Monday, July 20, 2009

Anyone wants to go to Japan with me?

Anyone? No one? Please? I'm not scary...I probably will be screaming SUGOOI all the time...hmm perhaps that would be scary...*heey you don’t have to agree with me on this…*

@ Kimee: have you seen the wristlet hehe. I thought it would be perfect to complete my outfit hehe

Hmm perhaps the readers who read my blog, noticed that my drawing style leans towards anime...yeah I’ve had a thing for Japan since I was little. The first time I got exposed (whaha sorry lack of better word here...)…I was about 7, maybe even younger and I always saw him draw things. He is an amazing anime artist and the way he draws is simply…you know, I’m like this all the time o_O. He had a website, but its offline for a while now. I will ask him if it’s okay to place some drawings on my blog. He has an impeccable instinct what to draw in illustrations and the details he puts in it are truly amazing! I wish I be that good someday ^_^! A friend of mine went to Japan last year; don’t know if I told you about this, but she brought me back some nice stuff. I have a red/white hairflower thingy (don’t know how to call it properly though…probably hair accessory or something, I like thingy better).

Yeah that is me -_-'...this won't become a habit though, but here you can see the flower. Sorry didn't have a better picture and I was tired hence the darkness around my eyes...

I love flowers in my hair ^_^! My friend told me that the amount of hair determines how big the flower can be in your hair. Interesting and quite logic I think. You wouldn't want to have a giant flower in your hair when you have a short hairstyle. It's more to accentuate your hair, I guess. Does anybody know about this?
hehe ^_^

Let's see, oh yeah! She also got me a very very cute sushi box with chopsticks, very kawaii ^_^. It even had seasoning, mini chopsticks and a fishnet thingy with...well I think they are lemons, not sure though. But it is very cute!

@ Hevn: Tadaaa here are the pictures! Isn't it cute ^_^!

Well everything Japan-related is placed in my little bro’s room, since he also is a huge fan of. Although he always look like this -_-‘’, because I’m always talking quite fast and cheering hehe. If you watch anime, which series do you follow? Right now, I’m watching Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist. Oeh! Studio Ghibli!!! I love, Love LOVEE their anime! Simply love them. The story lines, the graphic I need to go on? A couple of my faves are; Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke. If you know a good place to get the full SG collection with normal shipping costs, please let me know! I need…neeed the collector’s box! I do know that Ponyo is their latest release…so I guess there won’t be a box available with that already in it. Oh did I already told you how much I love them! If you are a Studio Ghibli lover cheer with me *woohooo* okay I will act normal...yeah so what is your favorite Studio Ghibli anime?

For food, well you can give me sushi (not all kinds though…I’m not an expert on eating sushi just yet) and ramen. Yeah I know quite standard. I usually make the pre-packed stuff and there are some good brands out there, but freshly made broth with noodles and vegetables is much better. Since I love to try out new recipes, I looked up some recipes and I saw you really need to prepare a lot! If you know a good, easy and quick recipe to make ramen, let me know too!

…why do I get the feeling that this post is a cry for help…


  1. omg u look so pretty!!
    i went to japan & they MADE me eat sushi cause i had a host family
    i hated it then but i LOVE it now lol
    california rolls are thee best :)

  2. Oh thank you so much! But remember it's a photo hahah, but really thank you ^_^!

    Aaaah I'm jealous!! You went to Japan! How cool (or should I say SUGOI)! Yeah a friend forced me to eat sushi and I learned to love it. You just have to get over this idea of raw fish tho. But California rolls are delicious!!

  3. Have you heard the 90s new wave song "Turning Japanese"? There's a passage that goes: "No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you wonder it's dark..." I will never in a thousand years understand what it is about girls and flowers on their hair, but I hope you don't mind me telling you that you look really pretty with or without them. Let me give you a link, codenamed SG

  4. @ JA: Hello there! No I haven't heard of that song before! Haha well it's definitely a girls thing tho...I wonder how the world would look like if guys start to wear flowers in their hair hehe. But thank you so much for your compliment! Very sweet of you!

    Oh yeah the link! Thanks for that!! SG is really cool! Are you a big fan as well? Hope to see you again!

  5. I would love to travel to Japan!

    How dare you say that you don't look good in that picture! You are beautiful!

  6. @ Discoverusa: Oh you are really kind ^_^! and well yeah...I don't always like the camera haha. But thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again!! I'll visit your blog as well!


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