Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birds -_-''......

Okay something else then my drawings today; Today was very humid and warm outside and I was out with one of my closest friends. We were just walking around in the city and talking about a bunch of nonsense (usually is the case when you walk with me...I like to make up stories hehe).
You see, there is this hype going on in Rotterdam...these English Brand clothing stores are popping up in the city center. We have Primark, River Island and the third one, New Look will be added to that list very soon. These clothing stores are all competing with each other for the latest trends for the cheapest price. Let me tell you...this creates chaos! Flying clothes, screaming girls, sobbing in the corners because items are out of stock, fitting room fights... (Exsqueeeze me...who's place in front of the mirror are you stealing? Not mine! Move!)

I think it's nicer if you enlarge the drawing thoigh. Well yeah, basically just a bunch of girls shopping at (fill in any shop...) during sale ^_^..hehe CHAOS!!

But this wasn't the worst. You wanna know what happened?! You really wanna know? okay, please stay firmly seated here...

I walked out of a store and I heard a soft sound, it was like a 'Splatjs' sound and I knew something wasn't right, but I couldn't quite tell what it was though. But something told me not to walk further. So I searched my clothes, looked in my bag and then I felt my hair.....

.... ....

* I'm building suspense here*

.... ....

.....A bird...yeah A of those flying of them pooped on my hair :|! THE HORROR! I immediately ran into another store as soon as I could and my friend didn't know what happened, because I was moving on superhero speed or something and I was mumbling something like "No nooo nooo! this just can't be happening...noo nooo". I don't know exactly what I was mumbling about, a lot of 'NO's' were involved though...

Either way, I asked my friend to look and her eyes just grew big O_O....and I knew immediately that I didn't make it up. I HAD BIRD POO in my was soo gross! I won't tell you the details, all I know was that I was running around and using a tissue to clean it up (well I was trying that....I couldn't see a thing!) and then I searched for a bathroom to wash it out of my hair....-_-'.... see that vague doodling thing in the sky...THAT is what that mean bird dropped in my hair...just like that...geeeezz -_-''

Yeah I just needed to share this with you whahahaha and don't worry when I got home I immediately washed my hair. So it's all fresh and clean now ^_^. My mom told me that when birds do brings good guys know something about this?


  1. Hey, I'm Nate! I didn't know you can draw such cute and beautiful sketchs until i came to you blog! I like this kind of blog, it shows real side of you!

  2. @ Coolcoolbird: Thank you so much!

    @ Nate: Heey Nate! My real name is Tahira! Thank you for your compliment!! Yeah I love to draw and I'm really glad you like it! It really is a personal side of me, people can like it or hate it! So far people like it haha. Hope to see you again!!

  3. you def draw a million times better than me lol
    im jellllllous [spell check lol]

  4. @ Kimee: Haha thank you ^_^!! But with some pratice you can get better! I know , I know cliche saying...but's true hehe.

  5. Just wandered into your blog via BlogCatalog - enjoying it a lot.

    You write and draw wonderfully.

  6. @ Jonathan: Thank you so much for stopping by and leave such a nice comment! I really appreciate it! Hopefully you come again soon...I'm working on another piece at the moment..should be working on my thesis tho...

  7. Well, TJ, they DO indeed say this is good luck, but i dont know how "good" or "lucky" it actually is to have a bird poop all over your head.

    But don't worry I hear its great for your head and scalp. That's what MY mom told me, anyway...

  8. @ Shitty Truth: Good day mr. Shitty Truth! Thanks a lot for stopping by! Haha my mom said the same thing! But perhaps it's good if you let it sit on your hair...I'm not going to try THAT out voluntarily hehe. Oh you try it out first...let me know the results okay! I'll try commenting your blog again, let's keep our fingers crossed! Cya!


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