Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle Bells & Fireworks are almost here!

Ciao Everyone!

I have some news...I got interviewed! Mr. Andrew from Tickle City Award was so kind to feature me on his blog. His blog is filled with stories that reflect the different aspects of the modern culture and most importantly they are...tickle city! Tickle city is a phrase that can be defined as hip, fun, interesting & creative. Next to that, the articles are witty & really well written. So in my opinion it's definitely worth a read and I'm honored to be featured on there. Thanks so much Andrew! If you want to read the interview...simply click this Magical word...

You know, I actually had two more posts planned for this year.Then I got struck down with the stomach flu... It's going better now though, but it gave me some time to think about a lot of stuff. It's funny, that the weirdest things come to mind when your sick, but I guess it's because you don't have anything else to do anyway. I also got a few new illustrations ideas! Kid you not, but this you will see in 2011 hehe.

 This little guy won the Zazzle Today's Best Award ^_^. 
For more Christmas characters click the image and you'll go to the slideshow on Flickr

So, ladies & gents: This shall be my last post for 2010! Most of you know, that the last few months have been very busy for me. Going from hectic thesis time, straight into setting myself up as an illustrator. I've been illustrating a lot of stuff the past few weeks and now I need some time to refocus on what I want to do in 2011 and how exactly I want to do this.


 Enlarge it for even better view! I've a feeling that this will end up as a header after Christmas...

Also, I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to all of you who have been sticking around, even when times were a bit quiet here. Thank you for reading, commenting & sharing your thoughts. It motivates me even more to create fun stuff for you guys to see and share my adventures with you all. I always love to hear from you all and hope you'll be sticking around a lot longer :D

To conclude this year, I've made a picture set on Flickr and threw a bunch of illustrations in it that I didn't show on my blog yet. They are all done the last couple of weeks/months. Mainly commissions for mugs and a few small paintings. I still kept a few things out of it, because they are a surprise for some of my readers out there haha. If you're interested just click this Magical Word again...

Have all the fun with the Holidays, be careful with fireworks and I'll be seeing you in 2011!


P.S.: Don't worry! I won't vanish into thin air...I'm still around to reply on comments & I'm also on twitter every now and then hehe. Cya!


  1. Love the fireworks! Your art always just makes me smile. I have your painting framed at home and it's my screensaver at work. Prince Charming hasn't made his way outta the crystal ball yet, but I know your voodoo magic is gonna work.

    Congrats on the interview, I hope it gets you tons of exposure.


  2. Congrats! Like Tricia I hope you get lots of exposure from your interview. Good luck in 2011!


  3. Congratulations TJ!
    Great interview, I agree with the other girls, hope you get lots of exposure and recognition for you and your artwork! --best wishes all around for the new year =)

  4. How beautifully festive it is over here!!!! It's all so very beautiful and wonderful. The illustrations are fabulous. Great job. Wishing you a very blessed and creative Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!

  5. Love it! So so so so so so festive! Where are the guys? Haha just kidding maybe it's girl's night out lol! The girl on the left in the happy holidays pic looks like Mariah Carey! haha! Congrats on the feature! That's so awesome. As always, it's a pleasure seeing your work. Enjoy your holidays and cheers to 2011! =D

  6. How wonderful TJ, and so well-deserved! Your illustrations are so full of humor and joy, the two greatest gifts an artist can give the world. I've always loved the light touch in art, and you've got it. The mark of a free and happy spirit. Have a peaceful and blissful holiday season!

  7. That's wonderful, TJ! I just love the penguin, too.

    I hope you have a great holiday filled with love and joy.

  8. Lovely work. Congrats! re:Tickle City and have a wonderful holiday.

  9. Congrats Tahira, and that penguin is really adorable. Sorry that you had that annoying stomach flu, but glad you're feeling better and get lots of ideas for your illustrations:)
    Have a wonderful holiday my friend

  10. Hey Hey TJ!

    Long time since I dropped by... but now that I am freelance again I have more time for blogging!

    Aww nice post. And congrats on your interview :D

    And of course... Merry Christmas for when it comes! Looking forward to your blog in 2011 :)

    Ken :D

  11. Way to close the year TJ! That last illustration is awesome! I want to go to that party! jajajajaa
    Muy felices fiestas amiga!

  12. Great way to finish the year - you are a fun and intuitive writer!

  13. Love the Illustrations very creative!

  14. TJ, that illustration would make a FABULOUS header! It is excellent!!
    See you next year!

  15. Congratulations TJ!!!!!
    That's wonderful new i am proud of you good job and great interview, I agree with the other people, hope you get lots of exposure and recognition for your artwork! and best wishes in the new year. I know your going to do well =)

  16. @ Everyone: Hope you all had a lovely Xmas (for the ones who did something that is haha ;D ). Now the countdown to 2011 starts!

    @ Tricia: Heeey Tricia!! Ooh your screen saver at work! Haha awesome! Hmm Prince Charming probably got lost in the Crystal Ball world. I shall kick him! Thanks so much :D. Holiday Hugs back!! Xx

    @ Heather: Hi Heather!! Thanks so much!! We shall see what 2011 will bring ^_^!! Take care!

    @ Jayme: Thank you!!! Best wishes for the new year as well! Can’t wait to see all the creative projects you’re gonna post on your blog! Ciaoo!

    @ Vanessa B.N.: Ciao Vanessa! Aww thank you! Yeah, I try to switch it up every now and then ^_^. Thanks so much and have a Happy New Year as well!! Hugs!

  17. @ Ollie: Hello! Yeah, the guys are on another party! Haha Mariah Carey! I didn’t see that. Well now I do hehe. Thanks a lot & a Happy 2011 to you as well!

    @ NP: Thanks so much for you wonderful comment NP! You always make me smile with your comments!! Andrew wrote such a cool article! I’m very happy to be featured on his blog. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday season as well!

    @ Janene Murphy: Ciaooo Janene! Hope you’re having a awesome holiday as well! Thanks so much for strolling by :D

    @ Titi: Thank you Titi! Have a great holiday as well!

    @ Heidi Alamanda: Ciaoo Heidi! I’m all better now! Thanks so much for strolling by :D. I wish you a super awesome 2011!! Xoxoxo!

  18. @ Ken: Heey Ken! Thank you, thank you! Happy New Year, may it be filled with super cool creative things! Cya Xx

    @ Deray: Gracias Diana! I wanna go to! Shall we got together ;)! Feliz Año Nuevo! Besos!

    @ Barry: Heey Barry! Thanks for strolling by and for you lovely compliment! I love to write as well, but I never really blogged about the stories I wrote (and still writing). Who knows in the future! Cheers!

    @ Mia: Thank you Mia ^_^!!

    @ Judie: Thank you :D. It’s the new header now!! See you next year! Have all the fun! *waves*

    @ Shonda: Heey Shonda!! Thank you! I can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring! It’s going to be busy, but lots of fun! As always, thanks for stopping by!

  19. sooooooooooooo PROUD OF YOUUUUU!!!!

    merry Christmas and happy new year to you too dearest Pretty TJ!!!

    kisses hugd kisses hugs

  20. TJ, Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful new year!!

  21. @ Sympathy for the Devil: Ciaaaaaaaao Mita! Awww thank you so so much :D! You're so sweet!!

    Whoops I wished you a Happy New Year again a minute ago. Ah well, can't have too many of those I think ;). XOXOXO!!

    @ Tango Chow: Hey! How cool to see you here! Thank you!! *waves*

    @ Judie: Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well and may 2011 be simply awesome for you! Take care!

  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

  23. @ Dita: Ciaooo Dita!! Thank you!! Happy New Year to you too :D! Xoxo!

  24. Glad you're feeling better.
    Small world--I got "today's best" on Zazzle on Xmas day.
    My best to you & yours for 2011! :)

  25. Ah, this is so late for commenting the post or whatever, but I really can't stand seeing the new banner aaaaaahhhh so cooolll!!!!! ahahha XD seriously! I LOVE it, super cool!

  26. Congrats on the interview, nice to read some more about you!

  27. Wish you a Happy New Year! Hope you had a good start. Missing you!
    Take care friend :)

  28. @ Lana G.: Ciaao Lana! Yeah, very glad I'm all better now! Hope you're doing well too! Wish you all the best in 2011!

    @ Bakkanekko: Hahah Zadia! Do not worry!! thank you so much!! So pleased you like it :D! It's one of my faves! Talk to ya later Xxx!

    @ Arjan W.: Heey Arjan! Thank so much! The interview was very cool to do ^_^. Cya!

    @ Shas: Ciaao Lady! How are you? Happy New Year to you as well! I know I've been missing for a wee while indeed! Miss ya too! I shall pop over to your blog soon. Take care Xx

    @ Frank Gressie: Hey Frank! Welkom & dank je wel :D! Ik ga straks even rondzwerven op je blog haha. Groetjes!


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