Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ms. Bond, strike a pose

~ Cover your self in Bond no. 9 ~

What are your thoughts on perfume? Yeah this question is also for the guys...not only girls use perfume, although when a question like that is asked...only girls will respond I think hahaha. Well I like perfume, it's not high on my 'beauty to buy list', but it's nice to have a few scents laying around that you can spritz on while dancing to music....okay probably you'll see this only movies and in real life you stand still while you spritz on perfume...but hey it was a fun image though haha.

I use at the moment Yria, from Yves Rocher. This is a soft oriental-flowery scent with (let's get a bit more technical here...):

Top notes are coriander, mandarin orange and bergamot;

Middle notes are magnolia, gardenia, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose;

Base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, patchouli and vanilla.

Are you guys visualizing it? or I mean smelling it...hmm not sure if you guys have an idea how it smells like...but I think most people would wear this in the evening, cause it can smell a bit on the heavy side; I don't, I just wear it whenever I like it. Oh yeah, I have a lot of samples of Hugo Boss, Chanel, Givenchy and ehm...shoot I can't recall the other names...and I'm too lazy to get up and look hehe.

More recently I added Bond No.9 to my sample box. Yeah my taste in perfume varies a lot, but up till now I always come back to Yria. So until I find a perfume that makes me go like "OMG!"...I'll stick to Yria and use samples to see how it smells on me. Because we all know (at least I think it's a common fact...) that one perfume can have a very different smell on each individual.

The brand Bond No. 9, is quite exclusive and well it really is a high end brand. One bottle costs $ 195,- and contains 100 ml ( I know right...I was like o_O oh my...). The designs of the bottles are very colorful and artistic and expresses its own story. On the website they describe it as a specific scent for each neighborhood in New York. I think the concept is really cool! I'm not sure if they capture the specific scents of the neighborhoods in NY tho, I've never been to NY. So when I go, I'll sniff around holding a sample of each neighborhood in my hand...hehehe. Next to perfume they sell, body products, candles, t-shirts, gift boxes and well just take a look on their site ^_^. A few popular scents are 'Scent of Peace' and 'Chinatown'. Here are a few examples of the bottles:

From left to right you see: Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, Chinatown, Scent of Peace, WestSide. All credit goes to Bond No.9...don't want a lawsuit on my know for posting a picture of the bottles...I know may sounds silly...but in these days you can't be too careful...*looks around suspiciously*

Oh yeah, I forgot to add; these are the more deluxe versions. But man the prize 0_o...well I don't have the money to buy a full sized bottle haha. I got in contact with a very sweet American lady who explained all about the Bond no. 9 perfumes and what she thought would be best. She also said that the scents can be mixed together, so then you can create your own scent. She sells the samples she gets with a purchased bottle (6 samples cost $15 dollar as an additional purchase, I got like three samples from her for $5 dollar...I think that is very affordable hehe). One sample contains quite a lot and you only need a little of it, since it's real perfume (or we should say eau de parfum with a french accent ofcourse...) and not eau de toilette. So the scent stays on for a long time!

Don't they look like cute candy bonbons ^_^!
Yeah I'm a real master in rewrapping stuff...can't you see how nicely it's done.....-_-''

Even after I bought several samples from her, we stayed in touch and she is such a friendly and kind woman! She even enclosed lots of samples for my little brother (okay he is not that little he is 15...but still for me he his little....oh my god...when he reads this...he's going to slap me -_-''...). As a thank you, I will make her a small ~Thank you~ card with a personal note in it. But I'm not so sure what type my drawings should be....okay I'll give you two examples.

The first one:

Surrounded by Bond No. 9.
If you enlarge it you will see her expression better.

This one is a bit more 'technical'. With that I mean more human like haha. She's not a chibi, that's for sure. When I first drew this sketch, you saw a leg sticking out her dress with some pretty heels on. But when I looked at her facial expression and then to the leg (this went on for quite some time...)...I felt something wasn't right. She looked too sweet to stand in a pose like that hahaha. But either way, I think her face should be with a more bold, sassy expression...*looks again*. Yeah, she has a lovely expression, but I want it more bold, like a femme fatal hahaha. Luckily it is a sketch though, I can change it. I do need to change the Bond bottle, cause that one isn't right at all. But I just made a quick sketch to see how she should stand. Maybe I'll draw a mini bottle in her hand, so it seems she just spritzed Bond No.9 on her...what do you think?

Let move on to the second one!

Bond no.9 is being loved by all.
Please don't look at the scribble in the upper right corner...

CHIBIS!! hehe I really think you can't go wrong with drawing chibi's. It's still an initial draft. I will draw it again and But my American friend, comes across like a very classy and friendly person, so I think the first one would be more appropriate. Well I will ponder about this difficult matter a bit more and I will decide later one! I will place the finished results in a blog. I probably shouldn't be giving her a link to blog won't be a surprise if she reads this post before I send the card hehehe

But you know the scent I really like and already know I'm never gonna's the scent that lingers in a perfume store...all those perfumes combined make such a wonderful scent!! Can't they just bottle that?? Who's familiar with this?

Oh yeah! I'm also working a small sketch to be printed on a tea mug for a close friend of mine. But can't tell you more just yet! I will post a blog about this later one!

Till next time!!


  1. Omg you draw so nicely, both of those look so absolutely cute :) My fave is the second one, with the little girls around the bottle :) Very stylish..

    What I think about perfume? Well I LOVE IT! And I must say that it is on my ''must buy'' list always, if I run out of it, which cannot happen since I have so many different perfumes.

    Anyways, I can't wait to see your sketch that you are working on :)

    Til' next time,


  2. I have found you in blog catalog and i have follow your blog, please do the same for my blog

  3. @ Ingrid: Thank you so much for stopping by!!! Oh perfume is always nice to have around! I also check for little travel size bottles! So cute and convenient in your bag! I'm still working on the sketches I was talking about, but the last few days I'm feeling a bit sick -_-'' I do the best that I can!! Hope to see you again!

    @ Om nunu: Thanks for stopping by :). I looked at your blog as well. Very informative! Keep it up and hope to see you again.


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