Sunday, August 2, 2009


So yeah, this post is a bit random haha. I'm still working a few sketches and I've read a lot for my thesis (I'm sooo tired...really my brains are exhausted!!). I participated on a few Blogcatalog dicussion (whahah really funny & cool people there! and it's addictive!!). So not to keep you all waiting for a new post I thought I post a random sketched moment in my household hehe.

It's picture time for the sisters and brother of the Lubrano Family!! The photographer is Ancilla, Little bro, his Japanese name is Tousuke, he usually doesn't want to go on a picture and Ilaya and TJ (yeah I'm talking in the third person here...) are usually... well they don't really care haha (as long it doesn't get published...)

So everybody is here? Let's begin!!

The one where the picture is about to be taken


The one where everyone is acting silly....

Well yeah. Let's try again shall we?

Breath in, Breath out.


The one where everyone is well...You got to be kidding me!!

Soo yeah, this is a normal way for us to make a picture haha. Oh no wait! I'm lying! My little brother usually has a facial expression like this -_-''...I should have drawn a picture of him looking like that! Next time I'll post one! (he's soooo gonna slap me! He told me today that he read a few of my blog posts. I tried to get him to read a few posts, but he didn't want to and today he told me he did now I don't know when or which one he reads...I need to prepare!)



  1. Fun with family! Love the camera you drew :)

  2. Hello Monica! How nice to hear from you again! I didn't forget to send you an email, I got very busy the last few weeks -_-''. But thank you for stopping by again!! Oh I like the camera as well. I wanted to draw a cloth as well, like the old days, but that went a bit wrong and made it also a tiny bit more difficult haha. Greetings to Josh!

  3. :"D cute posts, cute sketch based on true cute family <33

  4. Heey Bakkanekko!! Thank you so much!! It's fun to draw my sisters and little bro...they are cute crazy hehehe. So I need to capture all those crazy moments....I think I'll be drawing all day :|! Till next time!

  5. Muahahahahha, had a good laugh at the pictures! They look really good but that sorta made me curious, what do you use to colour them???

    Anyway thumbs up!


  6. Pretty Ashley!! Thank you ^_^! Yes making pictures at my family always has a different outcome! And usually I'm the one to blame, I always look in another direction hehehe.

    I use...I think...two layers of watercolors. Just to add a a bit of color and then I scan it in. I'm trying to use Photoshop...but watercolors are a bit quicker.


    PS.: I'm having serious trouble today to write your name hahaha each time I write Ashely instead of happened when I read your post =_=....

  7. They are watercolour?!?!?

    I'm so freaking impressed. The only things I can paint is the walls..

    But they are fantastic! I stupidly thought they were markers or something since it was so neat.

    water colour + me = super messy.

    LOL, you can always call me just Ash. I'm happy my 'H' is still there. It doesn't bother me being called Ashely but it drives me nuts at Asley.. LOL!!

  8. hahaha yes only watercolor! I think it can be soo much better tho!! But thank you so much :D

    But Ash (you see the H there hehehe)...please you're not stupid!!! I think I would made a bigger mess if I make it with markers haha. Normally I don't like to use colors...I like it when you see all the pencil lines with fine that you see the progress of how it is drawn and I have this fear that I will mess up my drawings! But most people like colors.

    But believe me at first I was really clumsy with watercolors...practice helped a lot ^_^!!

  9. Hi TJ, I have read several of your blog entries so far and I love your cute sketches and rambling blog, I wish I could have more time to read more, thanks for your blog!

  10. @ Viagra Online: Gosh! I really thought it was spam again haha. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! I'm really glad you like what you see here & I do hope to see you again! Ciao!


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