Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mission accomplished: Created a mug

Woohoo it has arrived!

Can you remember, I was telling you guys about a project I was working on right? It is for a close friend of mine from Italy and I thought it would be a nice surprise to create something nice for him...with my own illustrations. We usually have conversations about Elvis the Duck and Cat the Spy, chocolate and missions. So, I thought it would be fun to pick a few of them and to create a illustration and place it on a mug ^_^! What a fun way to start your morning haha (or am I the only one who thinks like this?)

Voila! This is the final result of all the sketches together:

I made the drawings on paper and colored them with watercolor. Then I used technology! The scanner and also used Photoshop to edit it here and there (with the help of little bro of course! cause all the layers confused in the end he did most of the work. But I designed a logo a few days back and I did it all by myself, so I was really happy, because I'm getting better at it haha)

And now let's see how the mug turned out. You might need to enlarge the picture, so you can see it in more detail.

I have to say that I'm very happy that it isn't printed as a picture, but it's really embedded in the mug. So it's seamless! Have to say, it looks quite good haha.

What do you think about it??!

I have to say that due to circumstances, he will receive his present a bit later than planned...but hey to receive a mysterious package from Holland with a Belated Birthday Present can be a lot of fun....if he likes it that is. Okay, I hope my sisters won't read the post now...cause they are really excited about the mug. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about it, but I always have this thing, this feeling that I can do better -_-''... and everytime I say this to my friends, they look like they just want to slap me. And no I'm not doing this to get's just the way it is. Yes I'm very tiring.

Oh I'm still working on a few other small projects. A few are birthday related, and a few 'thank you's' (For example the Bond Lady card). So I'll keep you posted on that! I just have to remind myself, not to send the link of my blog to the receivers before they get their presents! Yes in my enthusiasm I might forget that....

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Till next time!

PS: The logo design I mentioned earlier. I will tell you about that in another post! I need to edit it.

PS II: I'll just say it again, just as a reminder (because I already have a note on my blog and the inscription on my drawings). All the photo's and illustrations/drawings are copyrighted by me! So if you are planning do to something with it, just wait & let me know!


  1. OMG OMGGGGG!!! The mug is super cuteeeeee!!!

    I don't know what else to say except to stare at them and drool!

    Gorgeous, you really did a fantastic job with the mug, I'm super sure whoever receives the mug would be one really happy person, LOL!

    Keep it up luv,


  2. Great idea! Everyone loves a colorful mug! Wonderful place to display one's art work.

  3. Waauw! Your drawings are great! I really love the mug! Great job!

  4. @ Hevn: Ashley!!!! You are soo sweet!! I could almost hear your voice through the screen hahaha. Thank you so much! I do hope he'll like it! Please don't ask me why I doubt...but yeah that's just me I guess. I always think that I can do better -_-''. I'm really considering to make more of these mugs and sell them. But I need to write some plans down first ^_^!!

    @ NP: Hello NP! Thank you so much! I love a colorful mug as well! Oh and how's the stalking going? I'm doing my best to stay invisible visible. It can be difficult though. I almost thought you spotted me when you walked down the street smiling at people ^_^. Keep on smiling, the smallest effort can make the biggest difference!

    @ Haiko: Hey again ^_^. Thank you so much! How are you doing? Did you escape again from places you couldn't escape?? Till next time!!

    @ everyone: Your comments really made my day and kept a smile on my face haha! Thank you so much!! I'll do my best and keep on drawing!!

  5. Nice. I like the colors especially, feels very warm and mug-y.

  6. @ Coy de Leon: Hello there! Oh thank you! I like the colors too ^_^.

  7. The mug is simply adorable....just like you! I find the true creative mind is never quite satisfied with what they do! So don't worry about it!

  8. @ Cathy: You are really sweet *big hug*!!! I'll try not to worry as much...but still just sneak up on me ^_^.

  9. First of all thanks for ur comment on my words for life my friend. visited ur site you have done a good job. Have a nice day.

  10. hiiiii
    this is very nice idea to create something different,
    the mug is cute and so your creativity.

  11. Awesome! I like your drawing, appreciate that if you can send me a mug like that?

  12. Oh I love the mug! You have given me a wonderful idea for a present now.

  13. @ Madushika: You're very welcome. It was lovely! Stop by whenever you like! Take care.

    @ Roopam: Hello there ^_^. Thank you for your lovely compliment! I love to give original presents haha.

    @ Cool: Thank you!! If you really want a mug, email me and we can discuss it in detail ^_^.

    @ Claire: Thanks so much! Yeey! Has is it something to do with your doodling ^_^?

  14. Yeah I had deal with a good friend of mine that birthday gifts would be handmade this year and if I doodle something for a mug that would sort of fit the bill.

  15. Ohhhh what great mugs!
    Speaking of birthdays - I just noticed you and I have the same birthday - October 21! :) - Kim

  16. @ Soggy Dog: Hello Kim, we have the same birthday :D! How cool is that! I shall sing a song on your birthday ^_^! Thank you for nice comment and stop by whenever you like, there will be cookies and tea waiting ^_^.

  17. I think the glass was beautiful because of the print. I bet the birthday celebrant was very happy, because a handmade gift is far better than ready made.

  18. @ Nodami: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment! Have to say this tho...I haven't given it yet heheh. The thing is he's on a holiday and lives in Italy and packages get lost quite often. I just want to make sure he'll gets it, so I wait a bit more. It's a Belated Bday Mug present ^_^!

  19. hi tj! your mug is wonderful....i know that your friend will have extra hugs for you for making such a fabulous heartfelt gift!! your illustrations are very cute!

    i'm married to a dutch boy....he's from the south of holland in maastricht, such a beautiful city! we lived in brussels for a while and i really loved it....a great way to experience the dutch AND french side of life (although quite confusing at times!)! thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi....i appreciate your very sweet comments!! :)

  20. TJ--very nice! You are so talented! I'm so glad I stopped by.


  21. That's Creative!

    Hey, You Forgot Elvis....

  22. TJ,
    Love the mugs! What a nice way to take your coffee and tea each day.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Bring Back Pluto
    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  23. omg omg i loveeee!!
    ill buyyyy one lol

  24. Really like your work, and I'll became your follower as soon as now!!
    Mike from
    have a nice day!!

  25. @ Lori: Hello Lori, thanks for stopping by! And also for your lovely comment!
    You're married to a Dutch guy! How cool is that! I have to go to Maastricht soon, was planning to go with friends, but got canceled. But it's a nice city indeed! So can you speak a little bit Dutch ^_^? Hope to see you again!! Take care.

    @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda!! Thanks for stopping by again and your sweet comment ^_^!

    @ Mystique earth: Haha yeah Elvis went missing. Thanks so much!

  26. @ Bring back Pluto: Hi there! You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it. Yeah I think it's a cool way to start your day too ^_^! I have a whole series in mind haha. Hope to see you again!

    @ Kimee: Heey girl!!!thank you ^_^!!! You would buy one?? Haha I'm getting more and more requests about these mugs! Never thought I would get this many comments! Hmm *thinks* I need to have a look at this hhaha

    @ econtatto: Thank you, thank you! Also for the follow! I really appreciate it! Oh I visited your blog, nice vids!! Stop by anytime you like!

  27. Helloooow Tj.:-D
    Oh soo many comment you got and u deserve it!;-) I hope am not too late coz I want to comment it- I am away from pc during my brother wedding party- so many guests at home.
    I agree the mugs are so cute! Hmm Ur italian best friend is so lucky! Very gud job, very creative as always! :-)

  28. @ Mignonesia: Helloo Dita!! Ooh I was so happy with the comments indeed! I think this was the first post that got so many comments :| seems so looong ago! But you can always comments if you want, I will see it ^_^. Thank you for checking this blast from the past out and I'm really happy you like it! Big hugs!! Xxx


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