature you usually draw?

To all the other readers: is there something you would like to see drawn or something you want to know about me? I think I will post a 'random facts about me' soon.

Well, I'm off to make some pancakes!!

Cyaa later!


  1. I see...I need to add security to my blog...

  2. Those are some nice sketches :)

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog <3 & in case you're interested, I just lowered the prices of my charms ;D

  3. Eyes are the image of the soul!
    i like your "manga" eyes!

  4. I love to draw as well. I rarelt do it now but when I did I would focus on the eyes too. They are a lot of fun to draw....I equate it with putting on makeup!

    PS: Derek is hoot isn't he?

  5. i love the eyes... like cathy said - i would always focus on the eyes when i used to draw (my hands are temporarily too shaky!) i think they're the most important part of the face - and you do them very well! i especially like the ones from the DS

  6. It won't help

    cathy- do I look like an owl to you? I am most certainly not a hoot, nor do I hoot. I do like hooters though.

  7. @ Dana: Hey! How nice of you to drop by! And you're very welcome! You have a nice blog! I'll check out the charms as soon as I can! Take care xoxo

    @ Fabrizio: Grazie Grazie ^_^! You are very kind. And you are right. Eyes are the image of the soul. Hope to see you again! Your blog is really cool!

    @ Cathy: Oh I would love too see more of your drawings! Oh did you also made mood boards? Is that what it's called? I'm not sure. The eyes are indeed very fun to draw!

    Hahaha hoot. Yes, he isn't too happy about the fact you exposed his true nature. hoot hoot ^_^ (haha I'm sorry DB, just use your anger in making up a great story line)

    @ Lauren: Hello Lauren, welcome on my blog! You are right. The eyes can determine so much in a drawing. Thank you for your compliment! I was very surprised when I used the DS haha, I didn't know I was capable of that. I do have a drawing board, which I bought recently. It gets easier when you practice. Stop by anytime you like! I'll check out your blog as soon as I can. Take care!

    @ Derek: I have a special security system. I'm sure it will work.

  8. I love your brain to hand dexterity. Plus big brains rock! You just ooze brains. :D

    I added you to my blogs I follow on a daily-ish basis. Thanks for bringing a smie to my face on a regular basis.

    Keep on blogging and keep on creating. You have a huge fan in Austin!

  9. I love the eyes, I practice doodling them a lot.

    What I would love to see, is hairstyles, I am awful at doodling them.

  10. @ Erik: Aaah you are too kind! My hand/brain dexterity isn't always good tho. You don't want to know how many times I have an image in my hand and...well what I draw...it doesn't match up at all haha!

    'You just ooze brains' ^_^, I did almost sneezed my brains out a couple of days earlier...stupid cold -_-'.

    I'm really happy to see that what I write/draw brings a smile on your face. And the fact that your are a huge fan! I'm speechless! Really, many many thanks for stopping and commenting! Keep on smiling ^_^! Till next time.

    @ Claire: Hello ms. Doodle! Many many thanks for stopping by and following. Oeh hairstyles! I do have some sketches of that! I shall post them up soon.


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