Monday, July 20, 2009

Anyone? No one? Aaah come on! Pleaseeee??

Is the plane already leaving :|....

ZzZzzzZ...(that is one weird plane whahah)

So yeah, the first time I ate ramen was at a Japanese restaurant and it was served with udon noodles. Very tasty, but I found the noodles heavy on the stomach. But there are many dishes I haven’t tried just yet! I went to a Japanese restaurant last Friday with two friends and I tried...squid. I was proud of myself because I was quite afraid (yeah yeah I know...who would be afraid of fish that is already dead...well yeah I was...please no weird comments okay -_-'). But you know the thing with me is, I love to see food (a neat presentation *oeh pretty!*…but not toooo neat that you are afraid to eat it, because you will ruin the way it looks, but enough to work up an appetite!) and to eat it of course…but I have to be careful with some products, like pork, my stomach can get upset quite easily. Which annoys me a lot. I have tried a few dishes one time and afterward I felt a bit sick -_-‘’…but I try out new stuff anyway haha. I think I just have to get used to it. But I’m not a big fan of pork though and some sea fish ( I can't come up the names now's kind of late here...). I usually eat shrimps only when my dad makes it; he has this Portuguese way of seasoning which I love! Oh my I sound picky...

But when it comes to food, I love to try out new dishes! When I started cooking I added, Mexican, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and ehm *thinks*…hmm can’t come up with anything else now…but yeah I added a few new flavors. My mom is from Surinam and usually cooks with rice, vegetables and meat/chicken. My dad is from the Cape Verdian Island and has his special moments when he cooks haha. Like last Sunday both my grandparents came to visit us and my dad made not one, but two dishes and my grandparents arent big eaters haha. But it was very tasty! If you would like to know more about these dishes just let me know! Both my parents are mixed (Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Arabic and Africa are influences that run through my family). Are there any dishes out there that I really have to try? Just let me know!

Always use the secret ingredients...what that is? It's a secret hehe...I know I know...lame -_-'

Till the next blog!!


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEE the chibis!!!! Lol! They really do look like you XD

    I'm so envious, you're finally in Japan! I super love your picture with the hairpin, I MUST GET MYSELF ONE!I must! I absolutely love it! And gosh, I love your picture, I kid you not, but you're so gorgeous. You really are!

    Anyway have fun and post up some more picture :D

    Take care <3

  2. Whahahah well then mission acomplished ^_^! I tried to make the chibi look like me hahaha.

    But I'm not in Japan :|...AAAAH I wish I was now! I'm thinking of to go next year! Oh nooo when did you thought I was in Japan...okay please tell me which part you've read that made you think I was *grabs pen and paper*..okay tell me I will make a note of it ^_^

    Oh thank you so much! please STOOOP me making me shy, I can't hide anywhere now hahaha...but really thank you so much ^_^ are too sweet! Hmm I will shock you with a next picture soon okay haha. But the hairpin (AAAAAAAAAAH that is the word! hairpin)is sooooo pretty, really perfect colors and those dangling thingies (I just love that word hahaha). When you are in Japan fly to nearest store and get yourself a pretty hairpin. I bought another one, this one is orange and a bit smaller...from England via Ebay...that one is gorgeous too! Hmm perhaps I will post a picture in another blog ^_^.


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