Monday, August 10, 2009

One sheep, two sheeps, one elephant, three lions....

I can't sleep =_=''............................................................................

And here in the Netherlands it's almost 2 am in the yeah...I'm a vampire tonight. I think it's because I was sick the last couple days, so I messed up my normal routine hehehe. Don't worry, I'm feeling much better again! Hurraay for all the vitamins and juices and tea and cookies ^_^!!

Well I guess you guys are also familiar with the occasional insomnia. There are a few tips my mom gave me when I was younger, to make sure I could sleep. First of all, to drink a cup of warm milk....yeah I'm not a big fan of warm milk. Hot chocolate...well that's another story!! But wasn't allowed -_-...
No noise, enough space, no napping during the day are a few other tips that can help you sleep better at night. Also going to bed at a fixed time can help, well in my case, my days can be so filled up with the things I need to do, that I find it difficult to say 'Okay! It's 10pm now. Im going to stop working now, put on my pj's, brush my teeth (very important people) and go to bed'...yes this just doesn't work for me.

Another one and this is the one where my post is about and that is counting sheep. I never really thought of the origine of this story. So I looked it up (You gotta love the internet!). Okay I clicked on the first link I saw and that was Wikipedia. And yes I know, that there are people out there that may consider this source not so reliable...gimme a break here...I'm searching information about counting sheep at 2 am in the morning. I'm not able to do a analytic research about this subject at the moment....

And this is what I found:

Yan Tan Tethera is a rhyme used by shepherds to count sheep in many parts of England and in southern Scotland. Until the Industrial Revolution, the use of traditional number systems was common among shepherds, especially in the dales of the Lake District.

The Yan Tan Tethera system was also used for counting stitches in knitting. Though most of these number systems fell out of use by 1910, many are still in use and the word yan continues to mean "one" in some northern English dialects. The monotonous and repetitive nature of the rhyme may also have given rise to the notion of counting sheep to lull oneself to sleep.[1]

Source: Wikipedia.

Interesting huh? Well, I have another story about counting sheep. I told my story about counting sheep to a few friends of mine (some laughed...some saw the seriousness in it and we had great discussions about it, some simply agreed) and tonight I wanted to share it with you (In case you were wondering; the drawings were made in a flash! and I didn't use much I kept it simple haha)

Well whenever I was younger and I couldn't sleep...I started counting the sheep. No harm here. You just imagine a wooden fence and some sheep. Well, let me tell is where it went wrong...

Yes, it starts out very innocent. Trying to find a solution to sleep

You see, I always had to laugh first. I mean, come one, a wooden fence in a large grassy area and suddenly out of the corner of your see a sheep.

Oh cute sheepy!! Come on...Jump!

After a while it I thought it was a bit scary...I are trying to sleep...but in your head you see only this fence and what soon would become like a thousand of sheep just hopping over music...or dancing just sheep :|...I mean it's just like Silence of the Sheep (whahaha how lame is this...)

It's getting a bit crowded here...

....and what if one sheep trips and all the other sheep are falling down behind it and you just have to start all over again...

The sheep aren't jumping...what are they doing?!!

Okay, you see at this point, that is just simply stressing!

Instead of falling asleep you are trying hard to save the hopping sheep so that you can fall asleep....You see! That doesn't sound right at all!! With this scary image in my head I will leave you now...

Oh yeah! If you have some strange stories about counting sheep as well...I would love to hear them ^_^.

A wave from Holland!


  1. Muahahaha, I've always wondered where the hell does the counting sheeps to help sleep came from!

    That was interesting. But like you I have the same problem, counting sheeps keeps me more awake than ever. After like the 5th one, I'll start imagining the sheeps refusing to jump over or falling on their heads after jumping.

    I always end up imaging me standing on one side of the fence and kicking the sheeps over to the other side and by then my eyes are wide open...

  2. Ooooh, me and insomnia, we don't get along at all...curse the insomnia!!

  3. How interesting that you are in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. I enjoyed reading your post and loved the cartoons (are they original--if so, you are so talented). I'm so glad I took the opportunity to stop by your blog.

    Take care,


  4. When I have insomnia, I don't see sheep, I see dots.

  5. @ Hevn: Whahahaha mystery solved! I do have to say that I felt quite silly when I typed in counting sheep in Google. But I'm glad you have the same thing when counting's so frustrating! They just won't jump over the fence...just gathering around having a picnic or something....stupid sheep -_-'''

    @ Organic Meatbag: Yes insomnia can be such a pain in the 'you know what area' =_=!! Thanks for stopping by ^_^!! Till next time!

    @ Melinda: Hello! Yes, I live in the Netherlands and I'm born and raised in Rotterdam. Oh thank you so much! The cartoons are entirely made by me ^_^. They are based on my sisters and brother. But I have to say, these are made really quickly and just with a wash of watercolor. I plan to post a few detailed drawings soon. Stop by anytime you like. Take care, TJ

    @ Erik: Oeh dots! Colorful dots? Or white ones? Are they jumping over a fence or just floating in the air? Thanks for stopping by ^_^!!

  6. Great story and illustration! I had fun reading it :)

  7. @ Starikova Studio: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you had fun! Have to say...I was quite stressed while I typed it haha...having insomnia isn't really funny hehe. Take care!

  8. TJ-how's the children's book market in the Netherlands? Really big here in the States. Combining your writing and drawing talents you could probably achieve something there.

    The best way to cure insomnia is to not to worry about it. Not sleeping all night is a great excuse for doing nothing all day.

  9. I kinda agree with ermm.. Nothing Profound, perhaps you could illustrate and market your own children's book.

    Do think about it :D

    P.s: I'm not done with mine but thanks for the offer to proof read. You'll be the first I'll call if I ever get anything done :P

  10. @ NP: You know you are the second individual who makes this huge compliment!! I never really considered doing a children book. I do write & I write in English (I can express myself better in English than in Dutch...), but never considered a children story. But I'll think about it ^_^.

    WOW! "Not sleeping all night is a great excuse for doing nothing all day"...I love this sentence! I really do! NP, you always say the most logical things in the most amazing way!

    @ hevn: I will seriously think about it ^_^! It's funny, I got into blogging just to let the world get to know my drawings, but I never thought I would get comments about my writing skills :D. Writing a children book and combining it with my illustrations, it's such a big compliment! Thank you, thank you, thank you *big hugs*

    Ps.: I can't wait to hear/read what you are writing!! I already know that the writing style is perfect! Because you write very cool! And I'm telling the truth here ^_^!

    @ NP & hevn: Really your comments...again it made my day!! It really boosts up my confidence and inspires me to write and draw more haha! I thank you for that!

  11. Nice drawing! few days ago I made one just like those I will post it soon.

  12. @ Encaracolada: OMG! How did I miss this comment! Soo soo sorry! I do think I commented on your post though ^_^!

  13. one sheep, two sheeps, three elephants? haha I know that feeling, sometimes I just can't sleep, I do everything even I read a boring book and nothing, it is really frustrating!

  14. @ Viagra Online: Yeah it's truly frustrating, because it always happen when you really really REALLY need your sleep *sigh* ^_^


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