Monday, August 3, 2009

Forgive me, I'm rambling today

Isn't this just great...the weather is getting better, the sun is shining aaand I woke up today with a headache and basically I'm just feeling sick -_-''. I probably shouldn't be behind my laptop right now either haha.

Oh yeah another thing! I think I mentioned it before that I registered at BlogCatalog. Very nice site if you want to meet with other bloggers and get your blog more out there (It's very addictive too!!). I entered a discussion thread where a company called ZackBrandit profiles your blog. So I got curious and wondered how other people perceives my blog...this was my result:

"Hi, It was quite difficult to profile your blog. This is how your readers could perceive you:
The Poet: A Jack-of-all-trades and excellent storyteller, Poets have a strong affinity for aesthetics. They tend to see life through a unique angle and enjoy sharing thoughts, anecdotes and experiences with others in an artistic way.
" (Zack Brandit)

So what do you think? Accurate? Not so accurate?

Well I do like to tell stories, but the listeners are the judge if its excellent haha. Of all the blogs that was entered there (yes I kept an small EYE out at the thread), mine was one of the most difficult to profile....oeh! I do like the fact that I'm not easy to categorize haha. It's keeping me mysterious whahaha. But it was fun. Let me tell you a little bit more about Zackbrandit. It's a brand new company that acts like an intermediate between the buyer and the brand. And all of this is accompanied by cool illustrations! There are two type of members in this community. The Brandit and the Netizen.

The Brandit:
"A Brandit is an opinion leader who also has a blog or is widely active on any given social network and is willing to share his passion by interacting with brands. The Brandit receives access to information and advantages he gets to share with his personal network. We also call the Brandit a Branding Bandit."

The Netizen:
"Netizens are citizens of the internet - you, me and everybody doing online what we do offline! Seeking useful information, ways to connect, looking for great products and services, personal and/or global benefit or just value in general! By joining our community, Netizens attain access to information and unique opportunities which are co-developed by Brands and their fellow Brandits."

The above information is from their website. I think it's a fun new approach of interaction between active members on the net, gaining information on your favorite brands. Since I like to browse online and buy stuff from the web, its a fun way to let you guys know what I think about the products I use or the brands I'm into. And don't worry you don't have to sell stuff! I don't like to sell stuff to people either! Just visit their site for more information! If you click 'My Zillhouette', you'll enter my page where you can profile my blog and if you like the information you've read on the site, you can register and you can order a free Lemur plush yourself. How cool is that!! (while I'm typing this the neighbors are using some @#$% annoying drill machine....really todaaay of all days!! It's driving me nuts!)

If someone of the ZackBrandit family reads this and feels like I didn't explain it properly or.... you know something in that direction...just let me know! I'll be happy to change it ^_^!

Oh something else!!! I made a very quick card for a cousin's birthday, she had her 11th birthday and I made my chibi's even smaller haha! check it out:

My sisters, brother and I surrounding a giant cake! Oh I would love to have some cake now!

And this is another very small creation I made for a friend of mine.
She is holding a kite. I tried to create an illusion that she is standing somewhere on the ground and that the kite is somewhere waaay up high in the sky....well I think it is very cute ^_^. (if you enlarge it you see her better)

Well, I'm off to get some soup (actually I would love to have an extra large bucket of hot wings...but I can't, I'm sick, so I need veggies and fruit -_-''). But I hope you enjoyed this little rambling session...there will be more were these in the future hehehe.



  1. Hello Tahira,

    Thanks a lot for this introduction about ZackBrandit.

    ZackBrandit and Zack (That's the name of our mascot, the plush) are so happy to read this article.The information you provided about the company are correct. We can just add another member in the community: The Brands, I mean advertisers or companies who want to use ZackBrandit Platform for promotions or exclusive deals.

    I can tell you again that it was very difficult to rate your blog.The Team tried to find a compromise after discussion and we think that the poet profile suits your blog very well.
    Soon, we will be able to rate products, services,companies like we did with bloggers. And we think that using funny pics with our mascot is a good way to describe a personality. :-)

    Thank you so much Tahira ^_^

  2. Hello Jean Paul!! Thank you so much for your nice compliment!! Well I did my best to write down the correct information...without sneezing hehehe. All the luck and till next time ^_^!!

  3. Thank you very much for your comment in my blog! I think your is SUPER!

  4. Ciao Fabrizio!! Grazie mille! I really appreciate your compliment! You blog is really cool!

  5. Hey there gorgeous,

    Hope you're feeling much better, do take more rest and don't tire yourself out too much or I'll be worried T.T

    "The Poet: A Jack-of-all-trades and excellent storyteller, Poets have a strong affinity for aesthetics. They tend to see life through a unique angle and enjoy sharing thoughts, anecdotes and experiences with others in an artistic way." (Zack Brandit)"

    I kinda have to agree with them there. You are excellent story teller and you have cute pictures to show the readers as well. Which makes it more the interesting. Even the comments you leave in my blog shows that! Your blog maybe new but Its doing very well, so keep it up gorgeous!

    P.s: Love the card you drew!!!!!!!! <3

  6. Hi TJ,
    I agree with hevn that you are a good story teller & have a unique way to express mundane things that people go thru their daily lives.

  7. BC is kind of addictive, I have to agree :P Happy Saturday!

  8. BlogLog is already quite addictive. I am afraid that BlogCatalog is quite the same. Interesting & Addictive.

  9. @ Pretty Ashley:
    Thank you so much sweetie! I'm doing a lot better now, thank you! Please don't worry okay! I'm getting my vitamins and juices haha.

    I do like to tell stories haha, but sometimes my humor isn't normal. You don't want to know how often I laugh at my own jokes....really too often. But I'm happy you like to read my blog! I love reading yours haha!


    @ Mystique Earth:
    Oh thank you so much for your nice compliment! And I'm happy to see you again on my blog! I love telling stories and I'm glad that there are people out there who likes them at well haha ^_^!

    Oh I have to say I'm not that often on BlogLog anymore, more on BC! It really is interesting and addictive haha.

    Till next time!!

    @ B&A:
    Whahaha BC really is addictive! All those discussions threads and interesting comments heheh. Hope you had a nice Saturday and for today: Happy Sunday!


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